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  1. The warren trophy nearly took me two hours. I actually paused in one of my attempts and asked myself, “wait this is an assassins creed game I’m playing?” Never had to concentrate so hard for a trophy before. So glad it’s done with
  2. It only took me a handful of attempts to complete this mode but I did have some failures. Chapter 5, died 2 separate occasions from trying to blow up the forklift that I apparently got too close to, even though I thought I was far enough away, the game didn’t and just decided to say no you’re dead, black screen! Another time from getting blasted in the back by an AK47 near those shipping containers, enemy was being slick hiding in the corner. During the boat Chase in chapter 5 right at the end where your boat launches and bullet time commences I shot one of the enemies and then I get a close up of Fabiana dying and I’m like WTF?? The only explanation is that the bullet went through the enemy and killed her. So I avoided shooting anyone in front of her after that. During the office level in the third room where the IT guy hides in the little closet I was right outside it where it spawns you after the cutscene and a grenade was thrown at me. I saw it right away and rolled into new cover. Crisis averted I thought but nope the grenade went off and killed the IT guy. Seeing his rag doll body made me laugh because I couldn’t believe that just happened. During the cemetery level I thought I killed the grenade launcher guy right away but I didn’t and he had a field day launching grenades at me. I couldn’t get a good shot because I was panicking and eventually grenades landed my way and boom dead.
  3. If I can get my hands on one then I absolutely will. I never was able to buy a console day 1 before since I was just a kid and always had to convince my parents to buy me another PlayStation. PS4 was my first console purchase with my own money and I got it roughly 6 months after launch. I’d be nice to purchase PS5 day one since I have the means to do so now.
  4. Without a doubt it would have to be my Red Dead Redemption II Platinum. Rockstar games is notorious for having hard Platinums and I’m glad I was finally able to snag one, my 50th platinum on top of that too! Playing that game day in and day out has brought me so much joy that most games fail to achieve. Witcher 3 was probably the last game that made me feel the way Red Dead did.
  5. The Last of Us Part II Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost of Tsushima Currently those are the only guaranteed games I’m getting this year and these games are on my radar but might not necessarily buy Dying Light 2 Resident Evil 3 Watch Dogs Legion New Assassins creed game presumably will be announced?
  6. I saw a video on YouTube for this trophy as I found it a pain to unlock it myself. If you go to the boarst factory on Monarch their are these slugs where the pigs are being held and attacking them on the head unlocked the trophy for me.
  7. Damn nice to know they finally fixed it. Now other people will have more ease with this trophy and not suffer the hell I had to go through with that damn trophy a year ago. Shit was headache inducing
  8. My god there’s just too much to choose from, I can’t really say I have a favorite but these games are what come to mind when I think of this question... Metal Gear Solid 4 soundtrack Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater theme Red Dead Redemption II soundtrack The Evill Within II Ordinary World Cover Song Uncharted theme The Last of Us Soundtrack Assassins Creed II Ezio’s Family Theme Max Payne 3 Tears Song Skyrim Soundtrack Grand Theft Auto IV Main Theme The original inFamous soundtrack Heavy Rain soundtrack
  9. Took me about 2 or 3 weeks when I started it back at the end of January this year. Got there with the black water police headshot method. You could probably do it faster than I did for I only played about 3 or so hours every few days.
  10. It was already stated but without a doubt silent hill 2. I was so tense and uncomfortable when I was playing it that my nose actually started bleeding, and I never experience those. Could have been a coincidence but I was really uncomfortable at one point in the game. The sound design alone is enough to give you the hi be jeebies.
  11. I don’t see why they would remaster these games. The original mafia came out so long ago, playing it today would probably be alien. I’m making assumptions as I have never played it. I really liked mafia II but who’s asking for a remaster of these games? I don’t find this series particularly popular among the masses and mafia III was highly criticized for its gameplay loop. That’s just my opinion.
  12. I wouldn't say this is my favorite trophy I earned this month since I've barley had any time to game but the "taking sides" trophy in Skyrim I just earned would be my pick. I chose this because back on the PS3 when I attempted this side quest the game glitched on me and I wasn't able to complete the starting quest (glitch in a Bethesda game? Shocker I know) so this time around on PS4 I'll be able to hopefully see this quest to its conclusion so I'm looking forward to that.
  13. Definitely RDR II for me, wasn’t that hard but was a time commitment that was taxing.
  14. Currently working on Skyrim for PS4, I come back to play it when I’m not playing any new releases. It’s mostly a time killer for something to play until the next game I want comes out. Been at it causally for over a year but a platinum I am seeking.