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  1. No, thank you for providing us with quality content. You guys are doing a great job and have made a community worth being a part of. Thanks for everything you guys do, it’s one of my highlights of the week when a new podcast drops. Here’s to year 2!
  2. Hardcore trophy for me was one of the most difficult trophies I have ever achieved. I was an infant at trophy hunting at the time and did it based off my own knowledge of the game so needless to say I didn’t go about it the best way possible. I didn’t look up any guides and misused my 3 saves. From my last save on I had to play 4 hours worth without dying and boy did I die a lot. Definitely use the internet to your advantage for tips, don’t be like me haha.
  3. I’ll say Heavy Rain for me, just recently platinumed it again on PS4 and the all endings trophy was such a god damn slog. I had to watch the same cutscenes and play the same levels about 7-11 times to get all ending variations. It was nice playing the story again after all those years but I forgot how much of a chore the plat was.
  4. Conan exhiles... got it in an hour and a half.
  5. I don’t have many rules myself but the ones I do follow... 1. Just get the Platinum, 100% doesn’t matter to me 2. No cheap platinums, ones that can be obtained in 10 mins etc. Although I broke this rule with Conan exhiles but it was free so.. 3. No stacks, I don’t know how to anyway and I don’t care. 4. Anything is fair game for getting the platinum, guides, glitches, exploits. Made modern warfare remastered a breeze on veteran 5. Try to avoid games with multiplayer trophies, unless doable. Thats just what comes to my head right now
  6. The only game I’ve yet to play that has released this year was Days Gone. Despite what reviews had said about the game I liked it more than I thought I would have. I guess you can say it fulfilled that open world itch that I haven’t had since I beat Red Dead Redemption II. The horde mechanic was great and I loved driving around with the bike and Deacon was cool. Even if the story was mediocre at best I think the sequel has potential after what most games face as growing pains with their first new IP installments.
  7. Definitely digital for me, it’s just a lot more convenient for a portable having all my games in one place.
  8. Mine are from 11 games, 5 of which are Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2 (11 trophies) Outlast (2 trophies) GTA IV (12 trophies) Max Payne 3 (7 trophies) MLB 12 The Show (1 trophy) GTA V (8 trophies) Red Dead Redemption (2 trophies) Outlast 2 (2 trophies) Super Meat Boy (2 trophies) SSX ( 1 trophy) Dead Space 3 (1 trophy)
  9. Bioshock is what prompted me to ask this question, I was just so impressed by how well realized Rapture was and how every part of the city had a story to tell. Everything existed for a reason, the big daddy’s, the little sisters, splicers, and bosses you faced were all thought out. And the coolest part was that you had to find out on your own why these people acted the way they did through audio tapes. The game didn’t spoon feed you exposition. Other notable games for me include Dead Space GTA IV Detroit Become Human Red Dead Redemption II Horizon Zero Dawn Fallout Series Bully Metal Gear Solid Series
  10. You already know
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2 Currently at 1.55% Took me 4 months and two days And my next Ultra rare platinum was the original Red Dead Redemption
  12. Heavy Rain-Such a good original score, movie like quality in my opinion. Metal Gear Solid series, especially 4 Assassins Creed II and brotherhood GTA IV Infamous 1 and 2 Mafia II and III Max Payne 3 Skyrim Red Dead Redemption II Uncharted 4 Looking at this list it seems older games tended to have soundtracks that stood out to me more. Maybe it’s nostalgia playing a role in me picking these games.
  13. Haha dude I just did this yesterday in my platinum run. I nearly lost my mind. I actually thought it was impossible to get this mission done for 100 percent sync. Had to use the parachute to cut down mere seconds because I couldn’t wait for Ezio to climb his slow ass up. Thought this was going to be a walk in the park, boy was I wrong.
  14. I only attempted this mode once but I died in chapter 3/4 whatever chapter was the stadium level. I was near the end of the level on the walkway before the long ladder, got into last man standing and the guy was behind a pillar in cover and I died. I said no thank you after that