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  1. It looks very promising. I’m very excited for the true reveal event that we’ll probably get at PlayStation experience and my guess would be fall 2020 we’ll see this console. I will also gladly pay 500 dollars for it if Sony is really packing this thing with as much power as the article says they are. I’m just curious if ps4 will be the only backward compatible system on it or if they are still figuring it out or saving it as a mic drop moment. It’s also cool that they’re trying to future proof it with 8k upscaling but I don’t see 8k in our future for a LONG time.
  2. Yeah definitely red dead 2 for me, took me FOREVER.
  3. Persona 4 Golden, the game is far too long to play again for me. Maybe later down the line I’ll attempt it but I’m just playing it to enjoy it right now.
  4. I did mission replay after the story without restarting and it was hell on earth. I didn’t want to play through the game again because that would have taken too long but maybe not after the experience I had. Some missions were nearly impossible to complete because it asks for ridiculous requirements. Also the mission completion time isn’t very flexible in a lot of missions. I think it took me a month to get 70 gold medals, my hatred for this game was at a all time high at this point. I remember the mission where you rob the train with Sean, John, and Charles and one of the requirements is to get 10 headshots in dead eye but stock dead eye is so low and the few enemies in this mission make it impossible. I replayed this mission 5 times trying to get it until I realized it was a waste.
  5. Dead Space 3 is my pick. Unpopular opinion here but I didn’t think it was as bad as people made it out to be. Yes it’s more action packed and not horror anymore but I still enjoyed it. I love uncharted and dead space 3 felt like uncharted in space with its action scenes. Just a shame I couldn’t get the platinum because of the damn coop trophies...
  6. Red Dead 2 broke me, probably took 400 hours to get that platinum. Towards the end of my journey I began questioning my life and hobby of trophy collecting. I turned down social outings to stay inside and wander around in a virtual world for hours on end to find a god damn songbird I had to study and for what? A virtual trophy that means nothing? That game made me think, as I had plenty of time to playing that game. I loved the game and story but I quickly realized it would be my longest platinum yet. In the end it’s nice to look back and see it’s my rarest trophy and my 50th platinum but I lost a part of myself during the process.
  7. Fortnite, Call of Duty (later games), Madden, Dark Souls, Zelda, JRPGS, “looter shooters”, things that come to my mind.
  8. I think my expectations were set too high for the stream. I wasn’t expecting HUGE news but I was expecting maybe a confirmed date for the upcoming exclusives, I just wanted 1 date, is that too much to ask? I’m glad to see that Sony is supporting VR but I still don’t own one so the majority of the presentation didn’t appeal to me. Too little news for what they were hyping this to be and now my expectations are very low for the next one they put out. Also a missed opportunity to announce ps plus games for April but I guess that would have disappointed me even more because they’re lackluster this month. Guess that’s why they didn’t even include them in the stream because they’re nothing to brag about.
  9. 5. L.A. Noire-Really enjoyed the story and gameplay this game had to offer. My problem with the game was the collectible trophies. The collectibles are in obscure places and one of the trophies required to drive all 100+ vehicles in the game, which are only available in certain chapters and can be random in terms of spawn locations. Fucking awful trophy, dreaded “driving” those cars. I got the platinum 5 years after the game released. 4. Sly Cooper and the thevious raccooness-My first game I bought because I heard it was an easy platinum. The game was fine but boring since I never played it on ps2. I get it’s geared toward kids, which is fine, but I was disappointed I didn’t like it more. Seems to get a lot of praise. 3. Ratchet and Clank (PS4)-The story and gameplay was serviceable here, only got it because it was a free ps plus game. Grinding to get all weapons to level 10 sure was a slog. Really brought down the enjoyment of the game for me and could not wait to finish and get the platinum over with. 2. Burly Men at Sea- Again another free ps plus game with an easy plat. I appreciate the art style and the different paths the game offered but I’d feel bad for anyone who actually paid money to play this “game”. Boring gameplay, boring story, easy platinum. Good job on that note. 1. Assassins Creed Liberation- FUCK. THIS. GAME. What a waste of money, absolute fucking garbage. Runs like shit on Vita, constantly crashes, lackluster gameplay, poor audio, shitty voice acting, total cash grab. I expected more from one of the rare triple A games on Vita. I couldn’t even get past the first few sequences, I gave up on this game and it’s a crime that it’s 20+ dollars at full price in 2019.
  10. Watch Dogs 1+2 both games just lost my attention towards the end of my Plat journey and I wish I stuck to them
  11. Persona 4 golden had confirmed my previous bias towards the JRPG genre. In my gut I felt that these games weren’t for me but since my recent purchase of a ps vita I had to give it a try. While I am enjoying the story of golden very much I really can’t stand the dungeon, grinding, leveling up loop. It’s just not my thing and is the worst part of the game for me, although it is very satisfying defeating the bosses but the grind is too much for me. So after Golden I’ll probably avoid this genre from here on out.
  12. Never played any of the Arkham games, mass effect, bioshock, resident evil, devil may cry, every type of fighting game, and so much more. Some games get away from me and others I don’t have interest in. Like I just played modern warfare for the first time thanks to ps plus this month.
  13. As John Lennon once said, “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”
  14. I’d say mine was L.A. Noire which I believe was at 6 years. I stopped going for the platinum when I saw the trophy to drive every vehicle in the game. There was no video guide for it at the time and some vehicles only spawned with certain cases so I gave up until someone released a guide for it when the remaster came out, and got the platinum then.
  15. Currently working on Call of Duty remastered trophies, should be finished with that in the next few days. Might chip away at some Skyrim trophies on PS4 or start Assassins Creed II remastered to kill some time until Days Gone comes out.