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  1. Hi, looking to make some steaming hot garbage games with easy trophies for you guys. First I was annoyed by them myself when they started appearing on PS Store but now I'm like "hey if you can't beat them, join them". Anyway, does anyone with a lot of knowledge about IPs and all that fun stuff know if there could be a work-around for this requirement in the partners application: "Your static IP address in IPv4 format. 10.x.x.x, 162.49.x.x or 192.168.x.x IP addresses are invalid as they're private network IPs." My current ISP doesn't offer static IPs, but they have good speeds and prices so wouldn't want to switch ISPs before trying to find a work-around and I'm not so savvy with all the internet technology. I know you can get a static IP through VPN but that wouldn't work right? As it is in a virtual PRIVATE NETWORK. Thanks.
  2. Watched a stream for a while and the game looks super relaxing. I'm waiting to pick it up for sure!
  3. My favorite of the genre so far too! I usually just lazily stroll through these, but I got really invested in this one and was genuinely curious about the stories.
  4. Haven't said this in years but I can't seriously wait haha. So excited. Trophies look like an easy plat too.
  5. Wasn't too bad after a while of getting used to the dumb touchpad so don't feel too worried about it if you're thinking about grabbing it for the 2€. I feel like the Water level is the only one that might cause small problems because you actually have to go up and down. All of the others went past easy enough by just keeping low and I never got TOO frustrated. Mentioned tip about changing the controls to use the D-pad for up and down is solid though. Do it.
  6. You platted Detroit so I'd say go to back to finishing Beyond Two Souls. Less frustating to replay chapters, and you can put on a movie and watch that at the same time as it doesn't really require your consentration. There's no challenge though, but plat is a plat.
  7. For anyone who started playing now that it's free, the trophies are really easy, just a bit time consuming but going for the 30 games is pretty fun with a friend anyway. You do probably need to set up emulators for the 6 player game and the linking and sorting trophies were the hardest, but not too bad once you got a thing that you know a lot about.
  8. Was keeping count and got the trophy exactly on the 30th game.
  9. I'm at 112400 from the needed 114k, after millions of tries. So frustrating. I contacted Rovio about this but doubtful that they'll do anything about it.. I did find other people struggling with it, and they offered alternative solutions based on 99% luck. Here: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/angry-birds-trilogy-vita/224368-winter-wonderham-level-7-3-star-solution-help.html Those haven't worked out for me yet though.. This is some real BS. Edit: Rovio replied that they are now investigating the issue. Whatever that means.
  10. I'm struggling with this level. I've literally done million times as all the Youtube's walkthrough videos suggest but it just doesn't work. The present and the tnt on top of the sleigh goes boom for no apparent reason before they reach the bottom of the slope! Can there be a glitch like that on the Vita version? Seems so annoyingly weird. I've tried everything else too but there's just no way to three star that level! Losing my mind. I have 3 stars on all the Classic levels and all the Seasons level up to this point so I can't just simply suck at the game. Has anyone gotten it?
  11. There seems to be millions of bands, and there are. But over the years you'll notice that there's around 5-10 that you keep listening and listening all over again. Although some of them will be changing. In the ocean of music there'll always be the handful you'll never get bored of and whose album is always with you on your portable music listening device.
  12. Just name the TOP5, doesn't have to be in order. As my last.fm says I think mine is: 1. Rise Against 2. Senses Fail 3. Silverstein 4. Zebrahead 5. A Day To Remember Go.
  13. From the 2 both are good but Rise, for now.. As Casa above said labels shouldn't matter that much. But Rise have been given some new chances to less heard bands lately.
  14. Nice one Simba. Pretty slow topic though. Already planning the next ones to fill up the arm.. Thinking about Supaplex, might have been the first game I played for hours and hours as a kid lol. But also Spyro from the PS1 trilogy should be cool.