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  1. My general strategy was this: 1) Eat all dots until multiplier is 500 2) When 500 multiplier is reached, only eat enough dots to spawn fruit, then use the bomb shortcut to clear the screen 3) Eat enough dots to get multiplier back up to 500, then clear screen ASAP (either with a short route or by using bomb shortcut) 4) Don't die (this resets dot multiplier to 1) 5) If I do die, oh well, keep clearing screens as fast as possible 6) Make sure the ghost trains are full, but don't waste time waking minions if they're already maxed out. Spawn the power pellet, eat the full trains, and move on quickly. In Adventure Mode, extra lives and bombs don't count for your score, so you're only penalized in the dot multiplier if you die and bombs become crucial to save time. Use bombs to shortcut back to the center of the screen either to clear the screen by eating fruit or if a ghost train is on the opposite side of the screen and there's no shortcut through the wall. Eventually, you're forced to eat all dots on a screen to spawn the fruit so you should always have some bombs in stock.
  2. All courses on all difficulties require 500,000 for Rank D, 1,000,000 for Rank C and 2,000,000 for Rank B. The following table shows the requirements for Ranks A and S. Course------------Mode-----------Rank A------Rank S Championship II---Single Train---3,500,000---4,000,000 Championship II---Regular--------3,500,000---4,100,000 Championship II---Extreme--------3,000,000---3,600,000 Jumping-----------Single Train---3,000,000---3,800,000 Jumping-----------Regular--------3,000,000---3,700,000 Jumping-----------Extreme--------3,000,000---3,600,000 Hexagon-----------Single Train---3,500,000---4,500,000 Hexagon-----------Regular--------3,500,000---4,000,000 Hexagon-----------Extreme--------3,000,000---3,500,000 Highway-----------Single Train---3,500,000---4,200,000 Highway-----------Regular--------3,500,000---4,200,000 Highway-----------Extreme--------3,500,000---4,100,000 Dungeon-----------Single Train---3,500,000---4,100,000 Dungeon-----------Regular--------3,500,000---4,100,000 Dungeon-----------Extreme--------3,000,000---3,500,000 Mountain----------Single Train---3,500,000---4,300,000 Mountain----------Regular--------3,500,000---4,100,000 Mountain----------Extreme--------3,000,000---3,800,000 Manhattan---------Single Train---3,500,000---4,200,000 Manhattan---------Regular--------3,500,000---4,000,000 Manhattan---------Extreme--------3,000,000---3,700,000 Junction----------Single Train---3,500,000---4,500,000 Junction----------Regular--------3,500,000---4,600,000 Junction----------Extreme--------3,500,000---4,200,000 Championship I----Single Train---3,500,000---4,400,000 Championship I----Regular--------3,500,000---4,100,000 Championship I----Extreme--------3,000,000---3,700,000 Spiral------------Single Train---3,500,000---4,800,000 Spiral------------Regular--------3,500,000---4,300,000 Spiral------------Extreme--------3,500,000---4,200,000
  3. You need all 3-stars on every course leading up to 6-15 to unlock it, so 222 stars. Once that's done, just completing 6-15 with the minimum requirements (eat the power pellet to defeat the boss) is 2-stars, like the previous boss battles, but that's enough for the trophy.
  4. Here's a playlist of 3-star (Pro) videos for all 10 Score Attack courses in the final area of Adventure Mode. These could definitely be better, but hopefully they can help people with routes, checkpoints, number of allowable mistakes, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y29AWafgi3o&list=PLnWx88wCmnMQ0nUXbbS0qRTJgKLhcaXfF
  5. If it's anything like CE DX, the rankings will be based on, well, your rankings compared to everyone else who has played. S rank was something like being in the top 5%. If that's the case this time around, playing the game earlier should make it easier to have a higher ranking. As more people play and get better at the game, it will get tougher to be in the higher percentile. It's also unclear to me if trophies are meant for your ranking in any course, or if there's an overall ranking for all Regular, Extreme, and Single Train courses. If the difficulty is anything like CE DX I imagine anybody could plat the game in a day or two, maybe 1-3 sessions? I plan on doing it in one sitting. The original CE is noticeably more difficult than CE DX. The Extreme mode in CE 2 sounds like it might be more in line with what CE 1 was like, but I think it's going to end up somewhere in the middle between CE DX Expert difficulty and CE 1 difficulty.