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  1. Absolutely not worth it, for several reasons. My logic is why bother playing the game at all if you're going to take shortcuts on something you would do naturally by completing everything/going for the platinum? (Assuming that's your goal, otherwise you probably wouldn't be interested in collecting them at all). Now, I understand your frustration with losing your progress and having to do it all over. Perhaps Ubisoft is admitting -without actually saying so- the sheer amount of collectibles in their games has gotten ridiculous (Unity is even more bonkers if you can imagine that). In any case, you already paid for the game, why give them any more of your money in exchange for something that adds no new content or real value? Especially given the fact that all collectibles in towns/cities/named locations can be revealed either by synchronizing viewpoints or purchasing maps with in-game currency. Collectibles in the Caribbean are revealed in each sector once you capture its corresponding fort. Either way, you still need to physically move your character to each location on a huge map so you're not saving that much time by buying the pack. I got the platinum on both ps3 and ps4, and was in no hurry to do so since I spent hours happily sailing around and attacking almost every ship in sight and grabbing collectibles along the way as they appeared. Post-game, everything I missed was already revealed by that point and didn't take long to sweep the map. I still managed to plat it both times in 2-3 weeks each. Actual game time was about 60 hours, probably required half as much if you did a speed run just for trophies. So unless you're really eager to make up for the time you lost, I'd highly recommend saving your money and enjoy the game. Ignoring all that, refuse to support microtransactions out of sheer principle.
  2. Update: As of last night I have now earned all 10 unique platinums and dlcs (all ps3 and ps4-only titles, I don't own the Ezio collection remasters or a Vita). So if going by the new requirements, please promote me to Long live the creed!
  3. Finally did it! Platinum #100 Rock Band 3. My 11th UR and rarest trophy of any kind. Now if only I could do the same for The Beatles Rock Band (3 trophies away) close, yet so far.

  4. Just finished PoP 2008 yesterday, have all of them now...upgrade me to (not so fresh) Prince, please.
  5. Just got the platinum for Ascension a few days ago, so I now have all 6 and can join the ranks of champion.
  6. I can't remember since I played it almost 3 years ago, I'm fairly certain I encountered several minor bugs but nothing game-breaking since I was able to get the platinum. Don't know what would cause it, I would have to replay that exact part. Kanerkb's advice is the only thing I can think of, but it sounds like you don't have any previous saves (I'm guessing the autosave would over-write your last one). In any case, don't worry about running into this glitch again if you do decide to restart since it is definitely possible to finish (I personally think it's worth it, I also enjoyed the game quite a bit). If you manually keep your last three saves/checkpoints that should cover enough room for error. Good luck!
  7. HOLY $%^@ The Force Awakens = 11/10 for me. And to that a-hole who left a spoiler here in the status updates 1 or 2 days ago, fuck you.

    1. damon8r351


      That's pretty funny, because in the lead up to The Empire Strikes Back, Lucasfilm themselves was telling people in promotional materials that Darth Vader was Luke's father. And nobody cared. So little babies pitching fits about spoilers is a pretty new thing.

    2. StrickenBiged


      Isn't the story going to basically be A New Hope all over again? A new Empire to fight, an orphaned lead, 2 main companions, some droids, a new Death Star. All the trailers have hinted that the plot is pretty much the same.

    3. damon8r351


      It is. They're hitting on all the major Star Wars cliches, just rearranging the configuration slightly.

  8. Confirmed, I did them all with the patch installed and the trophy popped for me before I played the bonus & special chapters at all. I got it a month or two ago so my memory is a bit foggy, but GetMitched's list of chapters that do/don't count seem accurate.
  9. Not true, I'm by no means a DD god but I managed it. I can't remember much since it was about a year and a half ago, there were some tricky/frustrating parts that required juggling controllers but for the most part I left the 2nd one alone except to advance to the next area. I had all my tapes maxed out and would alternate between max damage and regenerative health. So to answer the OP, yes it is possible...just takes a bit of skill and practice, mainly beating up the opponents quickly and keeping them away from the 2nd character as much as possible so he doesn't die (there's no split screen, both characters are on at the same time). Pick up all the extra lives you can, you'll need them.
  10. Finally joined the current gen, even though I was still reluctant since there are over 20+ PS3 games in my backlog and not enough PS4 titles to really interest me...but you just can't pass up a fantastic deal. Thanks to Black Friday pricing and no tax charged at the retailer I purchased from, I managed to save $115 on the PS4 Uncharted bundle, $45 on a DS4 controller and $50 on MGS V. On top of that, I knocked another $100 off the total through my credit card reward pr...

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    2. ShadowGandalf


      So how much did you pay after knocking off all that?

    3. SuperUnDonny


      Dav: thanks!

      Gandalf: $346 Canadian dollars :D If I were to pay regular price a week ago, $429.99 for the console, $74.99 for the controller, $74.99 for MGS V plus 13% of $655 (saved $309!)

    4. ShadowGandalf


      Sweet savings there. Enjoy your new console.

  11. Haha, exact same here...I just realized I'll also be stuck at Veteran because of my lack of Vita-ness/refusal to get one. Lol @ "Brotherhood can kiss my ass"....I platted it the same year it came out so it was quite active and I actually enjoyed getting it naturally with minimal boosting (triple escape and extreme variety, I shake my fist at thee). But about a year ago someone on my friend list asked me to help with a session for people to get the last few levels up to 50 because they only had 5 people and needed 1 more. Even though it was only for half an hour or so, standing around and repeatedly pressing circle was mind-numbingly boring so I don't blame you.
  12. Sand Master here, I have them all except PoP (2008). Edit: Judging from all the people here who have it, I might have to fish out a copy from my local EBGames or amazon if it's cheaper so that I can complete the set.
  13. I've got all the ps3 platinums except for Ascension (which is in my backlog), so I'm a Titan for now.
  14. So far I've got all the PS3 platinums: 1) II 2) Brotherhood 3) Revelations 4) III 5) Liberation HD 6) IV Black Flag 7) Rogue and the 100% for the Freedom Cry Standalone Will probably/eventually get the PS4 titles so for now count me a Veteran!
  15. Awesome! Now I definitely have 1 more thing I look forward to earning (in addition to the plat for TPP itself).