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  1. My most satisfying are: Uncharted 3 (PS3) - 100% completion was no easy task, and the feeling of completing Overseer with a team in unison was one of the best gaming experiences I've had. Also, those darn RNG trophies were a delight once I earned them. Stardew Valley - Fector's Challenge, the developers are sadistic for adding this trophy/achievement requirement, but goddamnit does it feel satisfying to conquer it! Max Payne 3 - Really I feel like any game that has trophies tied to no-death play throughs are one of the most satisfying. Killzone 2 - One of my early platinums 10 years ago 😱 and I'm still pretty proud about it, definitely worked my butt off getting to the top 1% online. Elite mode was also pretty annoying to get through, that last level in particular.
  2. I'm sure other people may have mentioned these games, but to further validate the games, I think everyone should platinum: Overwatch - Has many luck based trophies, but don't let it deter you from its awesome gameplay. It's one of the few games I go back to despite having the platinum Monster Hunter: World - RNG trophies may be a turn off, but like OW it's one of the few I go back too, I'll go back for Iceborne once it goes on sale Marvel's Spider-Man - Just an excellent game all around The Last of Us Remastered - Engaging story, and I had a pretty good time with the multiplayer (I got 100% on the original PS3 version, but I'm sure the PS4 version is even better) Astro Bot: Rescue Mission - If you plan on getting or have VR, this is a definite must. Bloodborne - A true masterpiece. If Souls isn't your type of game, still give it a try, once you learn the ebb and flow of combat, it becomes insanely addicting. Nioh - Get this while it's still free! If you platinum Bloodborne, then go for this as well! God of War - Nothing much to say, but it's a game everyone should play. Stardew Valley - Granted, Fector's Challenge may be a barrier to the platinum, it is still a game that should be experienced. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt - One of the best open-world games out there, and all the branching story lines will have you coming back for more.
  3. Wipeout Omega Collection
  4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare
  5. What Remains of Edith Finch
  6. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
  7. Plague Inc: Evolved