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  1. anyone had problem with the servers on Monster energy supercross?

    cant connect for me :( 

  2. If i download a free ps+ game, can i play it on another account on same console? 

    I have never had ps+ so that why i ask. :) 

    1. Cleggworth


      If the console is set as your primary yes you can

    2. Cooltedan


      @Cleggworth nice. then i could try the free games on my alt account before i play it on main. if i like it/ servers is good :D 

  3. Hey, im thinking to make a monthly check how its going for my trophies, and i did this a few years ago, but stoped.

    So now im back again.



    29 aug -18, 

    125 games

    82,88% completion

    1,006 unearned trophies


    7 okt -18

    127 games

    83.49% completion

    966 unearned trophies


    10 Nov -18

    127 games

    83,57% completion

    958 unearned trophies


    8 dec -18

    127 games

    83,6% completion

    955 unearned trophies


    18 mars -19

    131 games

    83,61% completion

    979 unearned trophies


    12 sep -19

    133 games

    84,09% completion

    954 unearned trophies


    27 okt -19

    134 games

    77 games complete

    83,65% completion

    980 unearned trophies


    1 dec -19

    134 games

    78 games complete

    84,49% completion

    932 unearned trophies

    34,62% average trophy-rare

  4. After 2 weeks of Free ps+ trail, i dont feel i have missed the online-playing world. It like 97% idiots in every game. Racing games looks more to Roller derby, there 15 drivers try finish the race and 5 is trying to destroy so many cars as possible.


    That concept had work perfect in Flatout or Wreckfest, but not in F1!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Cooltedan


      @ihadalifeb4this True, turning of contacts is not fun either but when people stand still on the track and just waiting for the others to lap them. There should they be ghosts..

      @PooPooBlast Its not easy to win, but im mostly at top 5 at least and try to avoid the killers so much i can. So send me a message before we start same game so im ready :P 

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Maybe bracket system would create community  of "serious" drivers at higher end, but i doubt even that would completely solve problem. Please do another lap after getting trophy.

    4. Cooltedan


      Gran turismo Sport have a good matching system, and if u is 1 lap down, u become a ghost so u cant destroy for the drivers in top

  5. VROOOOMM! Plat nr 101. Flatout 4

    This was my 7th plat this year and 31th racing game i plat! 😎



    Plat NUMBER 100!!  Need for speed (2015)

    My 1st plat was Need for speed: Shift so this long circle is finally complete.

    I have promise myself after i got my 100th plat i'll get a Ps+ membership.

    That i have now. 14 days free then i'll buy 1 years.

  7. Plat Nr99!! Family guy: Back to the multiverse

    This was my 5th this year.

    First episode of Family guy was 1999. :) 

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work! And man, I was only 11 then. :/

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Cooltedan


      @DamagingRob I was 7 years old :) 

  8. Do anyone know what symbol the decal who i s down right is? At a quick look it seems to be michelin bibendum. but im not sure...

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    2. Cooltedan


      @Rally-Vincent--- image.png got this picture from the site who sell decals from that car.

    3. Rally-Vincent---


      Can't see the picture.

    4. Cooltedan
  9. I have decide... When i reach my 100th plat (I have 98 now) i'll get a 1 year ps+. First time i get that


  10. Will take a smal break of trophy hunting. My game i bought did arrived today: Toy story racer (Ps1) So will play that in weeks!! :D 

    1. Malik


      Take a break when you reach the 100th plat ;) 

    2. Cooltedan


      I could, or i'll take another break again :) 

  11. Boom goes the dynamite!! Got the 2 trophies in GTA 4, Ballad of gay Tony and have totally 100% of the trophies. Same with GTA 5! 


    I'm ready for GTA 6 💪 

    1. DamagingRob


      Nicely done! 

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. Cooltedan



  12. Think i got GTA fever! After i plat GTA5 i wanna do the last 2 trophies i have left in GTA 4, The ballad of gay Tony. get least 80% complete on missions and 100%.

    1. DamagingRob


      Haha, well, good luck with that. I tend to not want to play another game in the same series for a long while, after finishing one. :/

    2. Cooltedan


      well... when i finish this. I can wait till GTA 6 come out ;) 

  13. Finally got that damn phonecall from Raul (manager at cab company, GTA5) accept it, pick him up, and then,. He DIE!! 😡 😡Lucky i did a save before. So i tried again and again he died... FOUR times i tried before i finally did it.

    *BING* All's Fare in Love and War.

    *BING* Los Santos Legend.

     Yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! Tried so many times, and many different methods.


    That i did was delete all patches and start a new game, and just did the missions (around 5-6h) til i could buy the company, i did. after raul welcome me i killed myself. He called me right after i exit hospital. 


    Fun facts: GTA released 1997, and GTA 5 was my 97th plat! 😀 3rd plat this year. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DamagingRob


      Sounds like a nightmare. I don't remember him dying at all, but I don't even really remember the mission. :P Congrats!

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. Cooltedan


      @DamagingRob theres is 8 different mission in total. So u maybe got another costumer.

  14. i have tried almost all methods for this damn All's Fare in Love and War - trophy in GTA 5. But i have 1 more time i'll try.

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    2. Cooltedan


      ok, smart method. i maybe have to try that too.  

    3. HaserPL


      Make sure to be in a safe location, sometimes NPC can kill you or some weird shit may occur, you might wanna avoid that.

    4. Cooltedan


      ok. i just bought the company again, drove to safehouse. save the he called right after i left the house. And what happend?? the damn customer run and die!! 


  15. Plat nr96, Uncharted: Lost legacy. I have almost forgot how i feels to get a platinum. only 2nd this year. took me 1 week 2 days.