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  1. Plat 111 Uncharted 2

    My 8th this year.


    Crushing: 12h 45 min

    100%: 31h 25 min

  2. Uncharted: Drake's fortune (Ps4)

    This was my 110th plat total and my 7th plat this year.
    I dont know exactly how long time it had take for just platinum cos i did the extra-trophies little between.
    The Total time for 100% was: 23h 5 min.

    Other fun stats:
    total enemies killed; 3761
    Total shoots fired; 19 086
    Total headshoots; 647
    My 3 most used weapons:
    PM - 9mm; 795 kills
    SAS - 12; 466 kills
    MOSS - 12; 393 kills
    Total melee-kills; 400
    Total enemies killed by explosions; 257


    91 wins in Gt Sport "sport mode"

    took me:

    560 races

    74 poles

    67 fastest lap

  4. Plat 109 - Sonic forces. My 6th plat this year. :) 

    Fun game. Better than i thought.

  5. To all swedes! Har en bra nationaldag!!

    -Have a great swedish national day!! 

    1. SinisterPledge


      Glad nationaldag. 🙂🇸🇪

  6.  Monday ice cream! - Magnum Ruby EY43TpqXkAE-DV5?format=jpg&name=4096x409

    1. ResoluteRock


      Their ice cream definitely tastes much better than their condoms 😖

  7. Plat nr 108 F1 2017

    This is my 5th plat this year and 37th racing game i plat total.

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    2. Froopy the Cowbear

      Froopy the Cowbear

      I take it you enjoy racing games ;) Congratulations!

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. Cooltedan


      @Froopy the Temmie Thanks!! Yeah. Racing games is really fun! :D 

  8. i just find that have made a change then i check mark the boxes in the trophy guides. Before it was just a black mark and i scroll down to save it.


    But now it turn green and then i cant remove it if i check wrong trophy. So i have to refresh then go through my completed trophies and then unmark it.


    weird. Dont like it at all!!

  9. Just played Journey on ps4...

    I tried the demo on ps3 long time ago. it was one of the worst shit i ever tried. but now i tried the full game (lucky on my alt acc). It still über-boring.

    the psn games "Spelunker" and  "Starlit adventures" feels like a AAA game compared to journey. 

    I walked the story, saw some randoms players and then finally finish it. Took me 1h. then i deleted it and it will never ever seen on my tv-screen anymore.


    On my trip i got 3 trophies: Wonder, crossing and rebirth.

  10. I got a weird problem. When i try to enter i just get a message "internet connection have been blocked". 

    "connection have been blocked by a firewall or antivirus". 


    The weird thing is i havnt do anything before or later about chrome or my antivirus. 

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    2. Cooltedan


      @Masamune ok, i found the firewall setting on my antivirus program. turned it of and then it worked...

      Now i found "Internet protection" Unmarked the box, and now it works.

      The question is if my privat life is spoiled too xD 

    3. Masamune


      Maybe that internet protection works like some kinda proxy & scans what you're visiting for viruses, that would explain why you were getting blocked (apparently .org isn't very proxy friendly). Either way, you may want to re-enable it when you're not on the site. :P

    4. MidnightDragon


      Surprised nobody blamed COVID. :P 

  11. Plat 107!! F1 2015

    4th this year and 36th racing game i plat

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. DamagingRob
    4. Cooltedan


      @Alderriz Yeaa, racing games is very fun. My favo is Motorstorm and the flatout games. Wreckfest is awesome too!!

  12. Plat nr 106. Goat simulator. 3rd for this year.

  13. My monthly gaming stats compare last month: 



    10 jan -20

    137 games

    82 games complete

    86,6% completion

    952 unearned trophies

    34,58% average trophy rare


    1 Feb -20

    138 games

    83 games complete

    85,08% completion

    938 unearned trophies

    34,71% average trophy rare

  14. Plat 105, 2nd this year and 34th racing game. Gravel