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  1. 26 minutes ago, OmegaRejectz said:

    How quickly are you able to level up characters this way? I’ve basically all but given up on the platinum for this game, but if there’s a method that you can level up characters super fast I’ll gladly do it

    Hmm worst part timewise is you have to close and reset the game after each 10 level. Then go back and upgrade the character and go back to the gnome boss.


    Loading times is the big issue here. 

    I have only done this on a ps4 pro and each run with reset takes I think 7-8 min. (This is for 1 player not killing the gnome boss, killing him Will prob add 5 minutes each run)


    With 24 characters and doing this 5 times each it will take 16 hours pure grinding as far my math goes 😅


    If load times are alot faster on ps5 it can reduce the time ofc.


  2. i didnt finish new vegas, but Fallout 3 was in the end almost unplayable for me.


    I remember i did a 100% run with all expansions, and in the end my save file was so large that the game lagged so badly i had to restart the game every 5-10 min to even move.




  3. Ok i just got this trophy yesterday...at last...


    For all methods i used the easter event.


    My first time i used the skip date method for around 300 times and didnt get it ( i sometimes did other events that popped up, and played multiplayer in between too)


    Then i used the reset world method for 280 times (with no multiplayer or anything in between) same character...still no trophy...


    The last method i did was backing up my save file to the cloud...then erasing my save file on the hd and started a new character, went to world 1-3 and reset the world after each event. only adjusting the date before i logged in the game first time...at around 230 tries it popped!


    Hope it can help others.


  4. I do abit of all 3. Im actualy starting to prefer to buy digital mostly, im horrible at keeping track on who i lent my games too, so the digital way im sure ill have them home always hehe. I do still buy collectors edition if theres a nice ingame bonus or an nice figure with it. 

    I dont actualy rent games but in Denmark we can borrow games/movies/music at our libraries for free and i use that alot, they update their catalouge every month and have 100s of games..its a service i realy love and alot of my friends use it too.