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  1. Based on your earned trophies it seems that you bought the game digitally before the Bedrock update/change. Those who owned the game digitally before that can have the 'Editions' button, but those who bought it after the Bedrock update will not have the 'Editions' button and their only chance to get the multiplayer DLC trophies is to get a physical copy of the game, but the older one that says Minecraft Playstation 4 Edition on the box, the new one will not work. And also there are some funky stuff reported by some users that they can't get the 'Edition' button to show up even with a physical copy and that is because they bought the game digitally after the Bedrock edition update/revamp and there is some PSN level stuff that registers on your profile that you have the newest Minecraft version thus making you not eligible for the 'Editions' button. I don't really know the full details, but there is a mega thread here on the forums about the whole Editions button 'unlock' and how does it work. I read it from there. So long story short, for anyone that aims to get 100% trophy set in Minecraft and didn't yet get the game digitally, make sure, you hunt down a physical edition that has Playstation 4 Edition written on it and stay away from the digital version until you have the wanted multiplayer DLC trophies. Hope this clarified some stuff for you.
  2. I enjoyed the N. Verted Mode a lot. But just like @LilIelaps said, it shouldn't have been mandatory or at least make it more reasonable, like complete the levels but not with all gems. Thank goodness that they didn't add a trophy to get the perfect relics and time trials for N. Verted as well, because I would've lost my mind otherwise. While it's true that I got some perfect relics easier on N/ Verted, I'm glad they shared the relic between the two modes and not make it mandatory for both. In short, I have a love/hate relationship with this mode. As a gameplay perspective I enjoyed it a lot, but as a completionist's point of view I hated parts of it.
  3. Same here. Original hardware is always better and far more stable. I can see the benefits of streaming as well, I'm not totally against it, it's just not for me. If I can, I will always choose to play on actual hardware rather than streaming. About the subscription games part, I use the PS+ service anyways, so if it comes with some bonus games free of charge, it's just a bonus for me, but if it's about games I really want, I always get those physically as well.
  4. Actually it is available for streaming. You need PS Plus Premium for it though.
  5. Just to clarify for future players, you CAN do the tweak glitch on the newest patch. I tried it and it works without problems and I'm on the newest patch. Don't know about the chapter skip glitch because I didn't tried that, but with the tweaks enabled it shouldn't be such a big problem doing all the chapters.
  6. You'll get this platinum as well. If you got plat on the trilogy, this will coma as well. I didn't played the remastered trilogy yet, but I did play the original ones on PS1. Had a blast with every one of them. This one was definitely my favorite to date. Had my fare share of rage, but in the end loved every bit of the game. Never give up, and most importantly never stop having fun.
  7. Can confirm that it still happens. When I was going for the platinum, my game crashed on the last stage, while I was trying to load the stage to get the last time trial. The game crashed and the whole save got corrupted. Nothing worked to bring it back, like reloading database and all that. And for my luck, my latest backup save was when I was at like 50%. A whole world crashed inside me, especially when I realized that I need to redo all of those hard earned perfect relics and platinum time trials. Luckily I had mastered the muscle memory for most of the stages and took me one weekend to get back to where I was before, but it still was a huge pain, especially on the longer stages. After that, I always backed up my saves after anything significant. Make sure you do the same, by either uploading it to PS+ or a USB drive It will save you a whole lot of frustration. Anything it should happen, don't forget that if you managed to do it once, you'll be able to do it again, no problems, just don't give up and have fun while at it.
  8. Yes. Many players did this back in the day. But back then the player base was so much bigger and players were more scattered around. Nowadays is much lower and because of buggy servers only returning players play who need some cleanup and only a few who play it for joy. Mind you that driver rating isn't necessary related to driver skill. Most of the time yes, but not always. I had E and D lobbies which were more challenging than the B and A/A+ ones, not because of dirty drivers, but because many were really good drivers. Depending on your driving skills, I don't really suggest to go down to E lobbies, because in those lobbies is a high chance to get matched up with dirty drivers who will just knock you down the track the chance they'll get. I'd say to stay on your current level and grind those times as best as possible and keep that first place as best as possible if you get in pole and you'll get your trophies in no time in couple of days or weeks, depending on the frequency you play. I myself got the trophies in B to A lobbies and had so much more fun. Down in the lower lobbies it was just a wreck fest because everybody launched into you the second they got a bit close. In the end it's your choice, but think about it.
  9. You can't autopop from PS5 to PS4. Only PS4 to PS5. If you're talking about the top 6 on the leaderboards, those used hacked saves and have been reported for removal.
  10. Just do side missions and try to combo enemy kills and get stunt kills for higher XP. Don't know why everyone is saying that it's impossible to get all skills and it takes forever to grind, because by the time I did the last mission I had unlocked every power in the game and had like 3-4000XP to spare. And all I did was that I played normally and did side missions between story missions and most of the time I stopped random crimes while traveling from mission to mission while killing every enemy I bumped into. That's pretty much it. If you need a good spot to grind, the area near or at the base of the ice tower can get you a good amount of XP, because it always has a Crusher with a group of ice enemies. Kill the enemies with an Ion Vortex and the Crusher falls down pretty fast with some rockets and/or grenades. Rinse and repeat and you'll have the XP in no time.
  11. I have the same problem. I did them multiple least the dramatic finish cut scene popped, but I was credited only for one...Then if I remember correctly, my AI partner was the one that did the blow, which it seems that it doesn't count. I see that you got it eventually. What was it that worked for you? Right now I'm trying to get it, but the AI is so damn useless and idiotic that it just makes it impossible to do...And the Dramatic possibility bubble doesn't always pop up like it should be...the times it pops up, the AI never follows me to the spot and when it isn't popping up they hang out in the spot like their lives depend on it. So very annoying... I saw that multiple people got it lately, so that means it isn't glitched... Back to the grind then....
  12. Not 100% sure about this, but maybe you can still get it. If you didn't try it, it deserves a try, yes? So, while it's true that you need to be online to level up and get gear crates, but as far as I'm aware, you can buy gear items offline as well if you have the required credits. If you buy the cheap 3k gear items, you can get like 19 items with the 58k you have. Don't know how many gear items you have, but you should try to be sure. Count every items you have (tombstones, skins, customizable items etc.) and substract 80, because the starting gear items do not count towards to 250 goal. Let's hope for the best.
  13. NBA 2k23 can also be removed from the list, because the problematic trophies were patched and are obtainable now. I saw it both on PS4 and PS5 that people are started to get the glitched trophies starting the 19th of this month, when they released the patch for the games.
  14. If you plan on getting 100% then no, it won't work, because there is no way to get the Comrades DLC pack. Buying the Royal upgrade for the game won't work either, because the upgrade doesn't have the Comrades included. You either need the Royal Edition physical disc with the voucher codes included and unused or the PS Plus collections version of the game. If you don't want 100% and only want some DLC's then it's totally fine.
  15. Maybe you already did this, but if you have ingame currency piled up, you can buy cheap tombstones with them which still counts toward the gear items. And do the daily challenges as well for extra easy currency. I did this and got the trophy by level 68-69 when I was going for it.