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  1. I see that you’ve obtained the platinum trophy and was wondering if you could explain the fix. I’m kind of in the same boat. I just 3-Starred all recipes in Cookstar mode within the Traditional Recipes and the trophy did not unlock for me. EDIT: Just got the trophies to pop! You must sit through the entirety of the results screen at the end of a Cookstar challenge after making the recipe!
  2. There are two "campaigns" in Cookstar- Traditional Recipes and Vegetarian Recipes. Only one is required for the platinum, not both. You can do either or. I did the Vegetarian one from the get go and found out the hard way that one of the last recipes that you unlock, the Infused Caviar Deviled Eggs, is impossible to 3-Star in Cookstar mode due to the cutting board mini-game. Simply put, that mini-game (the second one in the sequence) does not give you enough time to complete it. I've made dozens of attempts with some instances I've gotten VERY close but the timer always runs out on me resulting in a 2-Star rating which is enough to bar you from getting an overall 3-Star rating for that recipe. Getting 3-Star ratings for every recipe in Cookstar mode for one list is required for the platinum and from what I can tell the lists do not share progress i.e. if you complete recipes, unlock recipes, 3-Star Cookstar recipes in one list, that does NOT apply to the other. Note that the "Traditional Recipes" version, the Chipotle Caviar Deviled Eggs, seems to give you the same amount of time to complete the mini-game, however there are fewer steps required to complete it. Instead of a tomato which requires multiple stages of cutting, they give you a slice of meat that requires only one stage of cutting. I have even deleted my install and re-installed the base 1.00 version of the game since I have a physical copy and there was no difference in the time given that I could tell. I've looked up if others have done it and I've seen this video posted where they finished it in time yet they are playing the Switch version of the game and it seems that version gives the player more than enough time to complete the mini-game. At this point, I've decided to start over again with the Traditional Recipes as it is the only way forward I can go to unlock the platinum trophy. TL;DR Play Traditional Recipes and not the Vegetarian ones.
  3. Just curious, what were those six instances?
  4. I just finished the Pumpkin Challenge right now and the trophy popped, now I have the platinum! Thanks for the heads up! I was under the impression that it was not required since every guide I had read said as much.
  5. I just completed all of the challenges with my screen showing 100% for every one with every corresponding "25/25" and "Red Time Achieved", etc. yet the trophy did not pop. My situation is similar to another player's experience detailed in this thread but the difference is that all of my stats are showing that I had completed everything. If the solution is to play each challenge again, that would be a major annoyance as I have no indication where to begin except from the beginning and work my way through them all over again. Has this happened to anyone before?
  6. I've had no problem connecting to the UGC servers as of recent.
  7. I was referring to the old launcher. So say if you did not 100% the game on the old launcher but later on you 100% on the new launcher, you could go and reopen the old launcher and auto-pop the trophies there for your old list. Unfortunately, June 20th seems to have been the cutoff date for this auto-pop method. However, there have been reports that some trophy unlocks/auto-pops for the PS5 version have been bugged for some time and hopefully a future patch will remedy the auto-pop methods once more, including the old launcher auto-pops.
  8. Can you link the thread? I’ve read of the trophy issues but let’s just hope the auto-pop method with the old launcher is rectified in the process of future patches.
  9. I saw someone on PlayStationTrophies had unlocked Infallible on June 29th even though June 20th was the last known date where people could auto-pop trophies from the old launcher. Possibly just hacking?
  10. The trophy requires 200000 total notes to be hit but my question is- do long (held) notes count towards this trophy? I've seen another guide mention that they do but I've been playing ICEY (6K EZ mode) over and over again since it has many held notes which allows a total combo of 1879 after each play. I've also heard that this trophy might be bugged- that the note tracking might be incorrect. Can anyone clarify? In the meantime, I'm going to keep replaying ICEY for the held notes and will update if I get it. Update: Just got the platinum, Button Killer was my last one. Not sure if it mattered but I switched from grinding ICEY to LaLaLa Refrain (4K EZ) which has many held notes summing 1532 every playthrough.
  11. My estimate would be a good 4-6 hours.
  12. Sorry for the late reply! I'm glad to hear that you were able to get the trophy with little trouble! This confirms that the trophy does not require it to be done in one whole playthrough and it can be done by chapter, thanks for the info!
  13. Hello, I'm currently working on the platinum for moon myself and from what I can tell, according to the GameFAQs guide, there is an event where you gain love that might be missable. Without giving any spoilers, you must help someone build something that requires five parts and the event must be done after handing over the fourth part but before you hand over the fifth and final part. I cannot confirm this myself as I had done the event according to the guide and even then, the author of the guide is not quite sure either as they write- "You NEED to do it before handing over the 5th piece (I think)". Hopefully this helps!
  14. I have three animals left to catch in moon, with Gigar being one of them. However, I have no idea how to catch them since they are alive. The GameFAQs Guide states that you can let the Hero kill Gigar and catch them that way, but I had fended the Hero off by using the costume (while on fire) so Gigar is still alive. The moonRPG Wiki states that "specific events are needed to trigger in order for the protagonist to obtain Perogon's Love" so I'm assuming that the aforementioned event is what it's referring to? If so, does that mean that catching Gigar is missable and I would have to start a new playthrough since I have already finished that event long ago in my current game? UPDATE: Just got the platinum, which includes catching all of the animals and it seems that the event at the house where you fend off the Hero is how you "catch" Gigar, for a lack of a better word, even though he never dies.
  15. Can confirm that the Freeplay glitch still works as of version 1.03, at least for the trophies related to kills as I had just unlocked the ASSASSIN trophy (Get 50 total kills). I assume that tasks will still count towards their respective trophies using this method but I’m far from 500 to check immediately.