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  1. Hmm.. thanks for telling me, i'll see if the dlc ones do if not i think i will need to replay the game.
  2. Hello! I want to ask a question, does bugsnax auto pop like all of the trophies even the dlc ones or not? from ps4->ps5. Thanks!
  3. Oh sorry if i scared you 😅 i didn't thought of that thanks for telling me.
  4. Hello guys, sorry for this but are the servers still online or are there shut down because theres a great discount on it and i am interested to buy it, but first i need to check if the servers are still up.
  5. i did that and it still did not pop why did they even made this trophy in the first place tbh
  6. i read on little nightmares steam forums that you need to do a speed run in under 1 hour, no deaths and no checkpoints.
  7. i did start a new game
  8. Hello, i beat the game in 50 mins and the trophy did not pop and i didn't die once any help?