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  1. A bit late but I can confirm this, bought ps4 version and I was able to download the ps5 version as well
  2. I'm actually mad at this trophy list. I played this back in the day like many here, and was really hoping for a plat with some random trophies like find loot kill the first boss with all chars, stuff like that would have been a blast.... I did buy it for nostalgia and to support them cause I want number 2 as well and the new game, but still really upset at this list
  3. Does this still work on the ps5?
  4. Looks good to me, trophy hunters should understand with minimal research I think, just maybe highlight it a bit more, bold or even red/yellow edit: perfect, I don’t know what I’d do without this checklist except make my own, love it.
  5. I know this is old, but that’s amazing, have been using this for about 70 hours now and it’s awesome. Only suggestion I could give is on the condensed walkthrough at the very beginning maybe make a note to use Faize to kill enemies as I got down to the big twist on Aeos where you suggest a separate save to reload after beating only I wasn’t using Faize so it’s pointless. Had I realized at the beginning it would save 3/4 of a play through. But really other then that amazing guide.
  6. For those having issues, I just had the bug so went through every chapter one by one and it popped after I redid them all on my main save. I’m 99% sure the issue is that CH 7’s cactaurs are highly missable, there are 2 before you board the train but after killing the Marlboro. Easy to find but easy to overlook, try that before deleting anything or restarting.
  7. So apparently I wasn't as thorough as I thought, it's in the first town in one of the rooms in the inn
  8. Does anyone know where this receipe is, I have been all over and cannot find it. The only place i haven't been able to match up with other maps online is the "Point Shop"