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  1. Looks good to me, trophy hunters should understand with minimal research I think, just maybe highlight it a bit more, bold or even red/yellow edit: perfect, I don’t know what I’d do without this checklist except make my own, love it.
  2. I know this is old, but that’s amazing, have been using this for about 70 hours now and it’s awesome. Only suggestion I could give is on the condensed walkthrough at the very beginning maybe make a note to use Faize to kill enemies as I got down to the big twist on Aeos where you suggest a separate save to reload after beating only I wasn’t using Faize so it’s pointless. Had I realized at the beginning it would save 3/4 of a play through. But really other then that amazing guide.
  3. For those having issues, I just had the bug so went through every chapter one by one and it popped after I redid them all on my main save. I’m 99% sure the issue is that CH 7’s cactaurs are highly missable, there are 2 before you board the train but after killing the Marlboro. Easy to find but easy to overlook, try that before deleting anything or restarting.
  4. So apparently I wasn't as thorough as I thought, it's in the first town in one of the rooms in the inn
  5. Does anyone know where this receipe is, I have been all over and cannot find it. The only place i haven't been able to match up with other maps online is the "Point Shop"