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  1. I come from the future!! This game is included in the new PS Plus Extra tier, so rejoice! In the end, more people will be able to experience it. I really wanted to play this game, and now I come here and see people praising how good it is makes me want to play it even more!! Currently downloading it
  2. Super late answer, but in case anybody else is wondering No, you cannot get Gold Rathian quests by gathering Tempered Yian Garuga (Scarred) tracks. YG is a threat lvl 2 monster, you can only get threat lvl 2 investigations. The best way I found to get Gold Ian investigations was by gathering tracks from threat lvl 3 monsters (non tempered) at Elder's Recess. Those being Stygian Zinogre and Rajang! If you wish to get Tempered Gold Rathian investigations instead, just do the same but with a tempered Stygian Zin/Rajang. I have no clue if this is the right answer but, I only got the Special Arena Gold Rathian (and Silver Los) quest when I unlocked the quest where you have to fight them both at Elder's Recess, which was unlocked after I had fought Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian in separated quests (the event ones). From there I just used the method above (with a Stygian Zinogre investigation) and got enough investigations to crown snipe. One last thing, in order to get Scarred Yian Garuga investigations you need to complete "Return of the Crazy One". You need to level up your Forest Area at The Guiding Lands to level 3 for this quest to pop up.
  3. Just quick PSA: I found this video explaining the work arounds in this thread: And can confirm that it works!
  4. I just realized my Ion boost can be traded, thought it couldn't lol So that, I have the Ion boost for the Metaverse trophy, message me if you need it Only condition is that you trade it to someone else that needs it so we keep helping folks!
  5. When I did it I actually did the Holy Trinity at the same time (no weapons, no armor and no kills), here are some tips: Even though it's no weapons, you can still use Banans (only Banans, no other throwable), so try to get a Banan Forker so you at least have a way to heal fast, and you can even use the Banans a bit defensively, they can help you to scape some pursuit in a pinch. For late game there are 2 options: Skunk Snorkel + Campfires or Cupgrade + Loot. If the final circle is near(ish) a campfire, try to grab a Snorkel, the healing from the campfire + the reduced damage from Skunk gas help you to sometimes survive long enough for the other players to die. My favorite though, and the way I did it, was with the Cupgrade. I was basically just hiding, and since at the very end you tend to find a lot of loot from other players, I stayed close to someone else's loot, drinking health and as soon as your reserves are about to run out, get close to the health from the loot and they will get replenished so you can keep healing for a bit longer. Other random stuff that can help: Circles at some kind of building or with some kind of house close by. Basically, just hide at the final circle. Also, remember that most final players are gonna be low on health anyway because of those final fights, so as long as you are hiding and have the perfect combo (either Cupgrade or Snorkel) you have a pretty good chance of actually winning. Other than that, it's just luck!
  6. Can confirm they work, I used that and Call of the Haunted for this trophy! I actually would recommend to do these trophies during the Events, I did those grindy ones at the XYZ event, I basically just built a deck that could special summon a lot from the graveyard and another that could tribute summon a lot, both were Blackwing decks because I use that deck a lot anyway. And from there, just try to do whatever trophy you are trying to get. Tribute summons and Attacks are quite hard to actually get naturally, would argue that the Attack trophy is the hardest of them all, because if you play competitively you don't really attack into monsters, you remove them from the field and then you attack your opponent directly. Nope, you don't have to destroy the monster with your attack! What I would do is just choose to go second, spam the field and just crash my monsters lol and I actually got the trophy so it works haha
  7. Hey! Sent you a message on PSN
  8. I have the Vortex wheels, sent you a message on PSN (: