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  1. Hi guys ! Did anybody else encounter the situation where you complete the « Challenge Mode + No Hole + Target Time beaten » run but you don’t unlock all the corresponding trophies ? I did it twice but the platinum trophy is not unlocking with two missing trophies. I reboot the PS5 twice, forced sync twice, but only one on the two trophies I didn’t unlock is missing. if you encountered the issue and solved it, how did you proceed please ?
  2. The trophy bug for Lars will never be patched. I contacted the support for the game and here is the answer I just received this morning …
  3. Cool ! I will give a try to it then, it would be my very first NBA2K game 💪
  4. Hello guys ! As mentioned in the title, I’m wondering if the platinum can be obtained if I start the game today. NBA2K games are known to have a platinum unachievable pretty quickly compared to other games. Thanks for your feedback
  5. Could you please be more precise about its location please ?
  6. Upgrade to PS5 digital from PS4 physical is working fine. I inserted my PS4 Play Disc into my PS5 and just above the trophy summary there is a window saying « Free Upgrade » instead of 49,99€. I clicked on it, went through the disclaimers and the download started. No trial mentions, no 5h countdown, just the full game.
  7. I believe it would be the best way to make it cheaper : buying a DLC one by one, only on sales. I would definitely look this way, when I will get the ps5 physical edition.
  8. Oh, wow … Probably the most expensive 100% game so far !
  9. Hi guys ! I’m interested in the game for months now but I can’t figure out the DLCs I have to buy for getting the 100%. With the PS5 physical release, I was expecting some more help to find out but still some confusion. The question is simple : does all DLCs included in the physical release of TSW 2 Rush Hour Ed. ?
  10. Still working on it, I’m almost ready. Looking for the best way to share it
  11. From gamers perspective, yes, definitely. From marketing perspective, absolutely not, as you need to buy the game twice to do so …
  12. I can’t find any details about it. There are two versions of the game ? On PSN App, usually, it is noticed « PS4 & PS5 » but no mention here. And I can’t find the game when I make a filter on « PS4 release ». So it is really confusing …
  13. I don’t remember leveling was that bad on Diablo III. Maybe in this Diablo II Ressurected, they slightly adjust the leveling curve to be more consistent with Diablo III. I hope so to be honest, I don’t know if I will have a such dedication for getting platinum if it requires 2000+ hours … It took me 600h over 2 years to get Monster Hunter platinums. So 2000+ will be roughly 6 years lol I would have give up before haha
  14. The « Unlockables » are not requested for the trophies, as it only makes the game easier. Here is how to unlock the trophy « No Work Permit » : You will unlock this by showing a commitment to developing home grown players. All I did was only have Scottish players in the team, so sell all none Scottish players and sign only Scottish players and you will get this before you get the "Scottish Hero" trophy.