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  1. Still working on it, I’m almost ready. Looking for the best way to share it
  2. From gamers perspective, yes, definitely. From marketing perspective, absolutely not, as you need to buy the game twice to do so …
  3. I can’t find any details about it. There are two versions of the game ? On PSN App, usually, it is noticed « PS4 & PS5 » but no mention here. And I can’t find the game when I make a filter on « PS4 release ». So it is really confusing …
  4. I don’t remember leveling was that bad on Diablo III. Maybe in this Diablo II Ressurected, they slightly adjust the leveling curve to be more consistent with Diablo III. I hope so to be honest, I don’t know if I will have a such dedication for getting platinum if it requires 2000+ hours … It took me 600h over 2 years to get Monster Hunter platinums. So 2000+ will be roughly 6 years lol I would have give up before haha
  5. The « Unlockables » are not requested for the trophies, as it only makes the game easier. Here is how to unlock the trophy « No Work Permit » : You will unlock this by showing a commitment to developing home grown players. All I did was only have Scottish players in the team, so sell all none Scottish players and sign only Scottish players and you will get this before you get the "Scottish Hero" trophy.
  6. Hello ! Did you find the answer ? I’m interested in it please @Rejim
  7. Yeah, it sucks … Thanks for your help. I updated the thread title to let everyone know.
  8. Trophy guide on states otherwise. So who is right ?
  9. Hi guys, Currently working on a spreadsheet with release dates, region, fullsets counting, and so on. I will keep you updated regarding the list.
  10. Oh ok ... Thanks for letting me know ! I will then avoid to play the game on my main account and just play on my dummy account. Thanks a lot 👍
  11. Hi guys, It would be my very first NBA 2K game I would like to platinum and I’m aware these games are well known to be unplatinable early due to season ending or features discontinuity. What is the current situation for NBA 2K21 ? Which trophies I should focus on to be safe ? Thanks for your help.
  12. It is already in the list ...
  13. Updated guys ! I think I listed all the games. 210 games.
  14. Update today, I’m 100% sure I missed few games. I will try to see if my own speadsheet can be used here, it would easier.