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  1. I'm trying to rush this to return to it as I got more guides underway lol
  2. Project Diva X Skate 2 Word Search by POWGI
  3. Currently what I tested before bed. Unaffected: Band Hero Borderlands JP Catherine NA Catherine EU Grand Theft Auto IV (Only checked online stats, seems my single player save failed to load) Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Guitar Hero 5 Little Big Planet Little Big Planet 2 Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Rock Band 2 Skate 2 (If you had troubles logging in, there is no fix) - Servers aren't down but they are broken and majority of the online trophies are unachievable. skate. - Servers shut down in 2011, no trophies Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure 2 Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions (DLC issues but that may have already been there) Street Fighter IV Super Street Fighter IV The Beatles Rock Band - Servers aren't working, no confirmation. No online trophies just eases the burden. The Price is Right: Decades - Dead server Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Yu-gi-oh Decade Duels Plus - Dead server and glitchy lobbies Affected: Far Cry 2 (Reason I underwent the name change) - Glitches galore Wolfenstein (All online stats reset, level and money included)
  4. Changed my name to finally finish up Far Cry 2. Once I revert back to my old PSN will my guides return to me or do I have to wait for the site update? Old PSN ID: Roronora_Zoro666 New PSN ID: Andre_Roronora
  5. Only have one trophy left and can say the majority of the trophies are glitched. I had well over 30 segments and missed Giant, didn't eat anything and missed Peace. I did the glitch-install and popped 3/4 I was missing in the credits sequence. Seems without DLC, you cant do the base game.
  6. I have X on PS2, Vita, and PS3. I recommend it if you like RPGs and really need a game to start with in the FF series. The story was interesting. Make sure to save before attempting the final fight but if you do continue on bring some Phoenix Downs. The graphics were a huge step up with the remaster. The trophies are fair although, the Chocobo Trainer and Dodging Lightning Strikes can tear your hair out. The Chocobo Trainer scored 0.0.00 on me on the PS2, it is not a moment that I want to relive. The Remaster is pretty much the International version of the game that North America never got to experience. The Dark Aeons are a great challenge and I recommend not cheating the win with Yojimbo unless you plan on grinding Dark Matter in the cave. Penance was an intense fight that made Nemesis seem kind of underwhelming in comparison. With Dark Matter you can make your own custom weapons that surpass the ones you get in the game. The new sphere system makes less work of the prior one but it is fun maxing your stats all over again. Brb, gonna go reconnect my PS2.
  7. FlOw is the reason I never bothered with the follow up titles
  8. I returned after a few years only to realize why I stopped playing this. The game can only be played using SIXAXIS, which is horrible in and of itself and now the game is on an endless repetitive loop. All I wanna do is finish to see if trophies pop and I have no idea how much closer I am to the end as the game keeps looping itself. Does anyone else hate this game or find it boring?
  9. Happy birthday. I knew I forgot something important today.

    1. Rayrooz



      I nearly forgot too !

    2. Andre_Roronora


      I dont blame you lol

  10. This is the only online trophy left on my alt and boy do I regret not going back and doing this. As the TC mentioned, I ran into brats sitting in pod making idiots of themselves, people who refuse to let you join, and sometimes nothing happening for 2 minutes and having to try again. This is all too familiar of LBPK. The Dive In there was horrific and seems LBP2 has fallen to that level. TL;DR: Get this trophy out of the way first. Edit: Currently at 20 Dive Ins. This trophy can take up to 5-8 hours. I've had a lot of issues with it such as getting kicked, profanities thrown my way, having progress not count, people restarting levels and voiding trophy, kids idling, and I'm pretty sure I was flirted with by what I assume are obnoxious kids.
  11. I hated the first one because of how the only way to kill was by supers and most can be blocked or dodged. If they made it more Smash like I'd be more invested. They also need more characters or at least follow Smash 4 and Switch's example and advertise new titles by releasing the characters from those games. Characters I would like to see: -Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) -Any character from Time Crisis -Billy (Re0) -Booker DeWitt & Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite) -Cammy (SFV) -Chris (Re5) - His super can be punching a rock in someone's face. -Claire (Re2 Remake) -Cole (inFamous series) -Dante (DMC 5) -Devil Jin (Tekken series) -Evil Cole (inFamous series) -Frank West (Dead Rising series) -Ivy (Soul Calibur VI) -Jak (Jak series) -Jill (Re5) -Juri (Street Fighter V) -Kat (Gravity Rush series) -Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza 6) -Ken (Street Fighter 3/4) -Kratos (God of War) -Ky Kiske (Guilty Gear) -Lars (Tekken 7) -Leon (Re2/Re4/Re6/Chronicles) -Menat (Street Fighter V) -Mike Haggar (Final Fight series) -Mondo Zappa (Killer Is Dead) -Nariko (Heavenly Sword) -Nathan Drake (Uncharted 4) -Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney series) -Q (Street Fighter 3) -Qwark (Ratchet & Clank series) -Ratchet (Ratchet & Clank series) -Raven (Gravity Rush series) -Ryu (Street Fighter series) -Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil series) -Sly Cooper (Sly series) -Sora (KH3) -Snake (MGS series) -Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear) -Spider-Man (R.I.P. Disney) -Spike (Ape Escape) -Sports Champion character -Squall (FF VIII Remaster) -Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes series) -Trish (DMC 5) -Tron Bonne (The Misadventures of Tron Bonne) -Vergil (DMC 5) -Wesker (Re5) The majority of these will never come to fruition but it would be nice.
  12. I'm thinking of buying this iteration, but I have a few doubts: 1. Do I have to buy 2 Vita copies to get the 100%? I'm NA btw. 2. Do the level plays and any other related trophies to your levels pop if you made progress on other iterations? 3. Are there any 4P related trophies? 4. Is the game like LBP1 or LBP2 in terms of level design and difficulty? I know this is for the Marvel Edition of the game and the only question relevant is the 1st one. But, I am curious about the rest and didnt want to make a new thread.
  13. I haven't tried this as I did it when the servers were still up but I can share some insight if everything In co op still works. Brutes: Try Syria on Easy in splitscreen. The first 2-3 sections shouldnt pose much of a threat if you have a Cluster bomb or Army of three for the Gatekeepers. After killing the 2nd Gatekeeper, the Brute spawns in. Where the 2nd Gatekeeper spawned is a PAK-80. Use the PAK to take everyone down as they approach and the Brute as it comes closer. Dying after killing the Brute resets the section and with the amount of lives on Easy, you can do about 10-11 kills. Repeat 2 more times and you should get it. Detonator: This is actually pretty hard to do solo, it is ideal to have someone with you as you gotta play really cautious. For the Detonator medals, one Cluster Bomb destroys one vehicle. Using a grenade beforehand on the other vehicle and the RPG from the enemy on the left should net both medals in under a minute. Rinse and repeat this method. You can technically get this on one go but it involves not messing up too much. In the Soft spot: Play Monastery on Crushing and get the first 2 kills and then try and go for as many after until you die. Rinse and repeat. An easier method which was suggested by @DPatriot is to play Airport on Easy and kill the first two Armoured guys then die. Rinse and repeat until you are out of lives. Air Mail: If you are in LAN, you can have the Hunter on Hunter Arena throw you a grenade for a throwback. If the Hunter is in Splitscreen, it counts as 2. Another method which was made by @DPatriot is to play Fort on Easy and remain in cover until they throw grenades. This is a longer method but it gets the job done. Gatekeepers: Play Monastery on Easy and kill the 2 bosses in the first section. Be sure to avoid killing everyone as you will get a checkpoint and will have to restart the whole thing. There is a Wes-44 next to where one spawns. Pick it up and shoot the Cluster Bomb guy in the head and you only have the other one to worry about. Shades: The best map I've seen is Plaza as there is a Mag5 and a Hammer directly above you on both sides. The Mag5 can be used to kill everyone in 1 hit with a HS or 2 if a boss. The Hammer is best used on weaker enemies or when surrounded. It will take 3-4 shots to kill a boss/armoured guy. Siege is best done with someone in LAN as the enemies are mostly armoured. Stealth?: Not sure If still possible but the Stealth Kills can pop in Hunter Arena if the Hunter does stealth kills on the Hunted. Hang in There: This can be done solo if someone does the glitch. Unyielding/Triumvirate/Overseer: Need at least 2 people in LAN to attempt. Coordination is key here but the only annoying one is Overseer with the RNG on the armoured guys which can appear in Wave 2 or Wave 3. There are also lucky shots from the AI where they hit the Statue on first hit. Headshots: Hunter Arena and Shades are best place for this as HS save a lot of time and kill very quick. Mad Bomber: Doing Detonator, using Cluster Bomb to grind Gatekeepers or while throwing back grenades should all net you at least 1 or 2 medals.
  14. Awesome news lol.