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  1. Took me a while to figure out what you were talking about. Try just saying the medal name and then the step. To answer your question, you have to commit suicide and waste all your lives then restart mission. Moment you earn hang in there, you get a checkpoint. Dying again, will put you at a checkpoint and thus locking you out of the medal. I have 3 vids I will link once i finish uploading them that show the process. The trick in question saves time and can be done by 1 person as you will see soon enough, lol. All you need is another to cover your rear, no kickbacks are required. Edit: Vids are updated.
  2. Yeah it glitched on me, but when DP said it popped I knew it counted.
  3. Heres the Unstoppable vid.
  4. Make a session for those. I don't know what you expected from a game that is having their online shut down in less than 3 months. As for the trophies in question, the hang in there just got easier to the point where it is possible solo with 2 controllers. For co op difficulty, people were already having pros carry them so it didn't really matter. This just saved time to find a pro.
  5. Been stuck on this for the last 2 days. Anyone figure this out? I tried deleting game data, i played and won as Randy and Edge on their respective Championships and still nothing. I haven't popped either trophy, even tho I've fulfilled the requirements. Edit: Just got it. @Scorpions444 Thanks the advice you gave about placing Randy in the middle worked. Popped both.
  6. It should. Only vita has restrictions preventing the usage of multiple users. On PS3, you can make an alt on that region, download the free 2 play, then play on your main account.
  7. Walk my ass to Gamestop and buy another game.
  8. Yup. They probably overlooked it cuz free to play version has you pay money for co op unlock, and you only get that if you bought it as the downloads are there but it is still blocked. If I could get the free to play version working, I could self boost treasures in co op. Everyone I know who has it digitally has the GOTY version and thats why it's working and it still says free to play version when you see someone play it, thus the confusion of it working for some and not others.
  9. Turns out it is behind a paywall. They gave all DLC im assuming to coincide with the disk and the free 2 play works but you have to technically buy the co op modes even though they were free to bypass. When my friend checked his download list and downloaded the co op unlock, it worked. That was because he bought it beforehand. I tried my alt and I downloaded everything and still says I cant access, check the Store in game and it will show the pay wall. At that point, I would just settle for GOTY.
  10. Im about 2 weeks in and I got 29/50. All I need is Game Modes which im working on this week and the remaining crushing medals and treasures which can be grinded specifically in Adventure and in Co op Arena in Seige or HA PvP. Average is about a month with decent dedication. With the glitch for not dying, you should only worry about Crushing medals which just take practice and coordination or find someone to carry you. I do about 6 hrs a day. 3 TDM - All medals aside from co op, executioner, and retaliation Shades - Gives treasures, gatekeepers, and 3 gruelling trophies Co Op Adventure - Specific Treasure drops, not dying, crushing/co op medals Co Op Arena - Siege treasure grinding, not dying, co op medals Co Op Hunter Arena - 25 Throwbacks, Treasure grinding TDM - Do legit or make a session, still active Game Modes - Boost as they are completely dead (Plunder, Elimination, and Team Objective)
  11. Thats good to hear, sorry about not explaining that myself, I overlooked it. You can make a session and link to this thread so people understand what the glitch is.
  12. Thanks for clafiying that for me. Forgot to add that in. Closest thing to a glitch I know is just spawn camping and waiting for them to show and cover your area so you kill off the RPG guys early. I got the curator medal on easy, have yet to try Crushing. You can send me a fr and I can try it with you later
  13. It's implied that the "cable" is ethernet cable on ps3, refer to step 1. You dont need 2 ps3s, splitscreen is enough. You will need at least 1 other person, though.
  14. That was quick lol. I just saw your message in chat.
  15. Deathless + Omnipotent Immortal + Invincible To summarize, 1. Have someone with an ethernet cable connection host the game in custom. 2. Start a co op Adventure map or co op Arena map on Easy 3. Complete it to the end. 4. Set up same map or different on Crushing. 5. Once the screen goes black or when ring spins, whichever comes first just disconnect cable quickly once game starts. 6. If done correctly, you will be booted out and get the trophy for all players in the match. Hang in There 1/3 Hang in There 2/3 Hanging On + Fly on the Wall For Hang in There, 1. The person doing the keys must have Protector equipped for cautionary measures. 2. Set up Monastery on Crushing 3. Have enough lives to reach the church (at least 1) 4. Once there, have one or two people cover you while you run to the keys. 5. Activate one key then aim at ledge and jump across to it, at this point the key should be glowing with a green circle if done correctly, then just run and repeat on 2nd key. 6. After activating the keys, wait until the timer for both reach zero. 7. Once that is done, wait for the medal to pop. 8. (If you have gotten the trophy for the 3, see Step 10.) Commit suicide either by grenade or jumping off the balcony. 9. Waste all your lives until you are back at co op screen then rinse and repeat steps 1-7. 10. This is the ideal strategy for crushing as you can skip right to the next checkpoint without wasting too much time. Unfortunately, this wastes 3 lives. I'm on a Roll + Unstoppable Unyielding Medal, 1. Have 1 person with Juggernaut and 2 with Protector 2. Pick London and start on Crushing 3. Play until you reach the cart section. 4. Have 1 person get on the cart, while the person with Juggernaut hangs back behind the cart. 5. Player 3 (Protector) will cover the rear and kill any oncoming threats while having Protector active. 6. Juggernaut player will push the cart (must hold forward and Triangle, pressing will void the medal) 7. Person in cart will activate Protector once the Juggernaut has ended for the player. 8. Keep pushing the cart even if grenades and gunfire send you into gray life. You will reach the end and get the medal. (If you fail, keep reading). 9. If you fail, you will have to do a full restart because the enemies in the tunnel are snipers/armoured/grappling enemies. 10. It will take about 10-15 minutes to reach the tunnel and then you all need to have your kickbacks ready to go. 11. If you used them or didn't have enough for the medal, restart or try grinding in tunnel. Unyielding is the easiest of the Crushing Medals, the only drawback is that the section in question is near the end. Be careful, traversing the gate once the cart is in place or else the result will be this