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  1. Thank you to @Dreggit @Beyondthegrave07 and @nrs1nrs1 for helping me 100% this dreadful game.


    Versus and Desperate Escape were awful. I’m glad to have had help for those modes. The campaign wasn’t that great, but at least it was easy. Definitely won’t miss Sheva.


    At least Lost in Nightmares was fun. If they made that a standalone, I’d probably buy it. I really wish 5 played more like Lost in Nightmares. Oh well. At least that shit [Resident Evil 5] is behind me, so it’s all good.


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    2. Roronora_Zoro666


      @LancashireLad87 I liked Re6 way more. I even preordered the game when it first came out on PS3. For $60 getting 4 campaigns was a bargain. The game’s platinum is twice as long as 5, but hey at least it’s enjoyable.


      Leon’s campaign is the best, although I couldn’t stand Helena. Jake’s was my second favorite. I dug the melee from Jake, felt like I was playing Wesker. Sherry and Jake had really good chemistry. As for Chris’ campaign it was ok. Honestly, I liked Piers way more than Chris. Chris left a bad taste in my mouth ever since he decided to punch a boulder.


      I wasn’t a fan of the limited skills, but I think it was fair. 5 felt too broken cuz of it. Playing as melee-centric Jake is always fun. The DLC was actually quite enjoyable, too. If it weren’t dead I’d probably just play it casually. The AI is also a godsend compared to 5’s. I spent 2 hours on Desperate Escape dealing with my AI partner walking straight into danger before I had help. The campaign wasn’t any better with Sheva wasting health items and ammo.


      The only real bad thing about 6 for me was Ada’s campaign. Stealth in a survival horror game makes no sense. Also, 5 had no horror, it felt more like a child trying to draw the most grotesque thing they can imagine and they were just like yeah that’s an enemy. 5 for me is the worst in the mainline series, but if we are talking spin-offs I’d argue Raccoon City is worse.

      @HuntingFever I bought 5 on PS3 and I only played it once. Played through the first two chapters and shelved it. It wasn’t until a little later that Gold was released via Plus and I wound up playing that, instead. Everything about 5 just felt like a knockoff of 4. The one thing I wish they never brought back was the annoying QTEs. I’ve had runs and ended cuz they decided to alternate the QTE on me at the last second.


      I had to use the pause exploit during Lost in Nightmares just to beat Wesker. I don’t remember it being that hard on PS3. Only thing I can think of is the frame rate since I had a similar issue killing Krauser with a knife on Re4 on PS4 when I’ve done it multiple times on PS3.

    3. ihadalifeb4this




      After playing 5 i skipped 6 and revelations. However, i enjoyed RE7. 

    4. nrs1nrs1


      Glad we could get it done, my dude :) Those f**king bugs, man...