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  1. Not usually a fan of multiple playthroughs but it depends on how long the game ends up being and how different the paths are. I don’t like the “defeat x without taking damage” trophies, especially if you can only fight them once per playthrough. I’m still excited and cautiously optimistic about the game though.
  2. It’s worth a try but these developers in the past have shown that they don’t care about trophies. There was an interview when the game first came out where they said they put the Infallible trophy in expecting it to be so difficult that no one would probably get it. They would rather troll trophy hunters than make a sensible list.
  3. A mode called Sweet Thieves is coming back right before the old launcher ends which makes it easier to get 20 wins but you will also have to deal with grinding to level 40, grinding to 500 qualifying rounds, getting first place in 20 races, and the RNG of unlocking at least one legendary color, pattern, top, and bottom.
  4. Thanks, I'll definitely have to check but I think it was a color that appeared the other day. I just misspoke.
  5. A legendary pattern showed up for me today. I only buy a couple of things a day to work towards the 50 (but I don't want to run out of currency if a legendary does appear). Hopefully everyone can get the items they need. I still need the legendary color (which should appear in about a week) and a celebration.
  6. I found out the people who are just jumping are AFK but using macros to keep their character moving. It's a way for them to grind without actually playing the game, I guess.
  7. I mean Nioh is great and did a lot of great things with difficulty and NG+ but Nioh 1 had a trophy that implied you had to play through NG+ to unlock it but all you had to do was unlock NG+.
  8. Thank you for the video! I tried replicating it and it didn't work, but then I uninstalled and reinstalled the game (keeping the save file), and then kept restarting the level, quitting and reloading when it didn't seem to work. Finally, the minikit appeared. I almost didn't believe it, and I don't know what was different about that attempt, but I'm glad I was able to get it. Thanks again for all of your help. Now I can work on getting the remaining trophies.
  9. It didn't work. If you could record what you did that would be great, because maybe I'm missing something else, but I'm also thinking again that it could be a glitch I can't get out of.
  10. I don't remember which order I was doing it but I bet it was the order he was laying them in, since I was trying to do it as fast as possible. Maybe that's the key, to do it in reverse order. I'll give that a shot. It would great if I could get it to work since I had almost given up on the game. Thanks!
  11. I know this is a few months old but do you remember how to get the minikit in the level Bilbo and the Ring? Some guides seem to say that you need to destroy 3 eggs before they hatch and others seem less sure, just saying you should keep attacking things until it shows up (which I did for like a half hour at one point and the minikit never appeared). I'm just wondering if you remember your experience with the level because it's stopping me from getting the platinum and I'd rather not restart the entire game if it's going to glitch out on me again. Unfortunately the game is like 8 years old at this point and no one is talking about it anymore. Thanks!
  12. The story has its moments but yeah on a technical level it's rough. You have to go in knowing that it's not going to be a smooth, polished AAA experience. It's more like a rough indie early access game you'd find on Steam. I don't know how much they can really do to fix/add to it.
  13. It seems like you do have to do another playthrough for Easy. Hard mode was disabled soon after launch because the game was unstable but like you I was able to get the hard mode trophy through a glitch after the black mamba fight. The developers haven't said anything about fixing it so Easy mode unlocks when you play on a harder difficulty and in fact are still trying to fix other issues with the game, like collectibles registering, so who knows if they even care about stacking difficulty trophies. For what it's worth it sounds like those who did another playthrough on Easy did have that trophy unlock correctly, as far as I know.
  14. Not sure if it's 100% but I found a female Western moose at the waterfall on the top right corner of the map, to the West of Charlotte's house. First I saw one moose there but it was during a mission with Charlotte so I wasn't able to get it, but then I came back soon after and it was spawning again. I don't know if it matters but both times I started on the side of the river where Charlotte's house is and was looking towards the other side of the river. The moose was walking through the water to the other side.
  15. Thanks, I found it! Unfortunately, I've gotten every podcast on the map and the last two trophies for the podcast glitched out and didn't unlock for me. Kind of disappointing. I'm hoping someone can figure out a way to make it register because while I do need to replay the game on Easy I don't know if I want to go back through all of the podcasts again.