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  1. Thanks for all the quick replies! I'm just gonna tough it out on Death March. Now the question is: do I start it now while I have more time to play or wait for the free PS5 upgrade? I made the mistake of trying it on PC first so it feels so sluggish on PS4. Lol
  2. I've always read that doing everything on Death March is the best way to obtain the Plat, but recently my buddy said it's easier to do everything on Normal and do a 'quick' NG+ run on Death March. Which would be easier/faster? A lot of the misc trophies would definitely be easier on Normal. Opinions? Suggestions?
  3. I've been tossing around the idea of 'quitting trophies' for awhile. I've been comparing games on PS4/PS5 to playing them on my new PC w/ a 21:9 monitor and I'm enjoying the PC versions a lot more. Trophies are a double edged sword for me as sometimes I feel like that extra motivation helps me complete more games. On the flip side, many times my enjoyment has dwindled by the time I have the Plat and could've spent the extra time finishing another game (my backlog is massive).
  4. I generally prefer the convenience approach as well, but part of me thinks I should distance myself from trophy hunting after how addicted I got this past year. The problem is that when I play on PC it just feels more 'empty' (for lack of a better word) without trophies. Sounds silly I know.
  5. I love all these things about PC gaming + being able to play everything at a higher fidelity and framerate. The problem is that I've had a bit of a trophy addiction for awhile now and won't touch anything without trophies (which I don't think is a healthy habit). I'm worried I'll go into PC gaming with a 'fresh perspective' (not worrying about achievements/trophies) and fall back into trophy hunting, essentially wasting the money I spent on the PC.
  6. Hey guys, posting here is going to have some bias but I want some opinions. I have a decent PC right now (GTX 1080 + Ryzen 5 1600) and I recently got the itch to buy a new one to play everything at max settings + high fps. I also have a PS5 which obviously runs things really well for the cost. I've been a big trophy hunter for a long time, so I've only dabbled in PC gaming. I decided to take the plunge and bought a $2700 decked out PC and it's awesome, but I'm still getting the trophy itch. My wife also isn't thrilled with the purchase and part of me is getting buyers remorse and I'm not sure if I can justify the purchase if I'm still going to trophy hunt as ill probably end up just playing everything on console again. On the plus side, I have 2 weeks to send the PC back for a refund if I change my mind, but I need some suggestions/opinions. Should I try to 'get over' trophy hunting and play everything on the new PC at higher fidelity/framerates? Or embrace my trophy hunting (borderline addiction) and send the PC back?
  7. Not even 60fps? Oof. If there's no added Plat then it's a definite pass for me. ☹️
  8. Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is just the base game? For some reason I thought it included the DLC?
  9. Hey guys, I'm almost done with the base content on PS4 and I'm thinking about getting the DLC (got the game from PS Plus). I'm also thinking of grabbing the PS5 version as well. What's the most cost efficient way to do this? If I buy the enhanced edition for PS5, will I get the DLC for PS4 as well or do I need to buy the PS4 DLC AND the PS5 version? It's a bit confusing.
  10. Hey guys, I followed a Platinum walkthrough years ago for Persona 5 which listed each day (like the one for this game). Is this necessary to get the Plat in 2 playthroughs? Or can I just playthrough blind and use a guide for the true ending and still get the Plat in 2 playthroughs w/o micro-managing everything? Takes a lot of the fun away IMO, but P5 took me around 130 hours WITH that walkthrough. I want the game to be enjoyable, but also don't want to have to do another playthrough as my backlog is massive. Thanks!
  11. So it was Easy -> Hard -> EX Hard?
  12. Thanks for the heads up! I was just contemplating this.
  13. I haven't tried that. I no longer own the game, but wanted to purchase some DLC I plan on doing eventually for PS3 games. Still paranoid about the store going down after the scare earlier this year.
  14. Unable to locate this DLC on the PS3 store. Does anyone have any suggestions?