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  1. It doesn’t bother me to pay for PS Plus. When I bought a PS5, I knew PS Plus would be required to play online.
  2. I want to play Gta V on my PS5, but I never played GTA V on PS4. Which one should I get first? PS5 version seems the most obvious choice, but I would have to play both trophy lists entirely. Whereas starting with the PS4 version, I would be able to auto pop them after completing the PS4 trophy list. On the other hand, GTA V is a game I would probably be happy to replay to complete the second trophy list. Oh and the PS5 version doesn’t seem to include the DLC. How can you get the DLC if you only have a PS5 version?
  3. Thanks for clearing this up. I will get the PS5 version. And there is cross-platform play with PS4 right? So there will be plenty people to play with for the trophies… thnks all! Thanks I was thinking of doing that, but if I really enjoy the game, I’ll gladly replay everything on PS4.
  4. I want to be able to play both multiplayer and all the released DLC. I guess if I can get that on PS5 version, I’ll go for that. If the DLC is only available on PS4, I’ll go for PS4 version first. Why? Does it have all the DLC too? Do you mean Criminal Enterprise as part of the Doomsday Heist DLC?
  5. After learning Reparo I noticed that the Field guide pages collected using Accio weren’t counted. Also when I add up all Field guide pages collected for the challenges, I count more than in the Collections tab overview. The counter in my Collections tab overview and the trophy counter still run equally.
  6. Congrats to the winners!
  7. Is my game broken or does the DLC have no HUD on ultimate badass? I noticed it the first time when I was playing co op, but didn’t pay much attention to it, but now on solo too. I tried quitting, restarting, nothing. It’s become quite a handicap not being able to know your health/armor status.
  8. I can confirm this and XP can be gained on Bug Hunt but not on Stasis Interrupted.
  9. Just another note if you’re trying to get this ridiculous Unnoticed trophy. The guides out there don’t provide an answer to the following questions: -can you play it on easy and get the trophy? The answer is yes, you can. Playing on easy is your best bet as you can use the red dot showing you where the bullet will go. -How do you know you’ve blown your cover? Besides the obvious: shooting at you, shouting they need reinforcements, calling you a cobarde, having a glowing full red bar… The EMPTY red bar can give away detection. So for as long as the full length of the bar has never turned red, you’re undetected. But sometimes it isn’t obvious you’ve been detected: the enemy won’t shout, O’neall won’t tell you you’ve blown your cover, but you’ll simply have an empty red bar. This is when you’ve been detected although the enemy hasn’t been able to locate you just like RavieHD explained. At this point the game locks you out from the trophy, and you’ll have to try again. -Does restarting from CP work? It should work like that, but for me it didn’t. While it did on No alarm. To work around the glitch: You have to quit out every time to the main menu, and then use ‘continue’ under unfinished business.
  10. Could you maybe state more information? Are you playing with the updates installed? Have you tried both with and without patches?(back up your save before doing so!) I wouldn’t worry about any warning, just follow the other steps and see if it works.
  11. Thanks.. I just spent 12 hours trying to get this.. It is the final trophy for me.. What a nightmare.. Im sure restarting from checkpoint doesn’t work. Im able to shoot every guy on the entire map without alerts consistently except at the start of the final camp. I always kill the guards in the towers from the house in the middle before Checkpoint 4. Whenever I shoot them from the checkpoint overlook, it has alerted them every time. I haven’t tried quitting and then continue. I guess I’ll delete that save first and then try it out.
  12. Thank you for your support on my first ever guide :) I put a lot of work in it, and to have that recognized means a lot.

    Hopefully some people will find it helpful before the servers get shutdown.

    1. snakebit10


      You're welcome. Like I said in my comment I have had the platinum for a long time and to see a guide pop up now i was really impressed with the quality of the guide. Keep up the good work. 

  13. Thank you for your support on my first ever guide :) I put a lot of work in it, and to have that recognized means a lot.

    Hopefully some people will find it helpful before the servers get shutdown.

  14. Hello, -You can 100% tackle the nightmare difficulty chapter by chapter. The game gives you a score after each finished mission which includes the difficulty. You highest ranking score will be recorded after each mission. -Play through each mission on Hard first. -Then after each mission completed try it on nightmare through mission select before proceeding because it will still be fresh on your memory. -The hardest missions include the first one, the queen mission and the final mission. When you’re stuck on a mission don’t endlessly replay them. Try three times on a given day, and then put it down until the day after. Do this for a few days, and take one mission at a time. -Take your time for this. Don’t expect to finish one of these every day. Replay them again and again on hard if necessary and create separate saves at the checkpoints. If you find yourself dying at one point on hard, use the save to replay it until you’re ready with that part. -As far as I know the only exploit on the single player is when you have to fight the hybrid huge Xeno boss. You can run past him onto a platform and he won’t come to you. -On nightmare difficulty there are no checkpoints, but you can play chapter by chapter -Last but not least: have fun! If you’re a fan of the Alien movies you are gonna have a blast. There are many elements and references to the movies! Such as the trophy names, they’re mostly funny quotes such as: “What are we supposed to defend ourselves with? Harsh language?”.
  15. For me the guide was perfect. Well formatted and structured as well. There clearly has been put in a lot of effort already. I wonder what other games are out there that this would work on to get an online trophy no longer attainable. But people should use a device on the same Lan as a prerequisite. Why bother explaining what to do on a browser on a different network? Even though it’s cool that you have a solution for that.
  16. Just did it in 15 minutes. But of course, I know my way around a computer. Just so you know: The trophy didnt pop for me when I just enabled the camera, it popped when I went to a clothes store. Go to the counter and choose Character gallery, Upload character. I had to try it 2x, and it still gave error message of a time out. But the trophy popped anyway. If you’re not sure about IPv4 or 6, follow IPv4 steps first. I dont think most people have a router that uses IPv6.
  17. Hello everyone, A big congratulations to all the writers. Just here to express my support and a special thank you to Lil Gameboy. I' ve used three of his guides the past few months. For the Hobbit, Rage and AC R. Awesome! But I'm sure all the other guides are made of excellent quality too. Good luck everyone with future writing goals! Guide of The Year: Assassin's Creed Revelations - Multiplayer Character DLC Trophy Guide written by Lil-Gameboy123 Exceptional Trophy Guides: Elden Ring Trophy Guide - ZOLANTON God of War Ragnarok Trophy Guide - MohandGamer7 and Charizarzar Exceptional Gameplay Guides: Elden Ring - Platinum Walkthrough - Optinooby Grand Theft Auto III - Is That All You’ve Got? - TugaSonic Exceptional DLC Guides: Assassin's Creed Revelations - Multiplayer Character DLC Trophy Guide written by Lil-Gameboy123 Final Fantasy XIV - Endwalker DLC Trophy Guide - zekunlu and MakoSOLIDER New Author Excellence: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout Characters Guide - Seamndel Doom 2 Trophy Guide - Kramers001 Retro Enthusiasts: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Trophy Guide - angelbless45 Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space Trophy Guide - JFwibbles Exceptional Use of Original Content: Borderlands 3 - O.T.D.H. Loot Maps - CountKarloff Resident Evil Revelations - Raid Mode Guide - Dsr8002 Exceptional Use of Formatting: Spelunky Trophy Guide - SquidGeneral10 and Uzi_wad The King of Fighters XV Trophy Guide - Mikel93
  18. I’m a little at a loss with this game. I own a Medal of Honor (2010) on disc that came with a copy of Medal of Honor Frontline. When I start the game for the first time, it defaults to German. My console’s language is set to English US. The game doesn’t offer language selection. I’ve deleted my save files and restarted the game to check if I had perhaps skipped on the language selection but it doesn’t ask me. Does this mean that the game came from Germany? I picked it up 2nd hand so it’s possible. I find it strange because the box has no German anywhere neither does the disc. Everything is displayed in English. There is a disclaimer ‘Only for supply in UK’. Very annoying because my German isn’t great and I’ve been meaning to start the game on Hard right away… Any advice?
  19. Thanks it seems you were right. Installing the update made it work again. However it doesnt appear to have fixed my initial problem, the game is really broken. The graphics have to load in every couple of minutes in each part of the game which is very disturbing. I wonder if anyone played this game and can confirm that this is normal for it or is it just my copy somehow.
  20. I know this is an old game that no one is really interested in anymore but I recently finished NFS Most wanted which I really enjoyed so I decided to pick this one up too. And I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me out on this one. My game annoyingly started pausing because it hadnt yet loaded the graphics for the next part of the race. The screen just freezes for a brief moment of 1 or 2 seconds. At first it only happened every few races. But let me tell you the last 5 races I played it happened 3-5 per race. So Im thinking I’ll reinstall the game see if that helps. So I delete the game data file. Then I start the game again, and I dont install the patch 1.03 because I know these patches also often cause more trouble than they remedy. The game then offers to load my 83% save. But after successfully loading it just starts a new story! So immediately Im quitting from the game before it would autosave over my 83% file. As it would turn out I rescued it just in time. So I take a backup from that save to the cloud. Once thats done l start the game again and again it prompts me to load 83% up again, but again it starts a fresh story. After the prologue I get to the open world from where Im able to choose ´load save’ which then would just reload that new game that had just started. From this point on, the 83% save is gone and overwritten by the 1% save. I still have the save backed up but for some reason I can’t download it before tomorrow around this time which is ridiculous because I didnt download anything from the cloud today. Anyone an idea why the game doesnt recognize my save?
  21. Hello, Im gonna start by apologising because there are probably a 100 people that asked this question before me, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the forum,... I tried to link an image throug insert oher media, then pasted the link. The text would turn red as if it were an error message, but no message The image that I wanted to upload is found here: Maybe it's too large/ not a good format? Also where does 'Insert existing attachment' refer to?
  22. Thank you 🙏
  23. I really like this topic and will be sure to come back here so thanks for this! Lord of the Rings: War in the North Game of thrones by Cyanide, if you enjoy that. The Godfather 2 Call of Juarez: bound in blood absolute gem Aliens: colonial marines (underrated especially with bug hunt DLC) also loved AVP but not sure if can be considered ‘hidden’ gem.
  24. Corrupt save files really are a nightmare man I had it happen to me too now Ive got a game that doesnt recognize the save anymore and want to start a new game everytime. Luckily I had a backup save, Im just looking for help for a way that the game recognizes my backup. Anyway I hope you got your player back
  25. Hello, I completed all tier 1 runs last week. I had not a single disconnection. Are you experiencing any other interruptions at all? Edit: Found this inside the game's manual: meant to be a picture but Im unable to upload it for some reason.