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  1. You’re right. I don’t know your life nor do I particularly care to be honest. Plenty of people here work long hours and even have kids and still manage to pursue their hobby. If you don’t get around to earning a certain trophy before the closing date then get over it on and move on. There’s “trophy hunters” on the leaderboards with more trophies than you’ll ever earn in your life who don’t chase 100% so you’re wrong about that, however, you are absolutely right in saying I don’t particularly care about trophies. They’re a bonus to me and that’s it. I certainly don’t fixate over them because ultimately nobody else cares and they’re a psychological trick to keep you addicted and buy more shit.
  2. No, trophies haven’t ruined gaming at all. I think you (and others on this site) have ruined your own gaming experiences by prioritising them and a completion percentage over the most important thing: fun Also, most of the games with online trophies are active for years and you’ve had or got plenty of chance to play them. 100% completion profile wouldn’t be particularly impressive if every trophy was offline-based either. Think about it.
  3. Frames, by a long shot. I don’t care about 4K and never will.
  4. I mean, this is definitely retarded but I guarantee everyone who says they won’t play those games will end up playing those games eventually. Boycotts are all talk.
  5. It’s a discussion forum. This is about PS5 and posted in the PS5 subforum.
  6. Anyone know a sure way to fix the GTA stuck on 90% loading screen? It’s affecting both modes for me but mostly MP. I’m on PS5 if it helps.


    I’ve deleted my saves (local and cloud), reinstalled, restarted console, safe mode and cleared cache, etc.


    None of my other games are affected by any similar glitches.

    1. Troz


      If you're talking about what I think you are, the infinite loading screen has been a glitch since day 1. It sucks

    2. xWarchamp


      @Troz Well that sucks. I recall it being less frequent on Xbox for some reason. I don’t know why. :hmm:


      I’ll just reinstall again.

  7. I buy whatever is cheaper. If I can get it cheaper digitally (which you often can, thanks to sales) then that’s what I do. I’m not a collector or anything like that anyway. Space is always an issue too.
  8. Definitely this, sick of anti-consumer practices, everyone should have access no matter the platform they use.
  9. PlayStation likely won’t have CoD at all after Modern Warfare 2022.
  10. Cold War keeps crashing on certain missions. :/ 

  11. In that case, I will probably give it a miss. Too many games, too little time at the moment.
  12. I genuinely forgot this game even existed. Have they fixed it yet?
  13. Dead by Daylight (both versions) at the moment, but I definitely intend to start ESO at some point. These will definitely take me a while…
  14. God damn it, my FedEx shipment is stuck on “delayed” :(

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      oh dont worry. Canada is bad too with our clown PM. But yeah I had mail come from overseas and get lost IN Canada..While I've also had mail overseas arrive in 3 days vs Canada to Canada taking 8. So fucked up

    3. xWarchamp


      Man, I’d rather live in Canada tbh lol. Looks like literal paradise

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Maybe from the outside looking in, or if you're east Indian lol

  15. This system would result in even more reports though, from the already ‘trigger happy’ wannabe CRT crowd to boost their reputation score in hopes they get selected when a vacancy next opens.
  16. You can see “Hours Played” on PS5.
  17. Trophy hunters are a very, very small minority in the grand scheme of things though. The vast majority are not going to care since “casuals” (hate that term) make up most console gamers. Also, only caring about trophies rather than the game itself is a sign of a problem.
  18. It’s unfortunately not my picture since the item hasn’t arrived yet, but managed to snag all these for a decent price. The console and controllers have only been used once and not a single mark on them. The box is the only thing looking a bit scruffy but I don’t care.
  19. I recently picked up LA Noire and Yakuza 3. I wanted to try and get Yakuza: Dead Souls as well but it is way cheaper to buy that digitally.
  20. I severely underestimated the sheer grind that Dead by Daylight is going to be. At least it’s double blood points for the next thirteen hours or so. Sadly I missed out on the first two days of it due to work. :(

  21. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International (PS3), LA Noire (PS3) along with Dead by Daylight’s latest couple of DLCs and the ESO (PS5) bundle on sale in the PSN store.
  22. I don’t really care about anyone else’s profile enough but in my opinion quality over quantity generally applies. I find profiles with only a handful of plats but high average rarity much more impressive. Bragging about trophies or leaderboard position in general is cringe but they definitely have more of a right to. However, playing any games, easy or hard, specifically for trophies is pretty retarded, dude. Enjoy ‘em and make trophies a secondary thing. Gaming is meant to be fun not a chore.
  23. I know this is a trophy hunting forum and all, but what an incredibly sad way of looking at things.
  24. Is it worth buying another PS3? 🤔

    1. Copanele


      I mean...if you have games to play on it...sure.

      It should be mad cheap at this point.

    2. NERVergoproxy


      Depends how much you can get it for.

      And what you mean by another.