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  1. How's the guide coming along ?
  2. so it seems to of been that my little brother played Fortnite about 2 months ago on my account but since I hadn't earned a trophy since then it never popped up on my account until I earned a trophy in rocket league yesterday.
  3. So last night I earned my first trophy in rocket league and when I updated my profile, Fortnite was there? I am confused, does anyone know why this happened?
  4. Vigor is a great extraction style game.
  5. Im hoping with the release of the raids game mode tomorrow they release a new set of dlc trophies.
  6. With the new dlc trophies released, is there any way to speed up the wins and kills ?
  7. I have the fastest time on Bellator by simply just prolonging popping the first trophy until I had everything ready to pop at once. Game probably took me like 5 hours but it says I completed it in 8 minutes.
  8. Yeah I wasn't nearly as far as some other people into the game but my game would tend to crash or get an error every time I submitted a beer. I've seen others who are on the fourth brewery saying its impossible to beat the game and get all the trophies due to crashing. I will just get back to this game once everything's fixed.
  9. Personally, I would love a roller coaster tycoon 1-3 port over to ps5. A platinum for this game would be perfect. Also, I am hoping for a THPS 3+4 reboot.
  10. I am hoping their is some type of trophies for these game modes. A whole separate list for war zone would be perfect but not sure if that's possible.
  11. i wrote a guide for this game. should be up soon.
  12. I was thinking about a game based off brewing about a month ago. I barely found out last night that this was coming out today and am excited to platinum it. What are everyones thoughts about the list?
  13. Exactly. COD is majority a multiplayer game so I wish this list was MOSTLY MP trophies. Yeah I had no material for the final part of ALONE on veteran no gun run. All I had to use was two mines and a bottle and I still somehow beat it after about 30 attempts.
  14. Exactly. I wish they made a separate trophy list for multiplayer which was actually hard and time consuming. I hate the easiness of the recent titles.