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  1. I just came back after the weekend and unluckily he seems to have enabled all possible privacy settings on his profile, as I can't see his trophies anymore. I guess that's not a surprise. I told him I need to check one more thing before we can say whether we 100% think he has hacked the trophies, now I'm waiting for a reply. What's your expanation?
  2. Thanks a lot for the answer. The game is Red Dead Redemption for PS3. Around 80% of the trophies are without timestamp but some are not, including the platinum. Some of the trophies with missing timestamps are "Red Dead Rockstar" and "Most Wanted", which I've read cannot be earned in LAN Play. What's the theoretical method you've mentioned and why would it still be cheating? Also, could in theory a system error have lead to setting a "missing timestamp" to all previously earned trophies of a game? Anyway, we have decided to remove my friend from the "trophies" channel for now, unless there is proof that he could have earned those trophies legitimately.
  3. Hi there, I moderate a small discord of local LAN players/trophy hunters and we had a bit of a problem a few days ago. One of the guys has missing timestamps on multiple trophies of one PS3 game and only his platinum and few trophies earned a few days before the platinum have a timestamp of a few years ago. He was promptly accused of trophy editing and he said he had no idea what could have happened. And to be honest I want to believe him, as I've known him for years and he only has around 20 platinums. I checked his case and he looks like he has 3 "online-only" trophies which are possibly not affected by the "dead internal clock" problem, and I'm unsure whether any DRM clock problem could occur. However, I've read online that people did get missing timestamps after crashes or system errors, which seems interesting. He also mentioned that the PS3 he got was second-hand when he got it and that it's been dead for years, but I don't think that changes anything. So here's my question: is there any documented "legit" case where PS3 online-only trophies have missing timestamps, or is it 100% sure that any online-only trophy with missing timestamps has been hacked, and is there any research that backs up your claims? What's the policy on this community? Thanks in advance