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  1. There is a The Legend of Heroes character on that list though. Scherazard, from the Trails in the Sky trilogy. I do know some people who are refusing to play Cold Steel until they get the unlocalized games in English so that might be a reason why she isn't up there yet.
  2. Finished up the last tournament in Peach Beach Splash, which just leaves eleven bronze trophies left tied to either experience points or defeating enemies in a certain way. Should be finished by the end of the week, then I'll move on to Atelier Firis.
  3. That's another one down. #85 PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness No idea what I was getting into here since I had never heard of Psycho-Pass prior to playing this, so I knew nothing about the setting or characters - though now I'm pretty interested in watching the anime later on. The platinum is a pretty standard VN list of progressing down a number of routes, collecting all the true endings, and seeing all the CGs. It would be a lot better if a lot of the content was different, but it basically boils down to only a few scenes different in each route while the rest of the story stays relatively the same. It's still enjoyable to read through, but it does wear on you after a number of times going through the same events, which is why I took a few weeks between the two characters' routes. The last ending was a nice surprise though as it actually does something different with the story for one last twist, which is definitely welcome. I did nothing else except starting MLB the Show 18, but I'm already behind in the season, whoops. At least I have a good portion of the trophies already. MLB the Show 18 (New, +6, 6/29) Time to start cleaning up this list. I'll figure out where to start tomorrow.
  4. Finished Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness for my 85th platinum and 2nd completion for this topic. A fairly standard VN trophy list overall, but I could do without the repeated dialogue and hours of playing 2048. Still an enjoyable story with some interesting endings to it.
  5. I'd like the Futaba emblem with my forum name, please.
  6. Oh right, this topic exists. Been almost two months without another platinum to add to the pile. Well, that ended on Sunday. #84 Persona 5 Pretty cool platinum image. Perfect for what I think is the game of the year for 2017. Most completed games here were from the event over at TrueTrophies where I now have a medal stuck on my homepage for playing a bunch of Arcade Archives games. What an amazing accomplishment. Hue, at least, is a game that was a very interesting puzzler that has a few problems (like the last puzzle glitching on me once) but the overall game was enjoyable. Arcade Archives: Bomb Jack (New, +9, 9/9) Arcade Archives: Double Dragon (New, +9, 9/9) Arcade Archives: Shanghai III (New, +9, 9/9) Arcade Archives: Super Dodge Ball (New, +9, 9/9) Hue (+1, 12/12) There's a ton of trophy updates thanks to KYC and other events. I'm not going to go over any of these too much. Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey (+2, 5/45) Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory (New, +11, 11/46) DJMAX Respect (New, +8, 8/42) Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal (+2, 26/31) Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky (New, +2, 2/45) Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star (+2, 35/53) Gal*Gun: Double Peace (+1, 12/39) Gravity Rush 2 (+8, 15/48) Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational [PS3] (+1, 4/38) Medieval Defenders (+2, 10/12) MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death (New, +2, 2/37) New Little King's Story (New, +6, 6/50) No Man's Sky (+2, 25/28) Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 (+1, 9/19) Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness (New, +18, 18/36) Royal Defense (+2, 10/12) Saints Row: The Third (+2, 5/81) Sky Force Anniversary (New, +2, 2/14) Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (+7, 15/36) Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (New, +1, 1/54) Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (+1, 16/47) Yakuza Kiwami (+10, 39/55) Perhaps the most surprising entry is still New Little King's Story after deleting and redownloading that game too many times. Turns out it ran like trash anyway, so it wasn't a very enjoyable purchase. Most of the KYC games weren't very good overall and I won't be going back to these anytime soon. Probably later this year when I need something to play. I'll see what I'll play in the future after I finish Psycho-Pass. Some things on the list have been up there incomplete for far too long.
  7. Sorry, but I actually completed the event last night. Too bad. As of now it's my GotY for 2017. I haven't yet played Horizon: Zero Dawn or Breath of the Wild, but it's going to be hard to top this game.
  8. KYC has come and gone, and of course it didn't really help for the purposes of this topic! In the middle of tax season as well so it's the busiest month of the year for me, and I'm in the middle of moving to a new apartment so my trophy progress has slowed to a crawl. My February stats are still just a few posts above here, so I won't copy those in this post. E ranks: 16 (up 1) D ranks: 24 (up 2) C ranks: 17 B ranks: 12 (up 1) A ranks: 52 (up 1) S ranks: 149 Completion: 68.98% (down 1.25%) New: Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (A), DJMAX Respect (C), New Little King's Story (E), Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky (E), Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (E) Upgraded: Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory (E to D), Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (E to D), Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 (C to B ) The five games for KYC have been added on. It could have been more if I had actually played the fifth game in my list but I did not have the time at all. Still managed to push Psycho-Pass to A (which isn't that hard considering PS+ drove its rarities down) and kept DJMAX Respect at C. Some DLC is coming for that soon, though. None of the other games got past an E and I'm not too thrilled with playing any of those, so they might stick around there for a while. I didn't complete anything this month, but I do plan to knock off Persona 5 early in April, and Psycho-Pass later in the month. Besides MLB The Show 18 which I bought I don't think I'll be starting any new games for a while, so it's a good chance to start working on this event a lot more. But after April 17th, of course. With overtime Monday through Thursday plus Saturdays I won't have much gaming time for the first two weeks of this month. It'll calm down once the tax deadline passes.
  9. Due to the fact that I'm moving tomorrow, I was unable to play the last game on my list. However, I did start another game during March and so I'll review that one instead for my 5th game. Game #5 - DJMAX Respect After a long hiatus, the DJMAX series finally comes back in a game celebrating the history of the series. Similar to Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone, DJMAX Respect has a ton of songs from both past titles as well as new songs, with more songs from previous titles coming over with DLC (and more trophies). My only experience with the DJMAX series prior to this game was DJMAX Fever, back on the PSP (and I was able to get it on the Vita when Sony screwed up and allowed it for a brief period). Since Fever was a mix of songs from both Portable 1 and Portable 2, I recognized some of the songs that were available initially. Even if you don't, there's a number of different genres of music for practically everyone here. I'm a pretty big fan of the zts tracks thanks to reading through Umineko no Naku Koro ni a while back, and I've always enjoyed Good Bye from Portable 2. Some of the new tracks are also very good, like the opening Glory Day, which I still haven't been able to play through (lol). Now while I do play a lot of rhythm games, DJMAX Respect is probably the hardest, up there with SUPERBEAT: XONiC in difficulty. There's a number of button combos to use with increasing difficulty; you can go from 4 notes (, , and ) to 5 notes (middle note for both and ), to 6 notes (all six buttons) and finally 8 notes (adds and ). Currently I'm stuck in between the 4 and 5 notes portions. I was able to hit the hardest difficulty in SUPERBEAT: XONiC so I'm sure I can get through this with enough practice. Also, gone is the autocorrect present in some of the portable titles, which is actually welcome since pressing the wrong note shouldn't give you points. However, missing a note carries a very harsh penalty, much more than any rhythm game I've played. Since when I miss notes I usually miss a whole bunch afterwards and fail the song. It'll take some getting used to. In addition to just freeplaying songs, there's an Arcade mode where you play three songs in a row, and Mission mode where you play a number of preset songs with a certain goal (X combos, X number of points, etc.) There's also an online portion with one trophy tied to it but I haven't done anything there yet. For the collection trophies, this game keeps a very detailed count of almost all the trophies - even indicating in the collection menu when new things are unlocked. It's extremely useful and it's a welcome addition for some of the more grindy trophies (of which there are quite a few!) The only thing that might be a problem is the price - it's $50 and digital only here. Still, it's a lot of value for all the content you get just from the base game alone - and the option of purchasing more songs is there as well. Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness: 18/36 (45%) New Little King's Story: 6/50 (8%) Exist Archive: 2/45 (2%) Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment: 1/54 (1%) DJMAX Respect: 8/42 (11%) Starting completion: 70.23% Current completion: 68.98% Difference: -1.25% Unlike the last KYC I'm not as impressed with the games I played this time around. Ratings: DJMAX Respect - 9/10 Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness - 7/10 Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment - 5/10 Exist Archive - 5/10 New Little King's Story - 3/10 Unlike KYC 5 I won't be going back to some of these games like last time. Might sit down Exist Archive and New Little King's Story for quite a while, though I do expect to finish Psycho-Pass sometime in April. SAO will take a long time to complete (which I was already aware of) and DJMAX Respect will also do so since my skill level isn't high enough right now. Thanks for the event, Hemiak - I'll probably be still recovering my completion by the next KYC so I assume I'll be skipping that one. Hopefully I can join another one sometime down the road.
  10. Made it to 11/13 last night in my second play through, just Reaper grinding to not waste money on fusing high-level Personas to finish the Compendium. Should be able to fuse Joker's ultimate Persona and get Yoshitsune for the bonus boss fight by the end of it. Can't complete the compendium yet because I didn't get the last two treasure demons in my previous play through but I'll be able to do that after finishing the next Palace. Should have the platinum next week, there's not much left to do (and with everyone at 99 there shouldn't be any problems)
  11. Game #4: Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment It seems to be a trend of mine doing games out of order (since I said I'd do Tales of Hearts R here), though the original order I posted had this in fourth anyway, so might as well. (The only thing I switched from the original was swapping Exist Archive and Psycho-Pass to lineup with everyone else). I think I might want to play Tales of Hearts R when the month is over, so I swapped it back into the last slot and started this instead. This game is also on my Weeblympics list as well so I was going to start it eventually anyway. I have never actually watched any of Sword Art Online and have been warned to stay clear of it anyway, but I do know the basic storyline of the game and some of the characters. If the opening cutscenes in Arc Sophia are representative of the series, then I think it's a good thing to stay away from it. Anyway, you play as Kirito, the main character of the novels and anime, who gets whisked off to another area within the game called the Hollow Area, where he meets a girl named Philia, who is exploring the land for treasure as well. After finding a teleport stone and entering the control sphere in the middle of the Hollow Area, he gets back to Arc Sophia to continue with the quest he was already on - get to the 100th level of Aincrad and finish the game (this follows the main storyline of the anime if I am correct). Basically, you're allowed to switch between the two arcs whenever needed. The trophy guide on PSNProfiles recommends you do the Hollow Arc first, and then continue with the other arc when finished because Philia has events in the other arc and cannot leave the Hollow Area until it's finished. That's what I've been doing, completing some random quests with Philia on the way to the first boss there. I have died a few times by taking on too many enemies or dying from poison after a fight, so it's been very slow progress. Thankfully the game autosaves so very little progress is lost. (I don't know if there's a manual save? I couldn't find one.) The basic game is a simple action RPG. You have an attack button, special attack button, parry button, and other commands are mapped to the L and R buttons + another button, which can be awkward at times. Another character will usually be accompanying you and will shout out certain commands depending on the flow of battle, such as using a skill or switching who is tanking the enemies. It's pretty standard, though I tend to attract too many enemies often and get myself killed, so I just have to... not do that. I'll get the hang of it at some point. You start at level 100 (but most of the mobs start in the 90s) and all possible partners are in the 90s as well. They'll also level up, as Philia has done a few times already. There's a trophy for hitting level 150 and I doubt I'll be anywhere close to that with how it's going so far, so I'm expecting a long grind when I go back to finish this. (Then again, given the trophy rarity and the fact that it literally has a trophy named "This game is not for fun" I was expecting it anyway.) I've also taken a look at some of the missions added in the 1.01 patch (by accident, before I looked at what I should have been doing in the guide). Not sure what to do there yet, but it's somewhat outside my level so I'll go back at a later date. Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness: 18/36 (45%) New Little King's Story: 6/50 (8%) Exist Archive: 2/45 (2%) Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment: 1/54 (1%) Starting completion: 70.23% Current completion: 68.97% Difference: -1.26% Amazing that not getting trophies in anything for a while keeps the completion low (lol). The rest of the trophies that I still need in Persona 5 are all endgame stuff, so it's not a surprise that I have none of them done at this time. That will probably change by the next game, but whatever. Tales of Hearts R is the only game left to play, so I will see if it was worth waiting this long to play, if I should have played it sooner, or if it wasn't worth it at all! I tend to like most Tales games so it's definitely one I would have checked out eventually.
  12. This list is legit and can be easily planned out to pop like this, I don't see any trophies out of order either. I even mentioned this in a topic on this site.
  13. Game #3: Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky Played this for another few hours today and it just got too repetitive enough to continue. Since I'm the 5th person to play this game in this topic I will keep this relatively short. I'm in chapter 3, where almost everyone seemed to stop. I do like what I've played so far, though I feel the battles have been getting very repetitive as I've progressed. Everything pretty much dies in the first turn except boss fights, so sometimes I've been wondering if looking at every side path has made me overleveled or something. Even if they don't, they usually attack Kanata so he just counters them and kills them. Speaking of the side paths, I try to map as much as I can every time I enter a dungeon, and it's sort of annoying that there's areas I can't reach on the first time through. I know I'll have to return to some of these areas to finish them off. There's not too much excitement in the dungeons either, the enemies on the map are just blobs and the dungeon backgrounds themselves are pretty bland. The skill system definitely looks like it has some interesting things in it. I haven't done much in there yet, but I've thrown some points towards a better drop rate and some extra guard skills for everyone (like the counter skill that I mentioned earlier). Some of the skills that others have mentioned in their reviews of this seem to be more useful to purchase once I have the chance, so I'll try to see if I can get those. Given the low trophy %s and the fact that I only have two of them (didn't expect more once I actually looked at the trophy list itself) means I've barely scratched the surface. I'll have to come back at a later date, but it's time to move on to another game. Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness: 18/36 (45%) New Little King's Story: 6/50 (8%) Exist Archive: 2/45 (2%) Starting completion: 70.23% Current completion: 69.29% Difference: -0.94% Psycho-Pass continues to be played. It is about as repetitive, but the fact that you can skip through (most) previously readable text makes it a non-issue. I think I will finish it before the month is over. I'm also going through my second playthrough of Persona 5 to get that platinum. (Getting both done adds another 1,250 Sony Rewards points from the gold and platinum trophy targets, so there's some extra motivation involved there.) The completion does keep going down though, which is what's supposed to happen. Next will be Tales of Hearts R. That's the other physical copy I have other than Exist Archive, so time to swap cartridges again.
  14. I'd like to join. Here's what I'm thinking for this event: Spring Chicken - Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey Spring Cleaning - Let's Fish! Hooked On Spring Break - Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Bonus Game - Final Fantasy VII
  15. Sure, why not. Here is my entry. Lara Croft Go was decent when I played it, but they should have put in d-pad controls because I frequently had Lara get killed (or miss her chance to move) because she would go in the wrong direction.