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  1. And I'm back for my 3rd... and 4th platinum within a week's time. #226 Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne Ignoring the ridiculous word salad the title happens to be, this is a pretty simple visual novel with a handful of strategy RPG like scenes scattered throughout its runtime. It deals with an alternate path off of volume 3/episode 11 in where instead of the royal selection being continued, a sixth candidate is found which delays it all together, and Subaru tasks himself with finding out who the fake candidate is. It was a pretty interesting story, all things considered, but the runtime was pretty short (around 18 hours long). What is nice is that Spike Chunsoft opted to dub the game, with all the voice actors from the anime returning to reprise their roles. Considering I watched the dub myself, it was nice to have the game like that, as most anime games don't get this treatment. The platinum doesn't require much in general besides that, opting to include some optional objectives in each strategy RPG mission, plus requiring multiple playthroughs of the game (two trophies require a 3rd playthrough) making alternate decisions at the beginning of the story to unlock all the CGs in the game. Fortunately, skipping through the entire story took only a hour and a half, so it wasn't difficult to do so after I had finished everything else. #227 Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 (PS5) I already had the PS4 version's platinum, so despite this being my first PS5 platinum it isn't that big of a deal! It was very similar to what I did with the PS4 version, spend 10-15 hours playing the game regularly, then idle grind puyos for 15 hours. Still had fun with the first ten hours, though! Didn't play much else since it's only been a few days, but here's the rest of the update: Burnout Paradise Remastered (+1, 32/95) Link-a-Pix Deluxe [PS4] (New, +14, 14/23) Mind≒0 (+3, 17/36)
  2. Another trophy milestone, another... Ace Attorney platinum? TAKE THAT! #225 The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Overall, the game was a solid title, though that's more on GAA2 than its predecessor, and I can understand why Capcom originally passed on localizing the first half back on the 3DS. My overall game ranking for the series: 6 > 3 > GAA2 > 1 > LvW > 5 > 2 > AAI1 > GAA1 > 4 I guess the only place to go now would be AAI2 at some point, to finally complete the series. Hopefully this will have sold well enough to continue the series on PS consoles (as I've placed both the Phoenix Wright Trilogy and this game at certain milestones) and that we finally get Ace Attorney 7 at some point. There's only one other trophy update here, and it's beating Sparkle 2, an old PS+ title. Not much else to talk about since the last update was only two days ago! Sparkle 2 [Vita] (+3, 10/14)
  3. On today's agenda is two Vita games that probably should have spent more time fixing the various bugs that plagued each game. The first one had a ton of the actual game crashing and multiple times where the game locked up, and the second had some menu problems where the battle window just didn't appear at times - or the text was completely missing. #223 Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut (Vita) If you combined the ice floor puzzles from a JRPG with a horror movie parody and Minecraft-like characters you would get something similar to Slayaway Camp. Honestly, it doesn't seem like a bad combination - the problem with the game is how badly it runs on the Vita. Loading times are abysmal for such a simple game, and the numerous crash bugs were annoying (luckily the game's autosave helped with that a bit). I can't recommend this game at all on the Vita - find it on a system that runs it better if you want to play it. #224 Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria An updated re-release of Dragon Fantasy Book I, which originally released back in 2013 on the PS3/Vita. This release was for the PS4/Vita, and whoever purchased it originally got the Vita version for free. I of course did not find this out until two years after its release on the system. Compared to the original release, there's a few trophies that have you playing through chapters 1 and 3 (the longest ones - chapter 1 is over half the full game's runtime) in a more challenging way, but given that this is a Dragon Quest parody RPG it basically just means grind more. There's new story content with a new intermission in between Chapter 3 and Intermission M, which is basically a forced stealth mission and is extremely annoying to play through, so I don't know why they even bothered since it is so short in the first place. In summary, there's nothing really here to interest you if you have played the original game, and if you haven't, it's merely an average way to spend eight hours or so. Muteki Games has been pretty silent since this game's re-release so who knows if we'll ever see the Book III they hinted at way back. Been quite a while since the last update again, so here's another big one! I managed to beat the Re:ZERO VN during this time, so it gets a huge boost here. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is also the first PS5 title to appear on my PSN account with trophies. Burnout Paradise Remastered (+15, 31/95) Fantasy Strike (+5, 20/43) Farming Simulator 19 (+1, 11/24) The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (+6, 27/30) Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection (New, +15, 15/39) Mind≒0 (New, +14, 14/36) Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 [PS5] (New, +31, 31/43) Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne (+16, 30/33) Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (+4, 14/41) Severed (+2, 8/25) Sly 2: Band of Thieves (+3, 18/36) Sparkle 2 [Vita] (New, +7, 7/14) Team Sonic Racing (+1, 34/52) Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA (+4, 12/51)
  4. Update: Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria 100 + 8 + 14 + 42 - 36.34 = 127.66 points
  5. Edited my list on page 3 to throw Mind≒0 on the list, replacing Puyo Puyo Champions. Started it during my vacation to finish up a trophy challenge on TrueTrophies and am enjoying it, despite its simplicity. Best to put a game on the list that I'm currently actively playing, anyway!
  6. It's been over a month since the last update, and I got three platinum trophies since, but I didn't feel the first two warranted an update to this topic. Here are all three of them: #220 36 Fragments of Midnight (Vita) #221 Nurse Love Syndrome #222 Croixleur Sigma I mentioned in the last update that I found a tip on how to get past a roadblock in Croixleur Sigma (turning on control assist), and it did eventually lead to the platinum trophy. Even with that tip it still was a difficult one - the platinum requires the aforementioned story mode run to be done in eight minutes and thirty seconds, as well as to clear the 50-floor dungeon mode with no continues (with floors that have every monster on the floor deal double damage so you die in one hit to a miniboss. I died on the 50th floor twice before finally succeeding). It's definitely a platinum that took a lot of effort and skill, and I'm happy with the results. During this time I also finished the DLC for Plague Inc: Evolved again, this time with The Cure DLC. Nothing really difficult trophy-wise. Plague Inc: Evolved (+3, 61/61) And with that, lots of games that have been started or updated since the last update happened. The tail end of KYC got another new game on the list, and the 12 Days of Christmas and random weekly GTTSC challenges over at TrueTrophies have added a whole bunch as well. I managed to beat Nexomon: Extinction and Resogun so these have some of the largest updates on the list below. Blue Reflection: Second Light (+6, 22/49) Burnout Paradise Remastered (New, +16, 16/95) Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (+1, 26/41) DJMAX Respect (+5, 76/121) Fantasy Strike (New, +15, 15/43) Freedom Wars (New, +10, 10/43) Genshin Impact (+1, 15/50) Ghost of Tsushima (+1, 53/77) The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (+5, 21/30) Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational [PS3] (+4, 21/38) Langrisser I & II (+1, 1/42) Lost Judgment (+1, 6/51) Megadimension Neptunia VII (+1, 8/35) MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death (+3, 17/37) The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories (+2, 5/20) Musynx [PS4] (+3, 24/27) NEO: The World Ends With You (+2, 10/51) Nexomon: Extinction (+20, 47/57) Persona 5 Strikers (+13, 25/47) Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive (+7, 35/37) Rainbow Moon (+2, 44/53) Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne (New, +14, 14/33) Resogun (Vita) (New, +22, 22/34) Revenant Dogma (New, +10, 10/31) Severed (+4, 6/25) Shenmue III (+1, 6/64) Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster (New, +6, 6/37) Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut (New, +33, 33/51) Team Sonic Racing (+4, 33/52) Tetris Effect (+4, 31/43) Thumper (New, +2, 2/19) Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA (+2, 8/51)
  7. I think I will join as well. In the spirit of cleaning up as the topic title states, I'll try to start off with only lists that I've already started, with the following: The Caligula Effect (2.34%) - 6% complete Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (2.51%) - 91% complete Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord (2.74%) - 43% complete Dynasty Warriors 8 (2.96%) - 87% complete Yakuza 0 (4.20%) - 80% complete MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death (4.57%) - 25% complete Judgment (4.58%) - 52% complete Rainbow Moon (4.66%) - 68% complete Mind≒0 (4.75%) - 23% complete PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (4.96%) - 48% complete I think there's enough games to cleanup for two tiers, but I'll just stop here with these 10, and swap as necessary. Still working on a few of these as the year closes so if I do finish one of them I'll change it before the new year.
  8. 2nd DLC finished with the Frau pack in Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive. The other DLC pack in it will take a little bit more time since it requires to level a character up to level 99 instead of only 50 in the pack I finished. At least doing that will help me also finish the base game as well. 1. Plague Inc: Evolved - The Cure 2. Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive - Frau Pack
  9. I finally got... my first DLC pack done. 1. Plague Inc: Evolved - The Cure I will keep working at this for the rest of the month!
  10. Game #5 - Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne Time played: 3 hours Trophies: 4/33 (7% - E) That title is quite the mouthful. Also, unlike most games that are based on a licensed series that I've played for this topic series, I actually have watched some of this series unlike the other games! This game takes place right after the second arc of the series, so right after Episode 11 of the anime or Volume 3 of the light novel series. The main character, Subaru Natsuki, is a hikikomori that gets transported to a fantasy world after returning home from a convenience store. He finds out he has a mysterious power called "Return by Death" which allows him to be revived after dying to a point in the past to basically try again and change what happens. The basic part of the plot is that Emilia, the girl in the thumbnail above, is one of five candidates to take the throne of the kingdom that Subaru finds himself in. The game spins off here with a what-if scenario - a sixth candidate has emerged as a candidate for the throne as well, and the prophecy for the kingdom has already stated that only five candidates would be chosen. Subaru tasks himself with finding out which one of these candidates is the impostor to help the candidacy get under way and get Emilia to ascend to the throne. The game is mostly in visual novel format, with some choices that need to be made as the game progresses. All dialogue is voiced - in both Japanese and English, retaining all the voice actors that worked on the anime series. (Having watched the English dub from the beginning, I opted to stay with the English dub in the game as well.) The game has small adventure areas where you can run around and talk to NPCs or pick up items, but the main focus of the adventure areas are missions that come up every so often. These missions have various objectives and Subaru is tasked with collecting as much information in the adventure mode prior to the mission, and then making the correct decisions prior to the mission start. Most of the trophies depend on making the correct selections before actually proceeding with the mission. The first mission is a tutorial mission and the correct decisions are forced on you, and then it explores Subaru's Return by Death power by forcing you into a path that ends up with his death. It rewinds right back to the beginning of the mission and gives you full control after that. I'm saved right before the second mission - and considering it took three hours to reach that point, you can see how much of the game is the actual visual novel portion. Though that doesn't bother me, considering how many visual novels I already have on my profile. I'll be sure to play this over the rest of the month, so I'll probably finish it sometime in December. Starting completion: 75.03% Current completion: 74.63% Difference: -0.40% NEO: The World Ends With You - 8/51 (12% - E) Blue Reflection: Second Light - 18/49 (27% - D) Lost Judgment - 5/51 (6% - E) Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed - 6/55 (8% - E) The completion percentage stayed steady even with this addition and Resogun + Severed also being started during this time, thanks to Death Mark being fully completed and many trophies from MUSYNX, DJMAX Respect, and Croixleur Sigma making up the difference, among others. My final wrap-up isn't that big so I'll just have it here: Lost Judgment is definitely the best game of these five, though I'm putting it on hold until I platinum the first game in its series (9/10). Blue Reflection: Second Light is the second best, you can see above that I've gotten some additional trophies in it, though it requires a second play through (also, I missed something in one of the chapters) so it might not be finished too quickly (9/10). I definitely want to get back to NEO: The World Ends With You as well, given my earlier write-up on it in this topic (8/10). Though the first game to be completed of the five might just be Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- The Prophecy of the Throne - as the trophy guide states it's not that long at all (7/10). As for the last game, Akiba's Trip can stay in the garbage bin it was created in - I have no desire as of now to return to it at all (3/10). Thanks for the event and I'll be back in March!
  11. The Great TrueTrophies Score Challenge is fully underway, and here's the first real platinum I've done specifically for it. #219 Death Mark (Vita) This game is a short horror adventure game. It involves exploring multiple areas to save a number of protagonists from a curse that is known only as the Mark, given from various spirits in the game. I found it to be interesting enough to keep my attention, and I enjoyed my... eight hours with the game. I would have liked a few more chapters to go through before the ending happened (there's one additional DLC chapter, but it seems weird playing after how it ended). The platinum requires only story events, but you either need to do a second playthrough or keep separate saves as each chapter has two different endings depending on whether the spirit is either destroyed or saved based on the items you collect and use in the chapter. I used it mostly to get the 2000 trophy XP for the TrueTrophies bonus, chosen over some visual novels as those would give next to no points in the TT contest. It was still a nice surprise of a title, and I might check out the other game in its mini-series at some point. A lot of other random gains in other games accompany this platinum, as well as some games started for KYC. One game to note is Croixleur Sigma which had no updates in four years; I managed to find a tip that led me to get past the one roadblock trophy in that one. Not sure if I can get the platinum, but it's a lot closer now! The other game that received a huge boost is One Piece: Unlimited World Red where I finally pushed through to the end. No points to any guide I found because none of them ever told me how to unlock Chapter 5 and I had to figure it out myself. (You have to expand the town itself to unlock the later chapters.) Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed (New, +6, 6/55) Blue Reflection: Second Light (+14, 16/49) Croixleur Sigma (+8, 36/46) Lost Judgment (New, +5, 5/51) MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death (+4, 14/37) Musynx [PS4] (+2, 21/27) One Piece: Unlimited World Red (+15, 27/57) PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate (+1, 18/27) Rainbow Moon (+2, 42/53) Retro City Rampage (+3, 7/14) Severed (New, +2, 2/25) Yakuza 3 Remastered (+2, 21/50)
  12. Thanks @Spacey Dweeb for the badge and @blu3st4rdust305 for running the event! I'll be adding the badge to my trophy checklist as always.
  13. Game #4 - Akiba's Trip: Hellbound & Debriefed Time played: 3 hours Trophies: 6/55 (8% - E) Back in 2014, I played Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed after seeing it on XSEED's website at the time, and thought it might be a fun title to mess around with. I actually enjoyed it a lot, and have the platinum in the Vita version and played through the game a few times on the PS3 one. It was definitely an unknown game at the time, even without the first game coming over. Now the first game finally gets this remaster, though it really should have been remade instead. More on that in a minute. This game's story is pretty similar to the 2nd game. The protagonist gets attacked when in Akihabara, and becomes a "Shadow Soul" by pure chance, after an encounter with them. A mysterious government agency called NIRO recruits the protagonist to their cause against the Shadow Souls that are currently all over Akihabara. The protagonist and his friends, the Akiba Freedom Fighters (a different group than the ones in the sequel, but the same name) join up with NIRO to help save Akihabara from the Shadow Souls. While the story is similar, that's where the similarities end. The original game feels like a prototype of how Undead & Undressed felt, and the remaster does nothing to improve on basically anything besides upscaling the graphics... a bit, leaving it feeling like the PSP game that was released back in 2011. Combat is a chore - the same buttons attack the same parts of the body, for the head, for the chest, and for the legs - but the attack chains are so small and enemies are very good at dodging or guarding your attacks. This is also casual (normal) difficulty, so I can't even imagine what the other three difficulties are like. Undead & Undressed also developed many different moves for different weapons, however, I haven't seen many different movesets when changing weapons. Maybe this changes later instead of having all two-handed weapons being the same, and one-handed weapons having only two movesets total. I mentioned how the game may have upscaled the graphics a bit. I guess they did a bit of work, but the game looks worse than Undead & Undressed when it came out back in 2014, and there's really no excuse for this. There are several PSP games that have gotten more work than what we received. The game should have been remade to even look as well as Undead & Undressed, and that game even has a PS4 version they could have based it off of! In short, I'm glad we got the game released, but it's not a good game by any standards. I'm certainly not going to go back to it right after KYC is over, but maybe a few months down the road. The story and characters are somewhat more interesting if you can look past the outdated graphics and combat. Starting completion: 75.03% Current completion: 74.63% Difference: -0.40% NEO: The World Ends With You - 8/51 (12% - E) Blue Reflection: Second Light - 16/49 (24% - D) Lost Judgment - 5/51 (6% - E) A slightly higher drop as I also started Death Mark on the Vita which is much better than the game I wrote up in this post, and I'll be finishing it up sooner rather than later. I'm going on my vacation without my PS4/PS5 so I'll be back after Thanksgiving and will play and write-up my last game then.
  14. Game #3 - Lost Judgment Time played: 5 hours Trophies: 5/51 (6% - E) It seems that every Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio game I play ends up on a KYC list at some point in time, starting with Yakuza Kiwami back in KYC 5. While I haven't been impressed with some of the entries (like Yakuza 3) most of them have been pretty enjoyable games. So far, Lost Judgment falls into the latter category. Lost Judgment again stars lawyer turned detective Takayuki Yagami. In this title, Yagami takes his talents out to Isezaki Ijincho, the main city in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, to investigate a bullying case in Seiryo High School. His friends Fumiya Sugiura and Makoto Tsukumo have set up a new detective agency out in Isezaki Ijincho, and ask Yagami to help them with this large case. Of course, this bullying is only the tip of the iceberg to what has really happened around this school and Yagami is once again deep into another case that spans both his activities in this new city as well as Kamurocho. The true highlight of Lost Judgment over its other titles in the series is the combat, and even with the limited skills I have the combat is fantastic. Yagami's combat styles, now with a 3rd addition in Snake, all flow extremely well and make combat not a chore, but something that you really want to do more of. While some of the bosses are quite on the easy side even on Normal difficulty, the one I fought just before writing this up was probably the toughest one I had fought up to this point! I had to chug a Tauriner and span some EX Actions at the end to finish off his last health bar before he defeated Yagami. Once I do get enough skills I am very interested in how the combat will feel as continue through the storyline. The usual long list of completion makes its return here in Lost Judgment, and now with two cities to explore the list is now twice as long to finish. There seem to be less side cases than the previous game, but the new School Missions is new to this title - where Yagami helps the various clubs at Seiryo High School in different activities, such as the Dance club, which includes a new rhythm based minigame that takes the place of the Karaoke one that the Yakuza games have. With all the content added from these the total missions may be even longer in general. Also a nice addition is the removal of the missable trophies that were sprinkled throughout the original game's trophy list. Many of them were annoying, such as the one that required you to double your chips in gambling minigames. Especially since you couldn't do koi-koi (which is fun) or roulette (which could be done by saving/reloading). The story and characters of Lost Judgment are familiar if you've played the previous title. Yagami is always pressed towards the truth but is also sarcastic a lot, and the English VA does a great job of portraying his character. There are several moments that you just have to laugh at throughout the game. Kaito and Sugiura are also well done and I enjoy the dialogue between the three characters and Makoto, who is more of the straight man in this group. Like the previous games I've reviewed in this event, I don't recommend starting at this game if you want to jump into the series, but the game does seem to gloss over everything that happened in Judgment and don't mention it much. Anyway, that's more of a problem for Xbox One users who only have Lost Judgment while Judgment is only available on the Xbox Series for whatever reason. As for me, I think I will go back and finish Judgment instead of getting too far into this one - there's not much left in the original game that I still have to do. i do look forward to playing more of this, though! Starting completion: 75.03% Current completion: 74.87% Difference: -0.16% NEO: The World Ends With You - 8/51 (12% - E) Blue Reflection: Second Light - 16/49 (24% - D) Even a torrent of One Piece: Unlimited World Red trophies for a silly TrueTrophies challenge wasn't enough to stop a pretty decent drop in completion this time. Probably will not go much farther down though. Next up is Akiba's Trip, and then the Re:Zero game after my vacation.
  15. Game #2 - Blue Reflection: Second Light Time played: 12 hours Trophies: 16/49 (24% - D) Way back in Kill Your Completion V, I played the first Blue Reflection and enjoyed it enough, but was disappointed with a bit of it, namely the extremely low difficulty (even on Hard) and the instant bonds that the game had. So far, the sequel seems to fix both of those problems, which is always welcome. The main character in this game is Ao Hoshizaki, a high school student who failed her final exams and was on her way to supplementary lessons when she suddenly finds herself in an isolated school surrounded by water on all sides, with three other girls with amnesia currently living in the school as well. One day after she arrives, a new path opens up in the area to a place called the Faraway - which shows up as a forest-like area with various structures and demons lurking throughout the open areas. Ao and two of the other girls in the school are able to transform into Reflectors, the magical girls from the previous games, to be able to fight the demons in this area. The Faraway seems to be connected to the amnesia that the other girls there have, so they continue to explore the area in search of the missing memories. So far after playing through the prologue and four chapters of the game, I've been impressed with the new battle system so far - it's still turn-based, but there's been a lot of additions to keep it interesting. Actions taken in battle now raises a character's ether gauge, which allows you to take multiple actions in a turn (but wait longer) or be able to use more powerful attacks in the character's arsenal. Successful hits on an enemy also powers up a combo gauge on the right side which multiplies successive attacks on an enemy - in the last boss it was somewhere in the 30s and had a damage multiplier of x6.75 applied to the last attack on it. These additions combined greatly speed up regular encounters and make boss fights a little more strategic in nature, as the bosses also have the same ether gauge that they are also charging up to use similar, more powerful attacks. Besides the three characters who are fighting, you also have one support character who uses a number of skills to support the party and can use items if needed. They, however, are technically not participating in the battle so they have a separate timer they run on - which may be problematic if you need an item used immediately! While the game is set to easy or normal (you can't choose hard difficulty from the beginning), I have had some battles where a character did take enough damage to actually call the game more challenging. It's still an easy game on normal difficulty, but not as easy as the original game on hard difficulty, so the balance is fixed to be a bit better overall. The crafting system, which was very bare-bones in the original game, is now reworked and has both food items (which can be used as above) and materials to make. These materials can be further processed into various buildings and other facilities on the school grounds, such as vending machines, a small garden, and even a takoyaki stand, to name a few. These facilities not only provide items if interacted with, but also boost the stats of your characters while exploring. The bond system from the previous game has been reworked into a date system, where Ao and one of the other characters head to a certain facility or room in the school and talk about something while they are in the area. These reward fragments, which can be equipped to your characters for stat boosts or other boosts, such as raising EXP. Most of these are locked and open up as the game progresses or facilities are created, so they can follow the storyline instead of being completely independent from it - a welcome change. While playing the original Blue Reflection is not really required to play this one, you should know that a few of the characters from that game also show up in this one, so if you are interested in playing this one it might be best to check out that game for the first part of the story, as easy as it is. The game does try to explain most of the events that happened in it but in my opinion doesn't really do a very good job of this. My only main complaint are the stealth missions - I don't play many stealth video games besides like Ghost of Tsushima where losing stealth basically means kill everything, which isn't an option here. There aren't many of them, thankfully, but some are just annoyingly stupid to trek through. One sidequest had me going across a river into full view of an enemy patrol with no cover to stop it. Because of this, I ran into the patrol multiple times before timing it at the exact point the game wants you to land, which was very small. I'm hoping there are not too many stealth missions ahead, but there probably is. Also, I can't believe the game teased at playing OVERDOSE, the battle theme from the first game, multiple times, limiting it only to a handful of event scenes! The new battle theme isn't anywhere as good as that one, unfortunately. Starting completion: 75.03% Current completion: 74.98% Difference: -0.05% NEO: The World Ends With You - 8/51 (12% - E) Again, not much of a drop, with London Detective Mysteria's platinum in the books and 24% of this game finished. The current TrueTrophies bonus in GTTSC will probably make me play Lost Judgment next (while Blue Reflection did the work on the other bonus), then Akiba's Trip for the last game before my vacation starts next Sunday.