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  1. It says Soon on your profile for your leaderboard rank, so you'll be added back in on the next update.
  2. Oh, I didn't notice this topic. I will join, I have the platinum in Memories of Celceta and I've started both Lacrimosa of Dana (Vita) and Origin (PS4). For the Celceta emblem I'll take Calilica, it surprised me but I had more fun playing as her than any of the other characters.
  3. Game #2 - Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Trophies: 19/51 (28% - D) Play Time: 3 hours Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal is a 3D remake of Senran Kagura Burst, a sidescroller game for the 3DS (which in turn was an updated rerelease of the first Senran Kagura game that only came out in Japan). Chronologically, it's the first game in the series, starting off with just the Hanzo students and Homura's Crimson Squad before their expulsion from Hebijo. Back when this game released the 3DS had the more story-heavy Senran Kagura games rather than what the Vita tended to have, so the tone in the storyline for this one is a little more serious than previous games. I hope they also remake Deep Crimson at some point as well, but who knows. It's also nice to finally have a physical copy of this game, as the original 3DS release was digital-only and never saw a physical release. Anyway, the transition to 3D makes it most similar to Shinovi Versus. Aerial raves, successful burst attacks, and ninja arts are the key to getting the most out of this battle system, and really only the 3* difficulty is any challenging. The guide on thought you shouldn't fight the first "secret" enemy when you reach him the first time - still beat him on 2* difficulty despite being low on health after the fight. I could see the reasoning but the enemy could be easily comboed to death. The only challenging 2* fights are the ones against enemy shinobi, and so far there's just been Asuka vs. Homura and 2 Yagyu vs. Hibari fights. It makes sense story-wise, don't worry. The first chapter of Hanzo's story has the five students going through some basic training exercises and enjoying their life as shinobi students. At the end of the chapter, though, the Hebijo group shows up at Hanzo Academy and challenges them to a fight. Asuka fights Homura and Katsuragi fights Hikage, and both Hanzo students lose horribly. Chapter two starts with the Hanzo students going through more training for when Hebijo returns. Pretty standard fare so far, though having played the 3DS version I know how the story plays out already. The Hebijo story line is definitely the more exciting and well-developed of the two routes in that version, so I expect the same here. There's not much else to say about this game other than the above. I got 19 trophies in 3 hours, including all the Dressing Room ones early on so I wouldn't have to go back there. Judging by the trophy list I should have almost all of the trophies by the time I finish both story lines. I estimate that it shouldn't take more than 15-20 hours to platinum, but that will have to wait. Starting completion: 69.87% Current completion: 69.65% Difference: -0.22% Yakuza 0: 8/55 (11% - E) Another 0.11% drop. Because of the large amount of trophies I managed to collect in this one (plus some Jump Force trophies in the middle there), my completion did not decrease as much as it could have. Still, they were all bronze trophies so it still fell a good amount. Next up, the game I said I was going to play first originally before I decided to play Yakuza 0 instead. It's time for South Park and its Fractured But Whole.
  4. The ending date is actually March 29th, the PS+ deal is the only one that ends on the 26th
  5. Game #1 - Yakuza 0 Trophies: 8/55 (11% - E) Play Time: 6 hours After playing Yakuza Kiwami 2 during last KYC and beating it during the last few months, I decided to finally go back to Yakuza 0 and start that before I head onwards - and more importantly, get some backstory into the Kiwami games as Majima's story in Kiwami 2 draws from his storyline in 0. Anyway, Yakuza 0 follows two protagonists - Kazuma Kiryu, the lead character of the other games in the series, and Goro Majima, a minor but important character in those games as well. The setting is 1988, seven years before the beginning of Kiryu's story in the first game. Unlike the previous games, Kiryu is just a low-ranked yakuza. He gets framed for a murder he did not commit in a highly contested piece of land in Kamurocho, and it's up to him to clear his name. Meanwhile, over in Sotenbori, Majima is the manager of a thriving cabaret club known as the Grand. He regards it as a prison, as he works there trying to make enough money to become a yakuza again. Unlike Kiwami and Kiwami 2, 0 throws you into the action very fast and has the best first chapter of them all, which really sets the story as the main focus. There are many more cutscenes in this game's chapters than those other two games, and even though the story was not my focus in previous games it's definitely welcome here. Having played Kiwami and Kiwami 2, I'm quite familiar with the layout of both cities and can find my way easily. Though, the lack of the Millennium Tower is definitely something I'll need to get used to as it just seems... odd, to say the least. Several shops are obviously not present or just not open at this time, which adds to the difficulty a bit, but many of the shops are places I've committed to memory, like Don Quixote or Smile Burger. The combat system makes a welcome return from Kiwami, though this game actually came first so it might be the other way around. Kiryu can fight with the Brawler, Rush and Beast styles, while Majima has the Thug and Slugger styles. I assume there are more for both of them, but that's all I've unlocked so far as of the beginning of Chapter 4. Having the multiple styles again makes the combat feel fresh as you can switch styles to use different movesets depending on it. I'm not much of a fan of Majima's Slugger style, but I suppose I'll get used to it eventually, and I have a feeling I'll need it at some point. Unlike the other games, this game is fueled entirely with money. You get yen from doing basically anything, including beating up enemies and clearing chapters. Yen is used to unlock new abilities for both characters, as well as for many other tasks between the two. No experience points required this time around. You can get bonuses in battle for fulfilling certain tasks - I was racking up five bonuses on some enemies and turning a regular three thug battle into 500,000 yen. That's a lot... in most Yakuza games. Not here, though. Skills past the first circle cost 2,000,000 yen each, so I assume it will only keep increasing from that. I have only done a few substories at the moment. The game has up to 100, much more than either Kiwami or Kiwami 2, 60 for Kiryu and 40 for Majima. A lot of the storylines in some of these are very well-written from what I've seen so far, though the ones where you just to talk to a sales clerk don't really seem like they warrant a +1 for substories. I assume they eventually lead to something bigger, but eh. The actual ones are much more exciting. Regardless, like the previous two Yakuza games I've played for KYC I will definitely keep playing this after the event, and hopefully head towards the platinum. I hear there's a car chase in it though, which already scares me from my Kiwami platinum attempt, which did not work out very well. Starting completion: 69.87% Current completion: 69.76% Difference: -0.11% Not too much of a starting drop, as I pushed Jump Force to the end of its story mode, getting up to 70% completion in the process, as well as obtaining some miscellaneous trophies in Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds. I'll be playing both for the 10 Things I Hate About Games event but I don't expect either to increase the completion too much. Also decreasing my completion is a new DLC pack for DJMAX Respect being pushed out last week, and I'll probably be purchasing that one soon. Doesn't look like there were any easy trophies on a quick glance but I could be completely wrong. Next stop is to the shinobi school with Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal. I played and beat the original game on the 3DS (both stories) so I'm interested on how the game translates from a 2D sidescroller to a 3D plane, as well as if any changes were made to the overall story. Should be interesting enough!
  6. I have also been extremely busy last week and over the weekend, only getting to play my first game for less than three hours so far. I definitely will have time tonight so I'll post a review on that one, and with 20 days left in the month I'll modify my schedule to play the other 4 games for 5 days each, which should be fine.
  7. Doesn't look like I'll be getting any additional trophies tonight, so my starting stats are the following: Games played: 330 Games completed: 188 Completion %: 69.87% Unearned trophies: 2,898 Probably will start off with South Park tomorrow. Had a friend choose my first game out of the list.
  8. Guess that this isn't the only trophy that pops early - Perfectionism now pops upon completing the game and earning Escape from the Demonsphere. Judging by the people who have unlocked it recently it's happening to everyone.
  9. I actually looked up Tacoma and found out that it is a one hour platinum and not at all useful for an event that is designed to lower completion, so I'll be switching that one out. Might just play through it tonight. New list: Marvel's Spider-Man Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal South Park: The Fractured But Whole Warriors Orochi 4 Yakuza 0
  10. Time to finish off another one of Lightwood Games' titles (though another one just popped up on PSNProfiles' scan, so I'll have another to go through) #115 Word Search by POWGI [PS4] Played the Vita version earlier in 2018, and then started this for the TrueTrophies Twelve Days of Christmas 2018 challenge because I needed a few trophies that were exactly 12 characters long and this game had a good five of them, so it was a good boost. I actually miss the silly puns this game has - the other POWGI games are much more boring without them. No other trophies. Guess I was wrong on my prediction above, oh well! I'll try to collect some more trophies next update.
  11. I forgot about this topic, but I can now update to 24/27 and move up to Beta Collector. New letters in bold, changed games in italics. # - 428: Shibuya Scramble A - Atelier Escha & Logy Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky B - Blue Reflection C - Cosmic Star Heroine D - Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth E - Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest F - Final Fantasy XIII G - Gravity Rush H - Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd I - IA/VT Colorful J K L - Life is Strange M - Muv-Luv Alternative N - NieR O - One Word by POWGI P - Persona 5 Q R - Rocket League S - SSX T - Tales of Xillia U - Until Dawn V - Virtue's Last Reward W - Wheels of Aurelia X - XBlaze Code: Embryo Y - Ys: Memories of Celceta Z - Zero Time Dilemma
  12. I still haven't fully recovered from the last event (though there's a few more days left in February) but I'll still join. Because of that, I'll only sign up with 5 games this time. Marvel's Spider-Man Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal Tacoma Warriors Orochi 4 Yakuza 0
  13. Time for another DOUBLE UPDATE! #113 Reverie Reverie is a game that crosses a story based on a New Zealand legend, the combat and dungeon style of the GBC Zelda titles, and the art style of EarthBound, and makes it work very well. You play as Tai, a young boy who is on vacation on Toromi Island, a small fictional island in New Zealand. A number of restless spirits threaten to destroy the island, and your job is to quell the spirits and save its inhabitants. The game features five dungeons (and one bonus dungeon, but it's all combat) with some interesting puzzles, especially in the final dungeon. Some of the puzzles in the final dungeon are definitely on par with some of the hard ones in Oracle of Ages, which is a nice surprise to its difficulty (sadly, the other four dungeons don't have much in the way of interesting puzzles). Though with only the five dungeons available, it's over in quite a flash and there's not too much of a world map to explore - the world map hides its collectibles well, but there's not many places for them to be with the game's size. I still enjoyed my time with it and am now looking forward to the remake of Link's Awakening that was announced recently. #114 Pic-A-Pix Pieces It's an expanded version of the other Picross game I played on the Vita last year, called Pic-a-Pix Color. This one has you completing multiple puzzles (6, 12 or 24) to create a single picture. Still a lot of fun, like most Picross games, but I have the same problem as I do with Pic-a-Pix Color - the colors added to the puzzle make it far too easy compared to a regular picross puzzle. However, the amount of content in this one is massive and will keep you entertained for a while - at least 30 hours of picross solving and is definitely worth the $8 price tag. Of course, since it's only been a day since I popped the last two platinum trophies there's obviously nothing else earned trophy-wise besides finishing the two games above. That will probably change by the time I get my next platinum!
  14. Now that the Vita event completions are in, I can make an update here. In fact, all of the games I played for the event can fit in Unpopular, but I had to choose one of them. Still plenty of time to go to get through the other categories. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ One Word by POWGI (NA Vita) 96.11% Ultra Rare Completion % Platinum-Less Unpopular Fill-A-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure (NA Vita) 154 Owners DLC DLC Pack # / Name Difficulty Trophy Name(s) Speed Run Trophy Name(s) MP Trophy Name(s) Peripherals Peripheral Used Bad Rep Metascore or User Score
  15. I did manage to finish both Reverie and Pic-a-Pix Pieces by the deadline. Just synced in the latter a few minutes ago.