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  1. I'd like to join. Please add me to the waiting list.
  2. Challenge 7 done. Common - Let's Find That Mystery (Touhou Genso Wanderer) Uncommon - Strategic Retreat (Touhou Genso Wanderer) Rare - Architect (Tricky Towers) Very Rare - Green fingers (Tricky Towers) Ultra Rare - Brick stacker (Tricky Towers)
  3. Pushed through a bit of Touhou Genso Wanderer, so here's my mini-review of that game. Touhou Genso Wanderer is a roguelike taking place in the ever-expanding Touhou universe. I am told that it includes characters up to the 14th mainline Touhou game. At the beginning, Reimu Hakurei is visiting Rinnosuke's shop. Rinnosuke is examining a golden sphere as he talks with Reimu, and it then gets dropped on the floor when Reimu tries to touch it herself. When Rinnosuke retrieves the sphere, he attacks Reimu, who teleports out to avoid being defeated. On her way back to the shrine, she meets a self-proclaimed sage named Futo, who decides to follow her and help with the incident. As a roguelike, it's pretty basic. You have the Hakurei Shrine as a central hub for storage and training dungeons. Reimu and Futo start every dungeon at level one, and try to get through as many levels of the dungeon before either dying, using an escape item, or completing the dungeon. One difference in this game is equipment that levels up, gaining EXP just as the characters do. Since these items can be taken between dungeons, they're a useful way to boost your stats before entering a dungeon. A Touhou game would not be complete without bullets, and Reimu can use danmaku to use various bullet attacks to defeat enemies. These range from just throwing one at the nearest enemy or using a number of them to attack all enemies around her. She can carry up to 30 at a time, while starting at 1 when entering a dungeon and getting more from defeating enemies. They can also be found as a random item. So far, I've made it past the Yokai village found at level 7 of the first dungeon. There was a lot of dialogue there with all the shops available in the area and introducing the characters in the village. While I do think I'll come back to this at some point, I'm still in the middle of my Sorcery Saga platinum run so I think I'll finish that before going too far into another roguelike. Since I said I'd play Yakuza Kiwami and then didn't, I'll try to do it for my next game. Completion stats: Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers - 7/44 - 11% Blue Reflection: 7/47 - 10% Touhou Genso Wanderer: 5/43 - 7% Completion % at beginning of event : 71.13% Current completion % : 70.36% Difference: -0.77% I finally got to finishing the story of Danganronpa V3, which was amazing as the previous entries. I also completed Race the Sun using the void glitch. Not too many trophies from that, but it made sure the completion % didn't drop too much. That might change over the next few days, though.
  4. 6th challenge complete. Oh Boys and Girls (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale) Master Silencer (Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony) A primer of creation (Blue Reflection) New Kid on Campus (Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony)
  5. This screenshot shows the same problem that the OP described in his post, so it isn't anything on his end.
  6. OK, finished challenge 5 as well.
  7. I was going to play more of it today, but I didn't feel like it, so here's my mini-review of Game #2, Blue Reflection: You play as Hinako Shirai, a high school student who enrolls at Hoshinomiya Girls' High School. Prior to the game's events, Hinako was an accomplished ballet dancer whose career came to an end after she injured her knee and was told that she could not perform anymore. After a few events, she becomes a Reflector, a magical girl tasked with not only helping others balance their emotions, but also protect the world from a greater threat that is coming. I've only made it through chapter 3, but I've faced the first real boss, experienced a few missions, and did a few bond events. My first thought: the game is very easy. I am playing on Hard mode, and I haven't felt threatened at all in any battle, including the one boss fight. Mainly, I think having moves that delay enemy turns on all three playable characters is a bizarre move, and it expands to having AoE effect skills that delay enemies. Guess what move I used a lot against the boss and his body parts. And just to make the game even easier to break in two, you can take multiple turns in battle by using an overdrive gauge. This probably is why I didn't feel like playing it today - I'm not getting much enjoyment out of a game when it's this easy. In other parts, though, the game looks great; the areas of the Common (the parts that correspond to people's emotions) are amazing to look at, and the character models are all great as well. It truly makes use of the PS4's graphic abilities, more than most games I've played on the system. I'm also a big fan of the battle theme. The missions are hit and miss so far - they let you go to some areas again but there's little to do and the rewards are pretty minimal. Since enemies only drop items and there's no exp (you level up by going through the main storyline and strengthening bonds), it seems like additional easy battles that don't really add much. Speaking of those bonds, there's no limit on how much you can get after finishing a certain chapter, so you can just hang out with them a few in-game days and bam, instant Social Link 10... wait, wrong game. Each side character has a bond episode that needs to be unlocked for the platinum when they hit maximum. Anyway, I feel the game has a lot of nice ideas, but poor execution makes it a very flawed game. I'll probably see it through to see the rest of the areas and character interaction, at the very least. Next game will be Yakuza Kiwami. Completion stats: Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers - 7/44 - 11% Blue Reflection: 5/47 - 7% Completion % at beginning of event : 71.13% Current completion % : 70.53% Difference: -0.60% I threw Amnesia Collection on my trophy list as well due to another event, so even with the Everybody's Golf platinum I got my completion rate is heading downwards still.
  8. This challenge would come up after I got five gold trophies in the past 3 days. Oh well, I'll try to figure out something for this.
  9. I jumped on the Amnesia Collection trophy hunt and also got the Alchemist trophy.
  10. Weeblympic #1: Everybody's Golf (PS4) Just in time since it's at 5.28% now and four people other than myself have gotten it today, so it's only going to keep increasing. I definitely enjoyed it but the grind at the end was a bit annoying, and waiting for revenge VS characters took much more time than I wanted since it's tied to a real-time clock. Speaking of which, if you haven't started looking for them by now, don't bother starting since you won't be able to finish it before it hits 5.5%. It takes 18 days to find them all and there's no way to speed it up.
  11. Looks like it's been a few weeks since my last update. The delay was this: #76 Everybody's Golf (PS4) Fun stuff! Sadly the rarity went way up as I was challenging all the revenge VS characters so it's only a VR platinum now. It's an enjoyable golf game through the five in-game courses, though it takes quite a while to get going and locks you to the first course for the first 5-10 hours. The platinum attaches a little grind with requirements consisting of 120 challenge tournaments, filling out the entire gallery, and completing the fish encyclopedia. The hardest part is getting all three condors (hole-in-one on a par 5), but it's more of a waiting game for the right conditions on a certain hole online. It took a few hours to grab all three under the ideal conditions. I'm interested in where Clap Hanz goes from here because the game has some problems that haven't been fixed and this game seems pretty expansive from their past titles. I also got 100% in Mahjong Royal Towers. This game doesn't deserve more than an additional sentence, so there you go. Since that's a big update already, I'll just throw all the other trophy updates down here. They'll be added to the first post eventually. Arcade Game Series: Galaga (New, +6, 6/21) Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (+3, 15/41) Dynasty Warriors Godseekers (New, +7, 7/44) Rocket League (+1, 59/82) Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash (+4, 6/50) Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God (+1, 28/34) Tricky Towers (+2, 9/30)
  12. It's taken a few weeks but I'm finally going to wrap up the revenge VS characters in Everybody's Golf - and it's about time since the platinum rarity has gone up to 5.27% and has been steadily going up in % lately. After that last VS character I just have to grind challenge tournaments to fill the gallery and challenge the last two secret VS characters. I'm somewhere in the mid 70s so I'll probably need around 45 more. The gallery should be filled before I hit 120, I would think.
  13. Challenge 3 finished.