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  1. OK Old PSN: Articuno2001 New PSN: ArcticCress
  2. Don't listen to this guy. This was a bug that happened in the early days of the PS4, and should be lifted. It was before there were any cheating tools for the system itself. Several flags were lifted because of this bug.
  3. Considering the recently released PS4 port of Trails of Cold Steel (and looks like Cold Steel II will follow suit) also shares a list with the original PS3/Vita list, it might just be something that Falcom does. Don't understand why Ys Origin has separate lists though (Tokyo Xanadu and Ys VIII have enough differences between the PS4/Vita content to warrant different lists).
  4. The last trophy you earned in Silent Hill Downpour is No Turning Back, which was over 11 hours after you got the platinum.
  5. I have not yet completed Sly 2. It is still at 13/36.
  6. Started this on my vacation because I wanted something else to play, and it didn't take long to finish. #120 Pic-a-Pix Classic Instead of the other games in the series (Color and Deluxe), there's no gimmicks here and just 150 basic picross puzzles ranging from 5x5 to 30x20. It was on sale for $4 on PSN so I decided to pick it up. Not much else to say about it! I haven't played a variety of games like usual, and instead focused on a small amount of games during the month, including the game above. Also, no other games started besides the one above. Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition (+18, 48/81) DJMAX Respect (+2, 56/90) Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure [PS4] (+3, 20/30) Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds (+12, 18/36) One of these will be my next platinum, depending on when my four player co-op run group in Borderlands gets together again. It'll be Hakuoki if that doesn't happen soon.
  7. I'll be completely honest, I see nothing wrong with this list at all. What's the reason for your flag?
  8. Even if DMC 5 is flagged incorrectly, it barely matters as he's pretty much cheated every game on his account and already has three correct flags in the Uncharteds and Monster Hunter World. I could report his Persona 5 and Yakuza Kiwami lists as they're both definitely cheated as well, but there's really no point.
  9. New update. 6. Get a trophy from a game that is released in the month May (Doesn’t matter which year) - Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds - Souji Whiz 13. Get a trophy that has all the letters M O U S E in the trophy name - Pic-A-Pix Classic - Casual Completionist 24. Get a trophy that has all the letters T H R O N E S in the trophy name - Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds - Aren't You a Little Short for a Samurai? 25. Get a trophy that is labelled with the theme Fantasy in PSNP - Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds - Okie-ta Dokie-ta 28. Get 3 trophies that all start with the same letter (all 3 trophies must be locked in for this challenge) - Pic-A-Pix Classic - Casual Puzzler; Casual Smarty Pants; Casual Perfectionist 35. Get a trophy from a game that is part of a franchise that is at least 10 years old - Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds - Saito For Sore Eyes 36. Get a trophy where the first letter of the trophy name is the same as the first letter of your PSN username - Pic-A-Pix Classic - Adept Puzzler If my count is correct I have completed 19 challenges so far.
  10. Here's the next five. 9. Get a trophy from a game where the platinum trophy takes more than a day to achieve - Borderlands - Fully Loaded 18. Get a trophy that has all the letters S O N I C in the trophy name - Borderlands - Discovered Eridian Promontory 20. Get a trophy that has all the letters A L A D D I N in the trophy name - Borderlands - Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave 26. Get a trophy that has a punctuation mark in the trophy name ( ! ? - . ‘) - Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds - Just a Small-Town boy... 31. Get a trophy from a game released in 2017 - Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds - You Can't Sit With Us
  11. I completed Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal a few days ago. One thing I'm surprised about is there are less free missions overall compared to the 3DS game, which is a very strange design choice. Also, the endgame missions have been changed a bit, but they're also easier as well. Burst is still my favorite Senran Kagura game, and the remake is a good one but it's not quite at that level. I did recover my completion % of the small drop from this KYC. However, I'm still a way off from recovering from KYC 8, which had my starting % at 70.70%. That will be a difficult one to crack, but I should be able to make it provided that I don't start too many games over the next two months. Thinking of going through Hakuoki next, as a lot of trophies from that fit in to the categories in the May Trophies for Trophy Hunting event.
  12. A little delayed start, but I've got my first update ready. 4. Get a trophy from a game where you can play as a female character - Borderlands - Master Exploder 8. Get a trophy from a game in your favorite genre - DJMAX Respect - DJMAX GRAND MASTER 10. Get a trophy that has all the letters G E M I N I in the trophy name - Borderlands - Pandora-dog Millionaire 21. Get a trophy that has all the letters D E S E R T in the trophy name - Borderlands - Discovered Trash Coast 27. Get a trophy that has a number in the trophy name - Borderlands - 12 Days of Pandora 29. Get a trophy from a game that you started between January and April 2019 - Borderlands - Face Melter 30. Get a trophy from a DLC pack - DJMAX Respect - Plate Villain
  13. I changed my PSN name. See my signature.
  14. Okami HD is correctly flagged, you entered the final dungeon before unlocking a huge amount of story-related trophies beforehand, which is impossible. Also flags persist even when hidden, so your LBP2 will retain its flag.
  15. Edith Finch is an excellent game. One of the best released in its year. Hope anyone playing it for the first time enjoys it as much as I did. I'll try Overcooked some time down the road, probably not this month though.