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  1. The third one coming out next year is actually a remake of the first game in the series (before either Mask of Deception or Mask of Truth), so I've been waiting for that one to come out before I start any of the games. Also, similar to you I've heard many good things about the series as well.
  2. Man, Crazy Chocobo is one of my favorite tracks in FFXIII-2. It's so ridiculous.
  3. Game #4 - The Silver Case HD Time played: 4.5 hours Trophies: 6/26 (11% - E) I went from one visual novel to another and I feel that the two games could not be more different. The Silver Case is one of Goichi Suda's early games that he directed and co-wrote. You may know him better as Suda51, known for game such as killer7 and the No More Heroes series. The game has you control a self-insert character that you name (though one of the characters gives you the nickname "Big Dick"). Through a set of bizarre murders, you eventually become a part of the 24th Precinct, helping the detectives with certain cases. While most of the scenes in-game are text only, there are several cutscenes and exploration parts where you must explore an area to continue the game. However, the exploration can get a bit clunky as the interface was seemingly not updated at all from its original release way back in 1999, so the adventure sequences just feel awkward and difficult to navigate at times. The game has updated many of its in-game portraits and textures, but some of it still looks like it stepped out of the PS1, like the building in case #0. There are also some live-action cutscenes that pop up at certain points, but they aren't utilized as much as you would expect. So far, I've finished the first two cases, case #0 Lunatics and case #1 Decoyman. It seems, through what I've played, that everything seems to have been resolved overall between the two cases. Of course, with another chapter being unlocked, that is obviously not the case for the entire game, but the ending for case #1 did seem to wrap up everything by the end of it. I've also unlocked the first Placebo chapter, where you take control of a reporter who covers the investigation in each case, excluding case #0. Obviously the story is the highlight here, as is with most visual novels, and this one seems to be interesting enough to keep heading forward. Another thing that really sets this apart is the music; it really sets up each scene pretty well and is definitely one of the highlights of this game. I'm definitely interested in continuing this further as I really like mystery-based visual novels, despite the lackluster graphics and gameplay. There's even settings that let you restore some of the graphics and other things to the original PS1 effects, and playing through a full case like this is required for one of the trophies. I'll probably do that after I've finished all of them. Starting completion %: 71.51% Current completion %: 70.97% Difference: -0.54% Mary Skelter: Nightmares - 10/34 (14% - D) Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll - 2/42 (2% - E) [Apex Legends - 3/12 (15% - D)] Nurse Love Addiction - 16/25 (56% - C) My completion percentage only went down 0.04% due to the fact that I actually got more invested into Nurse Love Addiction the more I pushed through it. I will amend my earlier review later on, but it definitely gets better as you explore the actual routes rather than just the normal ending where nothing happens, so that's an improvement. I also did finish Fill-a-Pix as well to push that out of the way. I did say I would play Fate/extella link in my last post, right? Maybe that's next. There's only one game that's a download left, so I'm going to have to go through these physical copies sooner or later.
  4. Here's a KYC 9 completion to continue the month. Noted it back in my last post as one game that was approaching the end, and it didn't take too long. #126 Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure [PS4] I have nothing else to say besides the fact that the PS4 version is definitely the better version for giving you a more expanded viewpoint on the puzzle, which on average made me take less time on each puzzle than I did on the Vita version. Seems like an odd design choice, as when you remote play the title on the Vita, the puzzle is still easily readable from that view. Still an enjoyable game with plenty of puzzles to keep one busy for around twenty-five hours. KYC 10 started, so my completion rate has taken a hit thanks to Mary Skelter: Nightmares (in the previous update), Nurse Love Addiction, and Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll. Apex Legends also snuck in there as well with a few trophies. Apex Legends (New, +3, 3/12) Guacamelee! (+2, 42/61) Nurse Love Addiction (New, +13, 13/25) Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll (New, +2, 2/42) Guacamelee! is a streak extender at this point. I won't be playing that any more, just logged in a few trophies for now from the DLC packs. As for the others, after finishing a true route in Nurse Love Addiction I'm focused on finishing that by the end of the month, and Apex will be played on occasion. Not too fond of Trinity though, but it seems like an easy completion overall once I get the hang of the combat (and camera issues).
  5. Another game finished, not much to talk about since I've already finished it on another platform. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure [NA PS4] (7935) 6 - 7 - Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (8127) 8 - 9 - Nothing too interesting otherwise, other than the fact that I finally have no unfinished Lightwood Games titles on my trophy list anymore. Onto the next completion!
  6. Game #3 - Nurse Love Addiction Playtime: 7 hours Trophies: 9/25 (14% - E) I decided, before I was going to post a review here, that I would try to get at least one ending before posting my review. However, I got the normal ending where nothing happens and there are many events left unresolved. Oh well. Anyway, Nurse Love Addiction is a visual novel about Asuka Odachi, a first-year nursing student. She started nursing due to the fact that she had written in an old picture book that she wanted to become a nurse when she grew up. Also attending the school in her first-year class is Nao Odachi, her younger sister; Sakuya Takeda, a girl from a high-class family; and Itsuki Amato, Sakuya's girlfriend who is both intelligent and an avid video game player. Kaede Ohara, their homeroom teacher, also plays a role in the story. With all the main characters being female, you could probably guess that this is a yuri visual novel just from that. From what I've played, nothing has really come up much. There's been some surprising scenes, like the rooftop event, and some hilarious ones, like the cosplay event, but otherwise, it's been more of a tease with no resolutions. I will have to go and get the other endings to really figure out anything, I think. Because of this, I don't exactly have a favorable opinion on this game yet. It'll take a little more time, and with no other Vita games in my KYC pool I might throw a few more hours into this over the rest of the month. Hopefully that will explain things a bit more. Unfortunately, even after spending more time on this than the rest of the game so far, there's unfortunately not much to say on this. Onto the next game! Starting completion %: 71.51% Current completion %: 71.01% Difference: -0.50% Mary Skelter: Nightmares - 10/34 (14% - D) Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll - 2/42 (2% - E) [Apex Legends - 2/12 (10% - D)] Not much else to say, other than the fact that I might finish up Fill-a-Pix's PS4 version soon as I'm one trophy away. Other than that, as said above, the rest of the games on my KYC list are on the two consoles. Probably will begin Fate/extella link next!
  7. Using a save file to pop trophies that are unobtainable after a certain date is against the leaderboard rules. Real World Winner was unobtainable past June 2009. You can hide the game to return to the leaderboards.
  8. My NA PSN copy of Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll loaded up what is flagged as the JP version of the trophy list, so that's probably incorrect. Most likely a shared JP/NA list, given the amount of players from both regions on its leaderboard.
  9. Game #2 - Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll Time played: 4 hours Trophies: 2/42 (2% - E) I wanted to get a few games in for my old PS3 in this event, and this was one that's been on my PS3 hard drive for who knows how long. It's been long enough that I no longer remember when or why I bought this in the first place. So I started this, and I get a message on PSN sometime later: "Now that's a true RPG turd you dug out." That was an interesting start already. Anyway, Trinity Souls of Zill O'll stars Areus, a half-elf who fled his destroyed kingdom. Many years ago it was fated that the emperor would die by his grandson's hand, so the emperor had his pregnant daughter killed and invaded the kingdom his son was ruling, and killed him as well. Areus manages to escape, become a gladiator, and planned to take revenge. He is eventually joined by two adventurers during his travels, Dagda and Selene, who have their own agendas to fulfill as well. Trinity is developed by Omega Force, the developers of the Warriors series, and if you know those games pretty well this game will feel somewhat similar. Lots of enemies to fight, similar combo button presses. However, this game is an action RPG instead, so we're treated to... a lot of boring repeatable quests and a very stubborn camera that can't get out of it's own way. I had a battle against three trolls in the final floor of a cave, and they love to charge which made the camera start spinning due to the thin corridor I was in. That's easily been the most challenging part of any quest so far, and not because of the game mechanics themselves. Equipment-wise there are four slots, and you try to make the numbers go up. Some equipment have other abilities attached to them. You gain new skills by either leveling up or by purchasing skill scrolls. Each skill can be attached to the , , and buttons and you can have two sets of skills that can be swapped at any time. Well, what else? The English voice acting is all right. Dagda really steals the show here, having a very good casting choice for him. Unfortunately, cutscenes are rare and much of the dialogue is done through unvoiced visual novel-like scenes. Some of the graphics look like they were made on a PS2, which might not be too far off as this game was made before the PS3 really took off anywhere. I was going to say that Omega Force should just stick to Warriors games but then remembered Dynasty Warriors 9 and that also flew out the window. However the One Piece Warriors games were good and I heard we're getting Pirate Warriors 4, so that's a plus. I have yet to finish Chapter 1 in this game though, but I probably won't be going back to it anytime soon. Not an enjoyable title, and that message I received was somewhat right, I guess. And it might just be me but I feel that Omega Force got their inspiration for their red-haired hero and his blue-haired best friend from another popular action RPG series... Anyway, now for something completely different. Bonus Game #1 - Apex Legends Time played: 4 hours Trophies: 2/12 (10% - D) An all-multiplayer game is definitely a rarity on my account, but two of my friends have been harassing inviting me to play the game for a good few months now, so I finally decided to jump in last night. Our three-man squad played a number of games last night, and while we didn't win any of the games, we were 2nd once and top 5 many times. Apex Legends is a battle royale game where you choose from a selection of ten heroes with certain abilities, split into a group of three (you can choose a team beforehand, like my friends and I did), and search the map for weapons and items to defeat the other 19 three-man squads that fall onto the map with you. As with most battle royale games, the safe area shrinks as the game progresses, so the teams that remain will be pushed together eventually. It's pretty simple to figure out, though I am still getting used to both the controls and the fact that I don't play FPS games much. It definitely became addicting once I got started, but I'm unsure if I would enjoy it as much if I wasn't playing with my friends during the matches. I do look forward to go after the rest of the trophies at some point. Starting completion %: 71.51% Current completion %: 71.20% Difference: -0.31% Mary Skelter: Nightmares - 10/34 (14% - D) I am a few days behind and well aware of this, but I plan to catch up over the weekend, as I have nothing else planned. The main reason is that I finally did finish Dragon Quest XI as my milestone 125th platinum, so I can fully concentrate on this event going forward. That was also a game from KYC 8 so it's nice to finish it as well - and I think it's a game that everyone should play through at least. Definitely a special game from Act II onwards. That's also the reason why the completion didn't drop as much as you would expect - DQXI bumped it back up to the starting completion amount before Apex and Trinity brought it back down to where it is now. Next: I don't know! Ar nosurge and Fate/Extella Link are in their respective consoles while The Silver Case and Nurse Love Addiction are downloaded and ready. I'll figure it out later.
  10. One of the games from KYC 8 gets finished, and as it turns out, it's one of my favorites on the system and a good choice for a milestone. #125 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age An amazing JRPG, and one of the best in its series (though I still think V is a better game). Having the forge and balancing the game to actually make a Dragon Quest game that doesn't require grinding for equipment or EXP is new to me, as the last few games I played (VI and IX) both required too much for my tastes. I will admit that the story did take me a while to get hooked, but when Act II started I was locked in for the long haul. I knew when the story opened up like that it was a great choice for my 125th milestone platinum. Clocked in at just around eighty hours, which seems about right. It'll be cool to play as the Luminary in Smash as well. What's next? Who knows! Hopefully one of the games I play in KYC 10 grab me so I can keep playing one of those. Since I played Shenmue HD to get #125 set up, there's not too many other trophies earned, but I have a few. Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland DX (+2, 9/54) Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure [PS4] (+2, 27/30) Mary Skelter: Nightmares (New, +10, 10/34) Borderlands and Fill-a-Pix will definitely be finished soon, but I'm still at a loss on what to get the platinum in after those. Should be fun getting to the end of a game and finding out, though!
  11. Finished my first game for the event. 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (8127) 8 - 9 - Despite myself and @eigen-space both finishing it within a span of a few minutes, we have very differing opinions about the game itself. For me, this is not my first Dragon Quest game, and I've played around in a bunch of the other titles, with V being my clear favorite. Unlike most Dragon Quest games, the crafting system eliminates the need to grind out money for new equipment and the game is balanced well enough that grinding for EXP is also rarely needed. While it did take me a long time to really get invested in the story, once Act II started I was pretty much locked in for the long haul. It's also very interesting how this game tied itself to the backstory of other games in the series. While V remains my favorite game in the series, I believe that XI deserves to be placed at #2 there, right behind it. Going to also enjoy using the Luminary and his other friends in Smash, and this was a great choice for my milestone 125th platinum.
  12. I don't own either of those games, and I'm not really interested in buying either of them at this point.
  13. Game #1 - Mary Skelter: Nightmares Time played: 3.5 hours Trophies: 10/34 (14% - D) Another day, another Vita anime dungeon crawler. So far, I've played Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal, Demon Gaze, MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death, and many others throughout the years. This story takes place in a dungeon area known only as the Jail, where our main characters do their exploring. It's populated by monsters known as Marchens and more dangerous ones known as Nightmares, which serve as the bosses of the game. Your party consists of Jack, a somewhat useless kid, as well as a number of heroines from various fairy tales, including Alice, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. And that's only the first few heroines encountered. The story is basically that the main characters are trying to escape from the Jail by defeating the Nightmares and ascending to the top of a tower found in the area. Pretty basic and nothing special. The dungeon crawling is pretty basic, with a few interesting mechanics. Each heroine has a field ability they can use outside of battle, including bombs and arrows which can be used to solve certain puzzles found in dungeons. The dungeons also have three gauges that fill up as you finish battles or find items within the dungeon, which can give various bonuses. One of these bonuses expands the dungeon area, which probably means eventually I will have to do this on every level to explore everything. Not looking forward to doing that. The battle system is much more interesting overall. It's a basic turn-based system, but there's a few things unique to this game that sets it apart from others. The heroines have a Blood Splatter gauge that fills up during battle by hitting weaknesses, doing overkill damage, or killing multiple enemies at a time. This allows the characters to enter Massacre mode, which increases their stats, heals them every turn, and allows them to use a special skill that they can only use in this mode. However, if they've taken too much damage or their allies have been defeated in battle, they will instead enter Blood Skelter mode instead of Massacre mode, and while it does still increase stats a lot, they become berserk and attack both allies and enemies. Jack also participates in battle, and his main function is to keep the heroines out of Blood Skelter mode by reducing their corruption as their gauge fills. He can also guard one heroine for the duration of their turn, but can only take one hit and be stunned for two turns afterwards if he is hit. His most useful contribution is he can use items in battle, which was a very useful function that kept the party alive when I was facing the first boss. The gauges from the dungeon also appear in battle, and if they fill up while in battle they give different bonuses than the ones on the field, such as increasing the rarity of items dropped. For other stat upgrades, each heroine has a job system that gives them access to different skills. They each gain 1 CP upon level-up which is used on various skills to be used in battle. Given the amounts of damage being thrown around, I opted for many of the healing skills to start off, which was invaluable in the first boss battle. Equipment is found in treasure chests, monster drops and by a random merchant who appears in the dungeons, and these equips can be upgraded by using blood collected at the end of battles. There's a bunch of other job mechanics available in the laboratory, but as of now I have not made any use of those. Other than that, there's not much else to say about the game. So far, I'm enjoying it much more than either Demon Gaze or MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death, both of which were very basic and boring dungeon crawlers. This game is actually pretty similar to Dungeon Travelers 2, but that game edges it out slightly because its job system is much more fun to tinker around in. However, I think I'll be going back to this one instead of Demon Gaze or MeiQ after the event concludes. Starting completion %: 71.51% Current completion %: 71.32% Difference: -0.19% I did get a lot of trophies in this game, but no silvers or golds made the completion plunge quite a bit for the first game added. Also helping is yet another DLC pack coming in for Gems of War, which I've pretty much just given up on ever finishing at this point. Still playing Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age and made it a few hours into the post-game story content, so the PS4 remains off limits and I'll head into either one of the PS3 games or the last Vita game for next time.
  14. Buying a 2 TB external hard drive for my PS4 over a year ago was a great purchase. Have had no problems with storage since.
  15. Like many have said, FFXIII is incorrectly flagged here from what I see (the story trophies are in order). Though with three other flags that doesn't help too much.