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  1. So I figured this out myself last night. You have to sort of glitch up the rubble that you came down from. Just stick to the rock on your left when facing it while the barrier is also on your left. Just run/roll at it enough and you'll Pop back up. I feel like this was Maybe an oversight by the devs. Great game though!
  2. So I have gone back to the tutorial area after using gaining the ability to travel to old obelisks I had visited but I went over to where you fight the boss and I think I'm stuck there. I couldn't get back up the way I came and the door to the Monolith room isn't interactable anymore. I would just jump off an Edge and die but I have About 25,000 bits and I'm only at the stage where that's a good two Attribute Points. Would be a shame to waste them.
  3. They appear to have fixed the Thunder Struck track skip as well. There's a wall of death when you attempt the jump.
  4. The only rule with regards to trophy hunting I have is to get at least 1 platinum a month. Outside of that I just try to have fun while playing games, no microtransactions, boosting if required, definitely rubber-banding if required. I don't really prioritise games. Just play about 3 at a time and if I don't like one I drop it.
  5. You can "die" in Ethan Carter though and everyone seems happy to Count that in this thread. Fair enough it's only in a specific area but it still Counts imo. I would say Journey is as much of a Walking Simulator as the Unfinished Swan is. Flower I'm unsure About as you don't really walk per se. I enjoyed Edih Finch but found the Signets of stories better than the Overall narrative. The journey of Edith herself through the house didn't really amount to much. Her Family members were more interesting to Play through and were a lot more endearing as standalones rather than a part of the whole. Overall though I felt the game was a mix between Ethan Carter (stories) and Gone Home (going home). I also feel compelled to rank my experiences of Walking sims: Vanishing of Ethan Carter Unfinished Swan Soma What Remains of Edith Finch Journey Gone Home Dear Esther Proteus Everybody's Gone to the Rapture The only one I really didn't like was Everybody's Gone to the Rapture as the game was completely empty with Nothing to do outside of sitting and listening to dead people.
  6. If anybody is Looking to grind the ranked and Lobby Matches then add me. I can't seem to find anyone online. PSNID: StandSilent GMT+1
  7. I think that for the counter to go up all the players need to stay in their game after a death instead of going back to the queue.So when playing random people I tried too immediately crash right after they did so they didn't have time to leave.