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  1. That's a shame. I'm now locked out of the deluxe edition as well because I've bought standard. Missed a trick there.
  2. Can anyone confirm this please? I just bought the standard edition in the current sale (EU) and only after found out AC5 is in the deluxe edition. I'm tempted to buy the season pass anyway but AC5 would send that over the tipping point.
  3. I mean I think the area is supposed to be quite difficult upon entering. 2-3 shotting on your first playthrough sounds about fair considering it's probably the 3rd or 4th area you come across. Doesn't sound like a bug or a glitch but an intended difficulty level. Nothing was too hard really, especially once you realise the necromancer is spawning the enemies and you can take him out permanently. This game has its bugs and glitches but honestly I wouldn't throw them onto the combat or gameplay. I found it was more to do with the level loading and getting stuck behind walls type of glitches. If this game ran perfectly, with no loading and a steady framerate I think it would actually be a real contender against games like God of War, Dark Souls (maybe not DMC) just based on level design, combat and enemy variety. As it stands though those frame drops really bring it down and I really can't excuse the horrible loading times, mainly while running through areas.
  4. For me I just like to play a bad game so that I can be definitely sure it's bad and not just never play it because others say it's bad. I don't want to just chime in with everyone and say it's bad having not played the game myself, therefore not actually having an opinion on it. I'm currently near the end of my third character playthrough and I can now say without a doubt that this is a bad game and that's all my own opinion. But I also agree with you in that if I enjoy a series for the most part, then I want to experience the whole series. Is there anyone out there who have just seen the Original Star Wars trilogy without seeing any of the others?
  5. I don't know why but I loved this game. Something about the level design and combat just felt really good. I liked how there were very inventive shortcuts through the game and there was a huge variety of enemies that belonged to their own worlds and levels. The Apexion challenge is hard but it isn't insurmountable. I felt like it was nothing worse than anything Dark Souls 2 would throw at you with its sneaky mob placement and catchment areas. The teleporting enemies could suck but if you took them out one by one I felt they were never really too overwhelming and they all seem to die pretty easily. I did suck a bit that I did Apexion as the 3rd level and even though I'd been playing through and levelling up the enemies here were still one-shotting me. On subsequent runs with enough health the area becomes fine though. A few things I'd like to see and think the devs could improve if this ever gets a sequel: Make enemy weaknesses more apparent. Sometimes I felt like some enemies were resistant to everything but pure physical, even though they were colour coded blue and shooting ice which made me think they'd be resistant to fire. More weak-points. I was cool having to circle strafe round enemies to attack them for bigger damage but would be cool if a few enemies had areas other than their head or back that you could had to aim at. I know shooting off the arms would disarm them and that was cool but just for a bit of variety weak-points on toes for example could be all right. Make some enemies less humanoid. Lots of humanoid enemies which I understand because of the gun combat but you could have things like tanks or mounted animals. That could help with the weak-point variety, Better story. The story here was good though and there was a lot of effort in the collectable items but unfortunately when you compare it to something like Dark Souls picking up artefacts to give you a bit of history felt out of place. Have proper weapon and item descriptions that build on the world and don't rely so much on the collectables to tell the story. For a game like this more cinematics wouldn't have felt too out of place either. Allow me to switch from over the shoulder right to over the shoulder left. It was really annoying in a shooter not to be able to swing my aim over to get a better shot at enemies while staying behind cover. I know this wasn't a cover shooter but that would have still helped greatly. I'd love to see a sequel to this with a bit more care in the level design throughout. I thought the first three areas were great and while the latter half of the game is still good the levels do start to feel like long corridors. Overall I really enjoyed the game though.
  6. I want to know if this affected anything else? Like are the fashion accessories meant to be unlocked after certain levels because everything was open to me after hitting level 680 as long as I had enough money for it. I kind of assumed the devs made it so that everyone had access to the clothing to make it a bit more fun for PS+ players but it's a strange way of doing it if so.
  7. All of that info is explained in the tutorial of the game.
  8. So I figured this out myself last night. You have to sort of glitch up the rubble that you came down from. Just stick to the rock on your left when facing it while the barrier is also on your left. Just run/roll at it enough and you'll Pop back up. I feel like this was Maybe an oversight by the devs. Great game though!
  9. So I have gone back to the tutorial area after using gaining the ability to travel to old obelisks I had visited but I went over to where you fight the boss and I think I'm stuck there. I couldn't get back up the way I came and the door to the Monolith room isn't interactable anymore. I would just jump off an Edge and die but I have About 25,000 bits and I'm only at the stage where that's a good two Attribute Points. Would be a shame to waste them.
  10. They appear to have fixed the Thunder Struck track skip as well. There's a wall of death when you attempt the jump.
  11. The only rule with regards to trophy hunting I have is to get at least 1 platinum a month. Outside of that I just try to have fun while playing games, no microtransactions, boosting if required, definitely rubber-banding if required. I don't really prioritise games. Just play about 3 at a time and if I don't like one I drop it.
  12. You can "die" in Ethan Carter though and everyone seems happy to Count that in this thread. Fair enough it's only in a specific area but it still Counts imo. I would say Journey is as much of a Walking Simulator as the Unfinished Swan is. Flower I'm unsure About as you don't really walk per se. I enjoyed Edih Finch but found the Signets of stories better than the Overall narrative. The journey of Edith herself through the house didn't really amount to much. Her Family members were more interesting to Play through and were a lot more endearing as standalones rather than a part of the whole. Overall though I felt the game was a mix between Ethan Carter (stories) and Gone Home (going home). I also feel compelled to rank my experiences of Walking sims: Vanishing of Ethan Carter Unfinished Swan Soma What Remains of Edith Finch Journey Gone Home Dear Esther Proteus Everybody's Gone to the Rapture The only one I really didn't like was Everybody's Gone to the Rapture as the game was completely empty with Nothing to do outside of sitting and listening to dead people.
  13. If anybody is Looking to grind the ranked and Lobby Matches then add me. I can't seem to find anyone online. PSNID: StandSilent GMT+1
  14. I think that for the counter to go up all the players need to stay in their game after a death instead of going back to the queue.So when playing random people I tried too immediately crash right after they did so they didn't have time to leave.