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  1. Rata did the plat in under an hour
  2. Welp that wont work for me . Thanks for the heads up
  3. Keep up the good work frog

    like your VN eye candy trophies 😎 

  4. Thank you. I've given up at this point
  5. June 4th
  6. Welp better than what I got which was nothing
  7. I did the same last week. And still havent got a reply.
  8. So is the L1 trick confirmed to have worked ?
  9. Yea I keep trying to . It's a buggy mess. Ive deleted and reinstalled several times . At least you got the 1000 to pop. I think I'm at 11000 track connects and no pop either.
  10. Awesome thank you
  11. The 1000 one has not popped for me no matter how many times I've done it just fyi
  12. No there isnt . Trick I used was just place 2 pieces together and keep picking up one and placing it right back. I got about 100 connects per min
  13. O cool they added trophies to the game .
  14. I'm sure I'll get hammered for this comment but non the less I shall share it. I earned my first trophy over 10 years ago. And it took me 9 years to earn 30 plats. Mainly because of work and then becoming a single parent. I respect the high level guys for not wanting to deal with the ezpz plats that have surfaced in the last year or so . But for me personally I like them . They fit into my limited gaming schedule . I would have never thought I would have the amount I have now. Will that stop me from playing games to just play games , no it wont . But for someone who took a month just to get through god of wars story without earning the plat, it's nice to know I have short games waiting for me.
  15. I'm curious why everyone gets so hot over another rata game. Every gamer has their own taste. I have no interest in sekiro or dark souls , but do you see me bashing them ? No because everyone has their own taste . I play the games I want regardless of public opinion because it's what I want to play .