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  1. Played online on a alt . Did custom first. Then campaign. Trophies popped for me playing in that order
  2. I think everyone can agree it's a touchy subject for sure . And there would be things to work out. I honestly think it would be more positive than negative. Yes there will always be those that cry fowl, but most of the time those that do are hiding something to begin with .
  3. And that's a fair point. But as velvet said it's not hard these days to figure out with almost certainty which accounts are teams
  4. Well articulated and thought out . I dont see why it couldn't be done. I think it would be interesting to see what teams could do if they weren't hiding. Just my 2 cents
  5. And how many stacks of steins gate have we done neetro?🤔
  6. Ratalaika game . Releases on the Oct 22
  7. Thanks for info
  8. Any one know if its patched yet ?
  9. Rata did the plat in under an hour
  10. Welp that wont work for me . Thanks for the heads up
  11. Keep up the good work frog

    like your VN eye candy trophies 😎 

  12. Thank you. I've given up at this point
  13. June 4th
  14. Welp better than what I got which was nothing
  15. I did the same last week. And still havent got a reply.