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  1. Anyone got an idea for a release date on this one ?
  2. Quite possibly , but it doesnt seem to change the fact people lack compassion
  3. The vita controls are alot better than ps4. And remember guys and girls one persons easy is another persons hard. Have some compassion.
  4. Either tomorrow or wed per ratalaika
  5. The fact that hakoom has graced this thread is awe inspiring. I feel lucky to post on the same thread 😁
  6. Nope!lol
  7. O thank goodness then . Those hedgehogs are scary
  8. Another great guide. Tell the truth is it scary ?
  9. Here's my take , if your trophy hunting the game or playing it legit your still supporting the developer when you purchase the game . And if the developer is supported then more games are made.
  10. And why should you haha
  11. And of course that's the one I bought first . Ugh lol
  12. And you made guides for them to haha
  13. Devious dungeon is a perfect little game. Fun to play and go as needed.
  14. Well this whole thread got interesting and alot more heated than it needed to be. Like what you like . Dont like what you dont like . Just dont judge others .
  15. Cool thanks