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  1. Thanks brozy
  2. I think the issue is with the firmware , it's not designed to handle a high level of trophies. I've had same issue where I had to delete and reinstall my main
  3. My opinion is that the site should work equally for everyone. Regardless of who is to blame for the problem .
  4. La Voz 2 is glitched to benefit the player when it comes to the high score trophies.
  5. I believe you shouldnt be penalized for syncing when you want , but 8 years is a bit much, a very bunch . To me imo that would be hacking 100% and sloppy hacking at that
  6. Out this week according to east asia soft website .
  7. I just relayed info I recieved from rata . Fyi best way to get info from EAS is on their discord. They respond there the most . They directed me to rata for the problem . I'm with the rest of you when I say I hope its patched soon .
  8. 😂
  9. Spoke with dev wobbly ware and rata, the patch is in Sony QA now. When it passes QA the patch will be sent out.
  10. 😂
  11. Spoke with EAS, the dev is looking into the trophy problem .
  12. Yay 😋
  13. Being honest , it's my profile and ill play and plat what I want . If someone has a problem with me playing most of ratas releases then the problem is with them not me or my profile.
  14. Here's my 4 cents, well yes b1 did create a shit storm , he at least was present and interacted with the thread . For that I commend him. Now the rest of the crt just sat on the sidelines . I know crt is a thankless job with lots of stress , but at least support the members of it if your crt . Dont just show up and and say the thread wasnt needed basically. I'm sure I'm on the hit list now for posting this but at least I stood up and said enough . There is no perfect answer on either side but some middle ground should be agreed upon at least . Soapbox over .