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  1. Its curious that your profile is hidden now , especially since it's obvious this account was someone's alt . Let's get the tin foil out now 😂
  2. Here's my 4 cents, well yes b1 did create a shit storm , he at least was present and interacted with the thread . For that I commend him. Now the rest of the crt just sat on the sidelines . I know crt is a thankless job with lots of stress , but at least support the members of it if your crt . Dont just show up and and say the thread wasnt needed basically. I'm sure I'm on the hit list now for posting this but at least I stood up and said enough . There is no perfect answer on either side but some middle ground should be agreed upon at least . Soapbox over .
  3. Here's my 2 cents , yes late syncing can mimic cfw, but a website should not at anytime dictate when I sync MY PROFILE. If I want to wait a year or one month it should not matter . It's my profile and not psnp's profile. The only company I could even see having any say over my profile is Sony themselves.
  4. So to clarify , if I go back and finish old ps3 games from years ago that I started and never finished , I'll be flagged ? Cause that's how I read all this.
  5. Just make sure you beat certain pigeons times 😉
  6. Get good 😋
  7. Hmmm 🖕 lol
  8. What you got against young people 😋
  9. Erm why 3 guides in same thread ?
  10. Let me know your "theory" works monsieur
  11. At least samael had the invincibility glitch making it at least bearable to plat
  12. Still glitched but work around still works
  13. Relevant how?
  14. This is relevant to the flag how ?