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  1. No there isnt . Trick I used was just place 2 pieces together and keep picking up one and placing it right back. I got about 100 connects per min
  2. O cool they added trophies to the game .
  3. I'm sure I'll get hammered for this comment but non the less I shall share it. I earned my first trophy over 10 years ago. And it took me 9 years to earn 30 plats. Mainly because of work and then becoming a single parent. I respect the high level guys for not wanting to deal with the ezpz plats that have surfaced in the last year or so . But for me personally I like them . They fit into my limited gaming schedule . I would have never thought I would have the amount I have now. Will that stop me from playing games to just play games , no it wont . But for someone who took a month just to get through god of wars story without earning the plat, it's nice to know I have short games waiting for me.
  4. I'm curious why everyone gets so hot over another rata game. Every gamer has their own taste. I have no interest in sekiro or dark souls , but do you see me bashing them ? No because everyone has their own taste . I play the games I want regardless of public opinion because it's what I want to play .
  5. Hi! How are you doing mate?

    1. zenovka


      Yes knoef ? Lol

  6. 👍will give it a go tomorrow
  7. Awesome this gives me a reason to use my jp act. Thanks sir
  8. Did you mean L1 and R1 if you gonna give advice make it the right kind 😁
  9. Per ratalaika games
  10. Ego much ?😋
  11. I found a guide on reddit for them
  12. I know right? The greatest thing since sliced bread and online porn 😀
  13. Wow do you sit up at night thinking up the cringe? 😂
  14. Stick to your own country sir😀
  15. Out of curiosity why is it when someone says something the majority of people dont like, it turns into a witch hunt. Just because someone doesnt like one aspect of psnp that doesnt mean they are the devil. As human beings we are entitled to have a opinion. Show some compassion.