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  1. My first completed game is in the books with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Overall I enjoyed the game a ton. I’ve seen a lot of guides talk about how rough the collectible hunting is and some even recommended not to grab any on the way through the story. I don’t think I can recommend that at all, some of the planets I had to cleanup went super fast because I had done a good job hunting my first time through. The combat was super satisfying and gave me God of War/Dark Souls vibes. I liked collecting stuff and listening/reading about lore. The graphics were beautiful on my base PS4 and it seems like a lot of bugs have been patched out because the game ran smooth as butter for me. I think Respawn did a fantastic job with the IP and I hope we see more Star Wars from them in the future! With January soon coming to a close I’m starting to think it’s unrealistic that I’ll come even close to finishing my list. I like having something to work towards but I’m such a Dead by Daylight junkie right now that my little game time is spent mostly playing that. I’ll keep trying anyway and update my progress as I go!
  2. Weekly Update: 13 Jan Still no games complete. I have one trophy left to complete in Escape Plan and it’s kicking my butt. It’s a DLC trophy where I have to complete 2 challenges with an A+ rating meaning I need to go fast with minimal directional inputs. They’re 5-6 levels a piece and if you die you have to start over. Sooo I’m taking a break from that. I just started Ghost Recon Breakpoint last night. I had no idea it was a Division clone. Seems a tad overwhelming but I enjoyed the few hours I played it!
  3. Beat Escape Plan - Now to clean up some of the misc and DLC trophies. Off to a slow start as I’m home visiting family and haven’t really had time to play my Vita. I will say this game has grown on me quite a bit!
  4. I started Escape Plan on my vita. I’m home visiting family till the 12th so it was a good game on the go. I played for a few hours on the plane ride here and I’m maybe 30-40ish levels jn. So far the puzzles are pretty easy. I’m going through without a guide at first. Once it’s done I’ll go back and find all the hazard signs and then do the challenge run. After that I’ll be buying the DLC and knocking those out. Overall I’m enjoying the Puzzles but I kind of wish I stuck with it on PS4. Having to rely on the back touch pad for a lot of the puzzles is awkward and inconsistent. I have died and failed puzzles quite a bit due to the reliance on the touch screen/Rear touch pad.
  5. I’m going to be swapping out Q*Bert Rebooted with a non Q letter game. I have absolutely 0 desire to play Qbert and I really want to have a list of games I’m at least semi interested in knocking out. So I’m going to throw Mortal Kombat 11 in its place. For Escape Plan, I’m gunna play the Vita version just so I have something to work on when I’m on the road. Sorry I keep making changes! I promise I’m locked in with this last change.
  6. Making some changes. I’m replacing Shenmue 2 with Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Ico with Injustice 2 i will also edit my original post. Thank you!
  7. Updated my list - Replaced Bioshock 2 with 1 (Don’t remember too much of 1 and I haven’t played it on PS4) - KH 2 replaced with KH Chain of Memories (I should probably go in order and have only played KH1 My backups are going to be stuff I haven’t gotten around to but have wanted to. - Kingdom Come Deliverance - Dragon Age Inquisition - Danganronpa 3
  8. - Beaten - 100% Achieved - Platinum Achieved My List: Amnesia Collection Bioshock(PS4) Control Detroit Become Human Escape Plan (Vita) => 89% From Dust (PS3) Ghost Recon Breakpoint => 5% Hotline Miami 2 Injustice 2 Judgement => 1% Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Last Guardian Mass Effect Andromeda Nioh Okami (PS3) Psychonauts Q (Swap) Mortal Kombat 11 => 8% Resident Evil 0 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order => 100% The Talos Principle Unravel Two Vessel (PS3) Wipeout Omega Collection Xblaze Lost Memories Yakuza Kiwami 2 Zombie Driver HD My backups are going to be stuff I haven’t gotten around to but have wanted to. - Kingdom Come Deliverance - Dragon Age Inquisition - Danganronpa 3
  9. Definitely Fallout 3 (or really any of the Fallout titles) FO3 was my first entry into the series and I was blown away at the time by all of it. The post-nuclear landscape with a retro futuristic setting was a blast to explore. You could go into just about any building and loot everything you saw. There were so many little stories told outside of the main and side quests about the world prior to the nukes thanks to letters, computers and sometimes even the way skeletons or items were positioned in a room. Those earlier games had so many dialogue choices which were impacted by various things which made the story truly feel unique and player driven. Being able to tackle situations in a copious amount of ways also helped tailor to the magic of it all. I always wish I could wipe my memory of fallout and experience them for the first time again.
  10. This happened to me too. Was hoping it would fix itself at some point during the story but sadly it didn’t. Decided I would just finish the rest of the trophies and wait for a patch. If a patch doesn’t come, I will wait to do my replay when NG+ comes out
  11. Awesome post. Thank you. Gathered all the materials while playing DLC missions and collecting Bobbleheads. Went to red rocket, built the cat stations and connected the generator to them. Slept till all traps were full, released them, built a robot, then went back to collecting Bobbleheads when I saw it was 100 happiness. Trophy popped 15-20 minutes after leaving the red rocket
  12. I would love to join. My backlog is insanely long because I have no self control with sales! I'm going to do the trophy hunter mode and do 5 points needed to purchase a game. New Game Count: 0 Point(s) 1/10 Plats & 100% Currently playing: Adventures of Mana (Vita), Lego Pirates of the Carribean (PS3), Crash Bandicoot 3 Remastered (PS4) Games finished: 1 Games bought: 0 Edit 19 Feb: Backlog is down one. Got a platinum in Crash 2! Whoop whoop! Also since my backlog is so massive I’m going to up my required count for a new game to 10 platinums or 100%. I really need to get better about not buying games! According to my backloggery I have 643 games unfinished 😰