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  1. Had to do NG+ for a glitched side quest that I couldn't initiate that had collectibles locked behind. Had to glitch in a building for one of the graffiti tags. Had to use immunity boosters to glitch my way to the last airdrop underwater. Had to join a co-op match to get the True Nightrunner to pop. Had to rubberband my controller for three nights to get Ultramarathon (not a glitch but that trophy is bogus) Yeah... the game has issues lol.
  2. Can confirm this works!! Just got the plat! The 1 million money tracking is cumulative not all at the same time. Thanks!
  3. Don't know of any exploits but I need that trophy as well. There's a loophole where you can drop valuables to another player to sell and then you can restore your save so you have them all again and you can do this until you get 1 million money. Willing to do that with you if your down. Message me if so!
  4. No way!!! That would have saved a couple runs lol
  5. Nightrunner Trial 8 doesn't even show on the map for me anymore. You can still go do the trial though. No trophy pop of course.
  6. I submitted a ticket to Techland with a screenshot. I'll try the glitch again later but for now just leaving it.
  7. My last one was a PK so yes they do count, this trophy just takes forever
  8. This trophy is glicthed for me as well right now. I made a backup save right before doing the 10th trial so I might reload the save and try again.
  9. When I went to install the EU PS4 version for my free plat there was another PS5 version. I have two PS5 versions of the game on my console though they might just share trophies.
  10. Completely agree. Steer clear of this game if you anywhere remotely don't like collectibles. What a pain in the ass.
  11. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣
  12. Used that screenshot and crossed off every one along the way but am missing 1. Just counted and there are 96 on the map so I some how messed up. Great. Edit: Found last one by a river that I marked off for some reason. Plat in the books! 😂
  13. I didn't have to do this consecutive levels just FYI. Went to start on first level and it popped after it ended.
  14. Crashed for me PS4 version on PS5 once. Loaded up again and was able to finish. Weird.