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  1. I just noticed you posting on here, about the trouble with "upgraded" opponents! It may appear counterintuitive, but remove ALL UPGRADES from your vehicles, and race. All upgrades will be removed from opponents as well. Worked for me on a few key races, other than that, get vicious with the A.I.! Ramming off-road, using PIT manuvers on them during turns (getting close to their vehicle in the turn and staying straight, slightly to the side of them, on the direction they are turning; making contact with their bumper to spin them in a direction opposite from the flow of the race), cutting them off, etc. Only hitting them at high-speed, as a LAST RESORT, and preferably on the last lap. -DP75
  2. Right on! I haven't played "Farcry 3" as of yet; but I will get around to buying it eventually. Other than that, if you see that I have any games in common we share and you need help with multiplayer; feel free to contact me for help. Just give me around 24 hours notice in advance so I can adjust my schedule accordingly...
  3. Hey there Objection; I'm in the same boat, I've been playing PS3 since its release. I found this site recently and gravitated towards it myself. I like what I see here, very well done!!! Add me on PS3; I think I have room...
  4. Here is my absolute favorite! HEY YOU GUYS; Photoshop rules!!!!
  5. If video games cause violence; how many games were the Romans playing before they brutalized/enslaved the ancient world?

    1. AlteredFormula


      Julius Caeser loved Total War : Rome

  6. Here's "Mr. Tadakichi" my Yorkshire Terror; uhhhh Terrier....
  7. Listening to "Maji Suki Magic" by "Clover" right now. Before that, "Don't Walk Away" by "Electric Light Orchestra"... ><