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  1. It's really darn good. I've put in over 20+ hrs doing about 3/4 of the campaign and enjoying filling up my map and getting better gear, etc. I'll prolly end my playthrough (once you factor the rest of Plat, the rest of campaign and the co-op which I've barely touched) at 30+ hrs, so it's got a lot of content, looks great and is really cool. Idk how much replay value it'll have, since I'm not big on wanting to do grinds again and I heard it doesn't have any kind of NG+ unfortunately.
  2. Thanks for the welcome. I'll add you tomorrow (Monday afternoon) Desertpunk, as I'll be on working some more on Far Cry 3. Thinking by the end of tomorrow I can get all the collectible and "find me" trophies, leaving just the co-op, skills, campaign and a few random kills for this week. I really like the game sessions idea on here, plan on using that once my current games are through.
  3. Been playing PS3 pretty heavily for 3-4 years but just joined the site! Hi, i'm Objection. I love getting trophies but rarely 100% games. Currently working on a Far Cry 3 Platinum, which will be my 5th.