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  1. It is slightly different, but you're right, it's modeled after Avalon on Catalina island.
  2. I thought maybe this forum would be a nice place to talk about getting certain trophies and get some help or advice, but it is incredible how many people would rather complain about obtaining some shiny pixels and wanting the requirements changed than work on getting it legitimately. Yes some trophies are buggy, but most are not and are just challenging, but not impossible. I like this area of the forum, because not only do I get to read fun reviews of the games, but find out legitimately how their platinum experience was. It is also fun to see how much going for the platinum changes their views about the game 😛. The boosting group stuff on this site is nice though and there are people who legitimately will help out, as well as this area of the forums. It's nice to talk to people not just about the trophies, but also the games themselves. Sly Cooper has a debug exploit? That game is not hard and I actually liked playing through it. I know that Jak II has a debug mode and I'm 1 trophy from the nice 50% platinum, but I feel like I should finish it legitimately, getting some of those orbs though is hard and frustrating with old controls. I know that most people did not platinum Jak II legitimately, because that platinum % would be a lot lower.
  3. Very nice job completing this, you did it a lot faster than I thought you would. You say that fighting games aren't your strong suit but your profile says otherwise, what would you say is your strongest genre? I also have had Far Cry Primal sitting in my "Games to Complete" folder on my PS4 for about 2 years now and I should probably knock it out sometime. Sometimes it is fun to just poke animals in the face and have nothing you need to specifically pay attention to. It's why I have a few games going at once, for when I need breaks. My spacing out game right now is Risk of Rain 2, which is a fun 3rd person shooter rogue like. I played a ton of Overwatch on PC for the first year it was released. It was fun when people didn't know pro strats and balance changes were pretty frequent. Then the same thing that starts to plague other professionally played games happens. Everyone bitches when you aren't using the current flavor of the month team setup that pros use, it just becomes so toxic and boring. It was usually best to play with a few friends on the team and mess around while ignoring our team mates and winning rounds. Having a team full of Torbs was awesome, until they put in that stupid 2 character limit.
  4. Oh boy, Everquest was the first MMO I got addicted to and played and it was very unforgiving. I played a troll shaman, which luckily was a great solo farming class, but required about half a bar of mana per giant or whatever was soloable to kill. Then I would sit down and do homework or make a sandwhich for like 10 mins. One mistake or miss pull could cause you to die and lose 4 hours of progress on XP. I very much remember the random Kodiak bears that were in the low level area that would randomly aggro you and were faster than you were, so unless you stayed near the zone entrance, they were a big threat. The truly unique experience I had in that game was playing on a faction PVP server. There were 3 factions and depending on what race you played, you were in one of those factions. On Saturdays at random times, people would choose an area to have a battle or there would be a sneak attack on a city. When you got all 3 factions to show up at one location, it turned into pandemonium.
  5. The first Trials of Cold Steel is Tempting as I have heard good things about that series, but I'm trying realllllllly hard not to spend much more on games this year and just play my backlog. If the Somnium Files makes it to $20, I'll probably get it. Really liked the Nonary Games and Zero Time Dilemma.
  6. Naughty Dog really does know how to add furious trophies to their games. Look at the Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 DLC trophies (2 being a little better than 3), it's like they wanted you to play endless multiplayer before the servers shut down on PS3. I will say that at least COD games use to give minimal MP grindy trophies, except for the zombie stuff, and I still played them ever after having the MP trophies completed, because they were fun. The MP in uncharted just wasn't that interesting to me.
  7. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Platinum #81 Ace Attorney Trilogy Time to Completion - 2 months 1 week Completed Date - September 21 2020 After a little over 2 months of playing this a little bit before bed most nights, I finally wrapped up this judicial visual novel. I found that playing visual novel type games like this or TellTale are great before going bed. They don't get my gaming adrenaline running and I can be half asleep while playing. This includes all 3 Phoenix Wright games which took a lot longer than I expected, with my speed of reading of text, although it generates a little slower on screen than I would like and if you hit the X button again it usually shows all of it, but sometimes skips to the next part if you're not careful. The story does continue between games, so it's best to play them in order starting from you being a noob attorney fresh out of school and into the defendants seat. I can't really compare this to being a lawyer in the real world, but if this is how it is done, I missed out taking that career path. You spend most of the game dealing with zany characters as either witnesses, defendants or even prosecutors who apparently try to find the defendant guilty at any cost. Each day is a cycle between being in court and peeling apart witness testimonies with contradictions to show that they are lying and investigating crime scenes for clues. Eventually you get the ability to dig into people's lies or withheld information while investigating, which requires providing some evidence to make them talk. Most choices in this game are around what evidence to provide at the write times to the write people, some of which actually took a lot of thinking or trial by error, but you only get a limited amount of mistakes (thank you being able to save at any point in the game). It felt pretty good though when you slammed your hands on the table and pointed harder than ever have when you found out the answer and crippled the prosecutor's case, their reactions are pretty humorous. Also, the judge is pretty useless overall and I have no idea how he got into that position. Some of the stuff that happens in the game is a bit out there, but this is fiction it added a neat (confusing sometimes) element to the game. Overall the game was pretty fun and I liked the dialogue as well as solving mysteries (hence all the Sherlock games I've played >.>). I looked up maybe watching the anime, but it looks like exactly what I played, although it might be interesting to hear their voices. To save time I did lookup the missable trophies as spoiler free as possible, especially the ladder one, since it spanned over the whole trilogy (the guide on this site does a good job). The Good Fun cases to solve, especially the last one, with very unique characters. Had great dialogue and it is hard to actually get stuck on a case, but sometimes takes a lot of trial and error, as the choice isn't exactly clear for what text box to present evidence on during testimony. The Bad Some trophies are highly missable and would be a pain to go back through games/stories again if they were missed. The Ugly Would have been nice if there was a way to make the text appear quicker rather than hitting X a second a time and potentially missing some conversation pieces. Update On the update front, I'm doing a terrible job bringing my unearned trophy count down as I started Risk of Rain 2 this past weekend, which is a fun roguelike 3rd person shooter. I finished my first playthrough of The Outer Worlds and it is an awesome game made by the company that made my personal favorite Fallout game, New Vegas. I usually have a hard time jumping in for a second playthrough for a few trophies right away, but as I played through the first time I kept wondering what would happen with the choices I didn't make (as I usually play good the first run, but really wanted to be a dick to some of the characters in this game). I started the 2nd playthrough on supernova difficulty not only being a dick, but being dumb as well (intelligence is set to 1). It was a rough start learning how to be more careful during combat, but I got the hang of it now as I'm leaving the first planet. I'm also slowly chipping through Metro Last Light for a no kill good ending, about halfway done with that playthrough. I'm looking to play Danganronpa 1 and 2 Reload as my next visual novel probably and keep it to a before bed type of game. Resident Evil 7 will be my first October scary game, which will help being down my unearned trophy count.
  8. Our fantasy league has a condition in place if it doesn't make it 8 weeks, basically money back. Part of me wouldn't mind that because it can take a couple rona cases to spread and wreck teams. I picked up Phantom Doctrine recently in a sale (was $7.99). Has that XCOM type gameplay during the Cold War era. I think it's full price now unfortunately, but if I play it sooner rather than later, I'll let you know how it is.
  9. Oh man, that Braid speed run trophy still sits on my account uncompleted, I know the kind of pain that'll be. Catherine is an...interesting game that I didn't get very far through, but I do want to go back and give it a chance again. I just wasn't good at that type of puzzle platforming back in the day, who knows now...
  10. Pretty lucky, the whole PS5 pre-order coming out early was a mess. I'm aiming to sac up and play RE7 next month.
  11. Even though I have those feelings about the game and the characters, I really liked it overall. The characters were put into those roles to make us feel what they feel and get a real grasp on the gravity of the story, which they did a great job of portraying. @jonesey46I remember you saying you dropped it pretty quickly and outright hating it. I do look forward to your thoughts and to a part 3 either way. If anything I can see some DLC to fill in the Firefly stuff afterwards.
  12. I'm starting to put together my October game list for Halloween, which means I buckle up for some scary games for my favorite holiday, and would like to get some feedback as to what to play from this list or if there are any I should look at adding. I do have one in mind that I want to give a shot to again, which I was very impressed by how creepy they made it compared to some of its predecessors, even though I only played about 2 hours of the story. Had SOMA and A Plague Tale: Innocence on the list, but decided not to wait to play those and they were worth it , definitely recommend both. This is what I have so far: Amnesia Collection Call of Cthulhu Get Even Layers of Fear Outlast Outlast 2 Resident Evil Resident Evil 7 The Evil Within 2 Vampyr Whispering Willows Also, I've decided to finally add my thoughts around TLOU2 in a spoiler section above in the review. Keeping it spoiler free was boring. I know people will probably not agree with my thoughts, but we are all humans and think differently.
  13. When I played Heavy Rain on PS3, I had no problem going through it multiple times, but that was a time when there wasn't as much content on PS3 yet and sales weren't really a thing to pick up a lot of cheap games, so I would play the games to completion or close to it usually. I think the difference is now that you can go on the store during a sale and get 4-5 40 hr+ games for the same price as a brand new AAA title, so we get pickier about what to complete in how much time. It's been a long time and I don't remember having trouble going through Heavy Rain that many times. When I got Detroit and played it through once, I was pretty much satisfied, although there is slight changes in the story depending on some choices you make, I didn't think they were worth another play through. I ended up getting the platinum because the time to complete the rest of the trophies wasn't that bad. Games that require multiple long play throughs sometimes get me. Yakuza is a big one I hit recently where the first play through was really awesome and there was so much to do, but I didn't feel like trekking back through the whole story again in almost a rushing fashion. Those are the kind of games that I will run through again for that last couple trophies later on, especially Yakuza when I finish all the games and then start from the beginning again playing them on the hard difficulty(which doesnt unlock until you beat it). Playing through Outer Worlds on the other hand (which I'm playing currently), I keep thinking of the choices I'm making and keep wondering about what would happen if I made the other choice, so I will play through that the 2nd time right away on the hardest difficulty.
  14. I am also very terrible at rhythm games. I think the only one I have on my profile is Rockband 4, but that is just fun to play with people. The rhythm mini games in Yakuza are even holding me back. I will go back to finish those games up, but after I finish all of them, then I can clean up all the mini games at once when i'm in the "rhythm".
  15. I'm curious, do you use a arcade pad for fighting games or just the controller? The Street Fight 4 trials do seem like the ultimate goal throughout those fighting games, it's enough to give someone very bad hand/wrist issues, not to mention losing your sanity when you try the same one for hours strait. Wasn't Bro Force on PS+ before, I randomly have it on my account with 1 trophy...