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  1. I decided to really try to cut down spending this year for games to deal with my backlog, having games still in shrink wrap for a year is sad...Luckily I limited my spending to PS4 and Switch (no more steam games as I have more than enough there already from silly sales). Don't think I'm doing too bad and the games I've gotten are already moved up the queue in my play list, except for Division 2, the sale seemed pretty good and I'll get to it later. January 2020: PS4 Valkyria Chronicles Remastered and Valkyria Chronicles 4 Bundle - $17.99 February 2020: PS4 King's Quest: The Complete Collection - $5.99 Yakuza Remastered Collection Day 1 Edition - $59.99 Division 2 - $2.99 Total: ~$88 Preordered: The Last of Us Part II Special Edition - $79.99 Final Fantasy VII Remake Delux Edition - $69.99
  2. Congratulations on sticking with it and getting the platinum! If it wasnt for all the little annoying things you talked about before with the game and the level of dedication required to platinum it, I would really consider playing it after your very nicely written and entertaining review. I played a lot of skyrim and finished most side quests before finishing the main story line a year later and know exactly what you mean by becoming too powerful. As for Mad Max, it's not a bad game and doesnt really follow the movies. It's basically about taking over the wasteland with 3d streets of rage combat mixed with twisted metal. I must have gotten lucky as I didnt know about the glitch when going for the platinum. Also, I really shouldn't read these forums when I'm in bed getting ready for sleep...your Frozen reference made me lol and I woke my wife.
  3. Keep it up, I'm working on BL3 right now as well. Your account is about where mine was at this time last year with completion percentage. Noticed you have the platinum for Nex Machina, which is awesome.
  4. The most surprising stat up there is the amount of switch games and demos played last year at 90.
  5. Sounds like you had a great year in gaming and congratz on all the platinums (Kiwami especially with the challenge grinding) . I just finished beating Yakuza 0 after about 80 hours and it has gone up to my top 10 of all time games, not many games make me laugh and actually shed some tears like that game did. There might be a time I'll go back and platinum it, but I actually want to focus on beating the others first then possibly go back for cleanup. I bought Kiwami, Kiwami 2 and Yakuza 6. With 3,4 and 5 remasters preordered, I'm going to see what I can finish this year.
  6. No worries, I'm not a die hard fan by any means, but Farve was amazing and Rogers hasn't filled those shoes, but still entertaining to watch him with Devante Adams and Aaron Jones. I know there is a rivalry between them and the Vikings, but I would like to see either team make it to Super Bowl (really any team other than the Patriots). The team that will probably make it though is the 49ers. Between the Ravens defense and Lamar Jackson's running speed, they'll be tough.
  7. I am and looking forward to a good game Monday night.
  8. I thought about making a new account to start having a 100% profile, but i had this account forever and it has so much time/money/history invested in it. I'm planning on knocking my unearned trophy count down and working on getting my completion percent above 75%. It is kind of funny seeing games take 5+ years to platinum. Vikings spanked the Chargers even though they lost Cook in the 2nd half. Was happy to see GB win too though.
  9. Took a break from Yakuza 0 to knock out the Telltale Batman game, still have 4 Telltale games to complete at some point, usually like to pepper them in between longer games as relaxing break. Working on the Cat Scratch Fever trophy in Yakuza 0 started to push my carpel tunnel a little bit too much, about half way there for that trophy and warranted a break. Going to continue working on Yakuza 0, which I need to focus more on the story and stop getting side tracked by all the silly mini games. Went back to start Unravel again when it's noisy in the house and don't need game sounds. Also chipping away again at Uncharted 2 when I use my PS3. My game ADD is kicking in again with a few games taunting me from my shelf, even though I already have some I'm playing through. Don't get me wrong, Yakuza 0 is a great game, but it is long. Peppering in short games, like SOMA or Here They Lie is no problem, but I'm itching for another RPG or AC game to get started. I have AC Syndicate and Odyssey still yet to play and really tempted to knock out South Park: Fractured but Whole or Gravity Rush 2. I'm glad to hear you liked Into the Spiderverse, that movie was excellent, better than the Spiderman movies IMO. I would like to see more that style going forward.
  10. It is a pretty good game, definitely get distracted with side stuff though while playing through. Getting the platinum is a pain though since half the trophies are grinding out MP.
  11. I keep hearing good things about the DQ games, maybe I should give them a try sometime? Best Voice Acting of 2019 This is going to be a tough one. Games that come to mind for this past year quickly are Red Dead Redemption 2, Detroit, The Council, Until Dawn and Yakuza 0 (although I haven't completed this yet and it is in Japanese with English subs, but the voices are still great). Detroit is basically just live action movements and voices put into an 3D animated form, didn't look like there was much more than their normal voices being used, but I guess that could be said about others as well, like Until Dawn. Going to have to give it to Red Dead Redemption 2. Most of this is probably because the main character (Arthur Morgan) wasn't annoying to listen to for 60+ hours and made you proud to play him with that voice. Also, Dutch's voice is so damn inspiring and does well for his role. There are other characters who have great voice acting, but I don't want to spam the thread. Worst Voice Acting of 2019 This one is really tough so I need to cheat a little and probably give it to the Sly Cooper series I played on PS3. Not saying it's necessarily bad, but wasn't great (except for Bently).
  12. Would have looked better if I was a teenager I think, work and life definitely took a toll on my gaming. I also played a bunch more on PC until a few years ago (working all day on a computer makes gaming less desirable on a PC now a days, need that comfy couch with my big TV). I have played XCOM, XCOM 2 and Valkyria Chronicles on my PC through Steam, all great games. XCOM 2 on my PS4 is on the very long list I have. I wish I can delete any games I trophies that I want, although I see why it would be a problem. At least letting me delete games with 1 trophy would help as I wanted to try some of the PS+ games and like 5 mins in you get a trophy, then after 30 mins I decide it's not worth playing. My goal currently is to get above 50% completion, as i see going back to all those games isn't worth it at the moment with so many good games queued up, I'll send you a link to the list. My account doesn't reflect the unplayed games I have queued up on my spreadsheet. I left some 0%s in there as a reminder and just to see what the trophies will be like when I take them on soon. As far as my nominations, Gravity Rush Remastered wins it for best animation for me. I know it's a bigger studio game and this is a remake, but I loved the art style. Otherwise the only Indy game I played which I liked the art in was The Coma: Recut. Worst animation would be The Count Lucanor for me. The 16-bit syle actually wasn't bad, but there were parts where the game would still choke and slow down.
  13. Figured once I posted, my ecliptic profile will be looked at :). I try to complete games that I enjoy playing (some i powered through since they didn't take long). Started really trying to complete games this past year, really need to knock down my backlog and want to revisit and polish off some games. That game was just frustrating. I played it through it about 4 times fully to get most of the trophies then another 4 times because of crashes in the middle. If they game crashes, the save corrupts completely, meaning all saved checkpoints. Some places will say 4 hours, probably was more of around 8. If you do play it, try to do it in 1 sitting, closing the game or sleeping the console has a high chance of corrupting the save. Other than that, it was a neat story with kind of a Binding of Isaac feel except without being able to shoot things.
  14. I've been lurking in this thread for a while as there are some great conversations here, but when I saw that you platinumed Frost, I felt like i needed to post. That is the most frustrating deck building game I've played and I have played quite a few, as I like that genre. I would say it's at least 50% luck, which started to turn me off to it. How much play time would you think it took to platinum that and did you use any guides? I try not to use any guides for those sort of games, as figuring out how to build the decks and experiment is half the fun. If you anyone likes those sort of games I would recommend "Hand of Fate 2 (don't need to play the first and the 2nd has more content and improvements), "Throne Breaker: The Witcher Tales" (don't need to have played Witcher, but it would fill in some of the back story) and "Iron Clad Tactics" (more of a real-time card strategy game). Congratulations on that platinum, I've meaning to go back and try again, maybe with some 4 leaf clovers.