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  1. Wow, some of the games ppl are posting on this thread I've never even heard of..definitely factors into the low achievers lol. Mine is the Path of Exile Platinum trophy..362 Achievers...game has been out for about 2 1/2 yrs on console now and has some die hard players..best ARPG of all time on PC...terrible console port unfortunately.
  2. This is pretty crazy, that hacker must be highly motivated..wonder why he hates them so much lol....great to see ppl can still get the 3 mp trophies...I have the game from + and never played it..maybe i will start it soon.
  3. Not sure if we r talking pure PS5 because there aren't many of those but Demons Souls,Spiderman Miles Morales,Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart...these were all split on game share with my friend and Black Ops Cold War I played for free. Games I bought solo were Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Outriders(both during sales). I also played Operation tango but that was free so. I owned the console day 1 though...its essentially a backwards compatible machine at this time. hehe.
  4. Borderlands 3! 48%! Games DLC approach is a joke...2 season passes and content that isn't really even that remarkable for the price...it'll likely stay at 48% forever.
  5. I haven't heard many good things about this game, even if it was free..i'd likely maybe never play it lol..idk how they think they can charge a reg price for this but maybe its much better now.
  6. Plague looks great! I'll play that, but bo4? yikes..wwe2k battlegrounds is so pathetic..no way I don't know exactly how ps+ games are determined but I don't believe games that are yearly multiplayer games like bo4 should be given as a free title years later. Most of the player base leaves and even though there can be a resurgence of users through +, it really doesn't last....they also had BO3..probably more worthwhile to spotlight some lesser known or played games as well, at least IMO.
  7. Mass Effect : Andromeda. Difficulty : 4/10. Fun : 7/10 PSN Rarity : 0.6% Ultra Rare. PSNP Rarity : 5.6% Rare. Top Talent is a terrible trophy and can really set you back time if you try to use the APP to level up your team. Took me extra days to get this trophy for the plat lol Make sure when your team is level 19 you initiate all APEX missions in game and turn them in, in game as well..smh. It's not the end of the world though because you use the app 99% of the way so you're never on the game KEKW
  8. Step 1. Remove all the 0% Games on your list to see where you stand. you'll have to really invest time where you currently are. I would say it'll take you multiple yrs possibly because you will want to play certain games that come out which will halt your backlog cleanup. It will be hard, you'll also have to look at games with possible server shutdowns or games that would ask too much of u time wise. I don't believe that is worth it, I see you have Elder Scrolls Online..you probably wanna put that private unless u r a big eso fan lol..You'll have to tackle games methodically and efficiently...I don't believe you'll have fun with most of the games you'll need to give effort to.. A lot of games are passable when released but as yrs go by, their flaws become more apparent if other games do things better, it'll be a long road but its up to you if u wanna be miserable for a lot of it. You might play games now that are a few yrs old and they won't feel as amazing as ppl said or you remember them being. On a side note btw, u could have a 2nd account and still play all the games off of your main account on that new account. You'd just make all new purchases on the brand new account, u can still download the ps+ games..you'd need to use a usb for any save backing up and stuff though..but it's an option you could consider. Dunno if this helps but GL! At the end of the day, u should really just complete the games u like and not worry about completion %. It means nothing and has no bearing on gaming. - Kal
  9. I don't think acquiring Housemarque is that big a deal, they haven't exactly made AAA successful titles but it could be worthwhile down the road if they do deliver a super well received title. Bluepoint is probably more appealing now but only if they start making new IP's of their own, remakes/remasters are fine but a lot of ppl view them as cash grabs or low effort, etc..they do very good remasters and DS' remake for PS5 was awesome as a launch title but they need a bit more IMO. P.S You'd think since they love throwing money and buying studios that they'd throw some of that to make psn better/improve app support/social features etc. "Only On PlayStation" is the only thing that keeps them afloat. There hasn't been any substantial improvements to PS5 features since launch and PS4 had communities removed. They then removed 99% of social features on the PS Website...
  10. Detroit : Become Human
  11. They continue to be more and more anti consumer. I don't use the site for much else other than messaging to begin with because of how godawful it is but wow..I don't wanna grab my phone every time to reply to messages. I would probably be more inclined to if the app functioned better. I use the site constantly to message friends. This is just another frustrating change. The PS5 literally has not changed since I got it day 1, anti social system...this actually is very disappointing. I can't believe instead of improving social aspects of gaming, they are going backwards..they really would be nothing without the words "Only on playstation" SIGH... Shutdown communities with a long gap before discord comes to the console as well.....UGH
  12. Hollow Knight - 9/10 without the invuln Glitch. 5/10 With Ratchet And Clank A Rift Apart. 0/10..MEME Platinum. Both pretty close together hehe.
  13. I believe "brand loyalty" is an idiotic mindset. Every company only cares to get money from a consumer. It's about getting the best value out of your specific needs. I do believe that Sony has gotten away with a lot of bad practices because they have exclusive games and they built a strong player base over decades at this point because of it. Realistically PC is probably the best investment for overall gaming and flexibility but I generally support things that benefit me completely. I started gaming on ps2...ps3 imo was a complete joke of a console for the majority of its life cycle and idc what anyone says, the 360 was better. I had a launch ps3 for the scam price of $600..I swapped to Xbox 360..had a blast playing during that generation, you had to be there during Xbox lives peak with their exclusive games and insane multi plat support for games...Xbox One was a laughing stock joke..kind of like ps3 but worse! I got ps4..and I naturally got Ps5 day 1 because I didn't see Microsoft making the strides I thought they would but I will say that Game Pass is excellent and I just got a Series X..it'll arrive tomorrow(23rd) but I'm not sure i'll keep it. I also have a 4K High end gaming PC that cost me a lot when i built it and that's the issue, I'd say for best value..you buy a PS5 and have a mid budget PC and you'll get the complete value of everything you want, ps exclusives...xbox game pass day 1 for some of those titles you are unsure about and some multiplats that happen to be available on there like Back 4 Blood coming out soon. Going out of your way to support one brand blindly isn't smart imo but that's just me. I've had apple phones and android phones...i just get/support whats best for me.
  14. Unreal tournament 3. I never went back and since i've had Ps5 day 1 and would need 2 ps3's and a lan setup(since servers closed yrs ago) to get the last trophy of 200 kills on 50 days(im at 36/50)..that seems unlikely. I move with the generation so going back to a game like that would require a lot of effort.
  15. I just wanted to post again on this thread as I played the game and platinumed it. I chose to do everything that wasn't needed. I got all armor pieces/gold bolts etc and did all the stages in every challenge cup whilst playing on the 4th difficulty. I tried my best to add value to my experience as the game is fun and story is pretty good. I liked the Rivet and KT characters but my god even doing that, my ps5 tracker says 17hrs played and I was afk for 2-3hrs whilst on the game because I was doing something else. I would be amazed if this game sold 1M copies in 60 days. P.S I got the game at $35 on a split with my friend.