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  1. most of my games are triple a, big hits/sellers or goty type games but i guess i played that terminator game on ps3 years ago and got the plat in a few hours..game just had all gold trophies i think lol
  2. They need to improve features when comparing games with friends and even general viewing, you should be able to sort by(alphabetical, etc)..separate your collection for viewing across generations. I realize now as time has gone on and people have built up trophy collections regardless of platinums, if you played a lot of games it is a complete nightmare to try to compare games..the ps4 struggles to load sometimes and its essentially too cluttered and cumbersome. Aside from that stuff, i do believe progress trackers and some other features from xbox one should be added. There is a lot of room for improvement for sure.
  3. I'm satisfied of my rarest trophies. I always enjoy playing games that have super rare platinums and going that extra mile. I love seeing the .1% type of trophies on my PS4 when i view my collection. I think being proud of a game trophy depends on what you did to get that trophy and how long it took. I would gauge it based on skill and time to say i'm proud. I am proud of my Path of Exile platinum because it's insanely hard to do, requires skill and efficiency to platinum and there aren't shortcuts to make it super easy unless you have a lot of people to help you and that isn't very common on that game. I think anyone who has the Friday the 13th Platinum is an actual moron because sitting there for 200+ hrs boosting kills to get a rare platinum makes 0 sense to me, it didn't take skill and it means nothing. It just means you don't have much going on in life that you can dedicate that much time to sit there doing nothing meaningful on a relatively bad game. It's also generally a situation where you played the game for trophies just to say u have a rare plat instead of playing games you really love and enjoy. It's just gaming at the end of the day so for me you can be proud of many platinums even if they aren't insanely rare because your journey to get that completion may have been a lot different than someone elses.
  4. I mean it's weird if it doesn't have a platinum and is a full release title but i never see that happen. I believe i played the walking dead season 2 and it didnt have 1. That's the only one i can recall but either way the trophies don't matter, the quality of the game does to me.
  5. lol Unreal Tournament 3, 97%..i believe the servers shut down a long time ago and i can't get the last trophy without the servers being online. I was 36/50 days of getting 500 Kills i think. Don't really care for ps3 games though.
  6. I am a veteran PC player of the game and I was able to platinum the game really fast last year. As a general FYI for anyone reading or planning to play this game, the trophies are under constant requirement changes due to the evolving nature of the game. Locomancer was unobtainable initially but you need to kill the Awakener boss to access the Karui Shores waypoint as far as i'm aware for that trophy but the real challenge is completing the atlas. It is very hard to do due to the limited availability of the the very rare maps. This leads them to be priced at insane values. If you are playing this and looking to platinum it, i highly suggest playing with others, working together and sharing items with each other to succeed together. On the standard game(which means outside of the current league), Doryani's Machinarium is over 20 EXALTS last i was told. For me personally during blight league late last year it was 16EXALTS. Perandus manor is also 8-15exalts. Hall of Grandmasters is the last challenging map, it isn't expensive and is a common drop but most builds generally can't clear it in 6 portals. Trade is also a scam and inconsistent as ever hence why i suggest playing with others. These are things to be aware of if trying to platinum the game and can be made easier if playing with others and working on completions together in every way.
  7. Looking for more online friends that love trophies and co-op games. Social people mainly. I'm always available to help and play together. PSN : Kal-El457
  8. I am in need of abaxoth the beyond boss, that is all. Paying my entire currency tab and whatever i have for him.
  9. Jedi Fallen Order. Platinumed already too.😬
  10. I want actual remasters like the Ratchet and Clank version that was done a few years ago. I'd like to see Infamous 1 and 2 get that treatment or Dead Space 1 and 2. I'm only suggesting a few and i'm not mentioning games that already received HD type remasters like Last of us and uncharted.
  11. post day 1 launches, that usually never happens. Blizzard games are always online, it won't change. I never understand why people have problems with games like this being online only. They really arent even meant to be played alone so. If a game designed like the last of us or spiderman required an online connection i'd be on board but even then..my ps4 is never ever not connected so it would never affect me and most gamers these days.
  12. God of War(2017), Spider-Man, The entire Uncharted Franchise, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn are key exclusives. Everyone should own these games and definitely platinum them if possible.
  13. waiting for reviews on this, i don't like EA at all but Respawn is pretty good so we will see. Previews have looked pretty good from what i've seen.
  14. diablo is an online game. I don't care for it much anymore but if it's good I will buy it on PC. These types of games can easily be compromised if an online connection isnt persistent. If you look at diablo 3 on ps3 and 360 and the ps4 and xbox 1 versions you'll see how many modded items there are + the item duping etc.
  15. Looking for new friends that play core games and enjoy trophy hunting. People to play co-op with and things of that nature. Only add me if you are social and enjoy variety gaming.