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  1. I am in need of abaxoth the beyond boss, that is all. Paying my entire currency tab and whatever i have for him.
  2. Jedi Fallen Order. Platinumed already too.😬
  3. I want actual remasters like the Ratchet and Clank version that was done a few years ago. I'd like to see Infamous 1 and 2 get that treatment or Dead Space 1 and 2. I'm only suggesting a few and i'm not mentioning games that already received HD type remasters like Last of us and uncharted.
  4. post day 1 launches, that usually never happens. Blizzard games are always online, it won't change. I never understand why people have problems with games like this being online only. They really arent even meant to be played alone so. If a game designed like the last of us or spiderman required an online connection i'd be on board but even then..my ps4 is never ever not connected so it would never affect me and most gamers these days.
  5. God of War(2017), Spider-Man, The entire Uncharted Franchise, The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn are key exclusives. Everyone should own these games and definitely platinum them if possible.
  6. waiting for reviews on this, i don't like EA at all but Respawn is pretty good so we will see. Previews have looked pretty good from what i've seen.
  7. diablo is an online game. I don't care for it much anymore but if it's good I will buy it on PC. These types of games can easily be compromised if an online connection isnt persistent. If you look at diablo 3 on ps3 and 360 and the ps4 and xbox 1 versions you'll see how many modded items there are + the item duping etc.
  8. Looking for new friends that play core games and enjoy trophy hunting. People to play co-op with and things of that nature. Only add me if you are social and enjoy variety gaming.
  9. Probably persona 5 from u Desma, i'm not into those types of games but it would be cool to just have the plat trophy there.
  10. Killzone should have been the first for me but i couldnt bring myself to play the single player. I may do it one day but not right now, so it'll looking like infamous will be the first because i got 40/48 in 10hours..VERY EASY PLAT LOL
  11. gonna plat killzone eventually..i suppose.
  12. fallout 3..a game i got 1000g + all dlc achievements on years ago lol but for some reason put it on my ps3 account. Wish i could remove it but sadly i can't so im slowly making progress on it.
  13. yep..amazing content as always. Can't wait to try them out
  14. thats's cool, i actually didn't really know much about the point values on trophies, i just get em and call it a day lol
  15. im playing fallout 3 at the moment an old game i should have finished ages ago but i did the 1000g on 360 when it first came out and for some reason thought it would be fun to platinum..i was wrong as it's quite boring lol. I also played brothers(free on ps+) - amazing indie btw. and i just bought kingdom hearts 1.5, can't wait to play that game. BIG fan of the initial release back in 2002. Played it in middle school lol that's it for me