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  1. I was referring to it working with Remote Play and allow the game the change the colours etc...
  2. Try checking or, both will probably have what you are looking for. Not entirely sure what cable your referring too, but you will most likely want to work out the connector type and then search for that (rather than a PCI-E cable, usually PCI-E power cable would be a 6 slot female to male connector PSU cable - rather than anything specific to PCI-E).
  3. I had a similar problem, ended up swapping a giant NZXT Phantom case PC with a Mac Pro, hides behind my monitor and outperforms anything I've ever had.
  4. If you want a gaming PC don't bother with a mini-ATX case, will end up over heating like crazy and won't last too long. If your after a water cooler, the NZXT Kraken series are awesome at keeping things cool without much noise. Your gonna need a massive case to fit it in though! Avoid the Corsair H80i like the plague, they can be good but they can also end up lasting a couple of months - if that. Doubt you will fit that in a mini or micro case either, unless thats going to be your only fan - in which case your going to want to underclock like crazy to make sure you don't constantly overheat the GPU and other parts of your machine. If you have a big budget, definitely get an Intel i5 or i7, if your budget is on the low end though stick to the AMD series, they are much cheaper and can provide the same amount of power. The Corsair CX600M is awesome, I used to have this in my PC, you will struggle to fit that in an mini or micro case as well though. For a mini or micro case, your going to be looking at below 500W. Mini and micro cases are really for media computers with little power, anything that is going to stress the hardware is not going to run well in a small case. There is limited room, most of the time the basic components you will have in a small case will all be touching each other, so over-heating is easy to do, most small cases only have room for 1 fan as well. So fitting any form of dual fan-system or fan-tank system (like the Corsair H80i) isn't going to fit.
  5. The DS4 works but without wireless support, six-axis and accessories, the USB adapter allows you to use the DualShock 4 with full wireless and with accessories attached. It's only for PS Now and Remote Play, other apps can't use it at the moment - would probably need to use some third party drivers to support it. Unfortunately not, it does however fully support everything (including six-axis, lightbar, touch pad and accessories etc..) which Input Mapper cannot do (also works on Mac OS X). The biggest advantage over Input Mapper will be the lack of lag, the USB dongle is hardware based and intercepts your controls and passes it straight along to Remote Play, Input Mapper needs to rewrite the commands you send in software. If you play a lot over Remote Play or use PS Now, its a worth while upgrade for £20 - at least as a Mac user who can't use the DS4 wirelessly at all!
  6. My account was created on an original PSP I imported from Japan on launch back in December 2004! Got my first trophy 6 years ago in April 2010 (playing God of War 3 after buying the PS3)!
  7. I'm hoping the next Vita will have PS3 digital game support.
  8. My latest:
  9. That same page on the UK / EU site does not have any date of termination, maybe were not losing it?
  10. I think VMWare Player is free but after the Pro trial you won't be able to create new virtual machines unless you pay for it, so as long as you create your Windows guest before your trial runs out you shouldn't need to buy a copy of VMWare (at least for non-commercial use). Hopefully one day VirtualBox will catch up for gaming / graphic intense apps!!
  11. It won't work in VirtualBox, if you do get it to work it won't be very usable and most likely just show a black screen. VirtualBox has a very limited graphical renderer, you would need to use something commercial like Parallels or VMWare Workstation that has a decent graphics card implementation. Unfortunately for GPU based tasks, VirtualBox is lagging quite behind the others, though what do you expect when its free!
  12. Just hope it comes out this year, been waiting for NMS for too long.
  13. Sony said they would "probably" reject games below 60fps, but considering how hard that is to achieve (and how many current PS4 games fail to meet that standard), I bet they become more flexible with this over time. The maximum for the PS VR is 120fps, but this is mostly done with reprojection (game devs will only have to achieve 60fps or higher, since hitting 120fps natively would require a big drop in quality). From what I understand, the little box that comes with the PS VR does the reprojection part and not the PS4. Demo wise, I've tried some demos for the Rift and they were amazing but when you get home and use the kit yourself, it all falls apart. From the reviews I've read, seems like a mixed bag, some people can't use VR and others have no problems. I had problems with the Rift when I tried it out at home after about 40/50 mins of use, but don't suffer from any kind of motion or travel sickness. I think Sony will have to do some clever marketing to get people interested and get the reviewers past the sickness, if you buy the PS VR and it makes you ill your stuck with a £300 headset you can't enjoy. Though saying all this, you could buy a PS VR and a PS4 Neo (assuming its around the £250-£300 mark), for the same price as any of the other VR products coming out this year (SteamVR + Oculus Rift), and both of them require a hefty PC as well.
  14. Very true, though I think if Sony says the PS VR needs the Neo to run well they will effectively being destroying the VR before it even comes out as the PS VR would become more expensive than other VR's that are available / coming soon. The one good thing at the moment is that if you have a PS4 already, the PS VR is a pretty cheap solution, adding the cost of a new console to that is going to make it hard to justify. I keep hoping that Sony (and the others) decide that all this VR nonsense is pointless for consumer gaming, and will drop it quickly. Bit like the craze of 3D movies / TV / gaming, it came along as the next big thing and didn't work out except for 3D movies in the cinema. Don't get me wrong, the idea of VR is great and I do think it will be around for a while but only for medical, military and research purposes. I think one of the big problems that will end up destroying VR gaming is that games today still struggle to stay lag free and low latency, this isn't that big a deal normally but when playing via a VR headset it will cause the user to get motion sickness quickly. I'm pretty sure I've yet to play a game that has been completely lag free all the time (even uncharted 4 has had some weird issues).
  15. Doh, the article I read said end of the fiscal year, guess they have mistranslated from the French one. Reading a French article though, there saying it will be October despite all the info matching to September.