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  1. Unfortunately I doubt this will happen. Although it was a great game, most people forgot it over time.
  2. This has been a painful platinum. The game is simply not enjoyable. When you do play, it randomly misses beats that you clearly drove through which can be beyond frustrating. The scoring system is overly simple and takes and small amount of fun out of the game.
  3. I love racing games and love rhythm games (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, most recently Beat Saber) so this concept looks pretty interesting.... trophies don’t look too hard either depending on what it takes to unlock the cars.. Also, I’m not sure on the price but PC version appears to be $1.99!
  4. Unfortunately unless you know someone in person who can do it for you you’re probably out of luck. Theoretically I think you could give someone your login info and they may be able to get it for you but It is technically against Sony’s TOS. Best bet is to buy a new guitar if needed or keep trying... I managed to get it and trust me I am NOT that great
  5. After playing the second one I will NOT be playing the first one... the fact the traffic was preset was the only redeeming quality since randomly generated traffic would have made this even more frustrating!
  6. Unfortunately it’s been so long since I played I can’t really remember... I’m pretty sure there was a simple way to view your profile info from the main screen... good luck!
  7. I’m glad to hear someone was fond of it! I wanted to like it but was really let down by the physics. I didn’t get the same excitement as any of the burnout crash modes.
  8. Thanks for this but god I can’t stand this guys mannerisms 😂
  9. I purchased this game recently on sale for $10. I’ve spent time with the game and ended up getting 100% completion. After this time spent with the game here are some things I’ve noticed: 1. The graphics are fair at best. Not terrible but far behind similar games and about on par with games a decade old. Seeing as this is a team spun off from the makers of Burnoit Paradise I was let down. 2. The physics are god awful. Crashes are wonky. Sometimes hitting a wall is ok and sometimes tapping a wall turns you 90 degrees. No consistency here. Hitting props sometimes gets stuck under your car even making metal scraping sounds mid air... 3. The crashes are not satisfying. For a game focused on crashing I would have expected much more. 4. The game is short. It can easily be finished in an hour or 100% in 4-5 hours. 6. The game crashes... A LOT. I probably blue screened 6-8 times in my short time playing this game 7. The game plays more like a puzzle than luck fortunately. Traffic patterns are preset so no RNG factor. This adds a bit off fun learning and going for better crashes to get the platinum medal in each level. Overall this game is maybe worth $5 for an easy 100%. The game has zero replay value once you earn all the medal and trophies. I will probably stay clear of any more games by this developer including “Dangerous Driving” when it comes out.
  10. Rocket League, dat 100% doe
  11. I believe this is because a lot of Americans are impulse buyers (myself included). Seeing as other Western countries have it it may be a Westerns culture thing. Flash sales give the buyer a sense of urgency. Game they think looks cool on sale for a good price, better buy it before the deal is over! Customers are now less likely to read reviews or watch more than just the release trailer. Be cautious of flash sale games as many are not well received. Some on the other hand are, but just need a boost in sales. Do your research. 3 days is plenty of time
  12. Horizon ZD since it’s in my backlog
  13. Drawn to Death, since I could never get a hang of that damn game...
  14. Don’t give up! If you’re already that far and just need superstar trophies they are actually pretty easy even alone. They will take many retries but just space them out so you don’t get too frustrated