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  1. First update: I ended up watching Mortal Kombat 11 tournaments during 17 hours of spinning tetraminos for the Tetris Effect plat. Think I may play MK11 for yellow. I've also platted Chorus this year but I can't figure out what the dominant colour is so I've set it to one side.
  2. #92 Tetris Effect




    A great big thank you to the Tetris community, especially those of you on the PSNP forums. You're tips and comments have been really helpful and a consistent motivator.




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    2. Annoyingtiger888


      Ah! I get it now. Seen a few clips of it but I haven't gotten around to buying it yet.

    3. Charizarzar


      Bunger bunger bunger

    4. gamer_darkly


      @Charizarzar That is the correct answer!

  4. Wait, what?! They've added new trophies to Shadowman Remastered?!



    1. Copanele


      Oui xD 

      Better brace yourself, the game is mad unfair on Horror difficulty, especially The Five. You can check some tips and skips here :D 


    2. gamer_darkly


      @Copanele Nice one! Thanks.

  5. Seriously? Seriously!!!




    Only one trophy left. Here's my stats up to this point:




    So I just have to press a button 648,627 times for the plat. I'm going to call this game 'Stroke the Tetramino'.

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    2. CelestialRequiem


      Would a turbo controller help with your final trophy?

    3. MidnightDragon


      Yay! Could you do Ultra for me? Kidding! 

    4. gamer_darkly


      Sorry, don't know why my replies keep disappearing and duplicating.


      @CelestialRequiem Absolutely. I've reconfigured the buttons on the standard controller and can get around 800 rotations per minute. It will still be a grind though. Plus it's really boring.


      @MidnightDragon T-Spins for the win on Ultra.

  6. #89.....pending....The Callisto Protocol


    This is a customer announcement. We’re sorry, the hype train to Callisto isn’t running due to lack of power.


    We’ve patched out the trophy for finishing the game on Maximum Security. Please await update on this.


    Please leave any feedback below:




    -          It looks nice.

    -          I like the acting.

    -          This game is not scary

    -          Cheap horror in the form of slapstick gore.

    -          Nothing new in terms of gameplay.

    -          Checkpoint system is a pain in the ass.

    -          No chapter select.

    -          I’ve heard this story a thousand times before.

    -          This game is dining out without bringing anything to the table.

    -          I’m disappointed.



  7. Did it! Tetris Effect - Sprint Mode - SS Rank



    I opted for a set stacking pattern. I found this much easier because it significantly reduces how much you have to think about where you're placing tetraminos. Once the pattern was ingrained, it was about developing muscle memory to do it as quickly as possible without making a mistake. Easier said than done.


    As you can see, this was by no means a flawless run. At around 0:54:00 there is an awkward misdrop but I managed to recover and push it over the line.

    1. DrBloodmoney




      Outstanding work man - Congratulations!


    2. MidnightDragon


      Awesome! I keep trying, but I'm not fast enough. Hopefully one day I'll be able to. 

  8. I have two. My main UK one and a US one, which I needed to set up to download the maps for The Last Of Us Remastered multiplayer. That's all I've used it for.
  9. It has begun!


    I've been hammering Tetris Effect sprint mode (clear 40 lines) lately. Over the past couple of weeks I have got my time down from 1:26 to 1:16, then down to 1:13. Then last night I absolutely smashed it down to 1:10:25, then 1:10:23. Less than a quarter of a second off SS rank.


    I still have a few SS ranks to get on effect mode but I decided to concentrate on sprint as it seemed like the hardest one. I figured if I can do this, I can get the plat.


    While it's a little annoying to get so close to the target time, it feels like 'if I can do this' has become 'when I do this'. Like when you figure out a Soulsborne boss and you know you own them. I'm coming for you, Tetris Effect.





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    2. Slava



      Less than a quarter of a second off SS rank.


      While it's a little annoying to get so close to the target time, it feels like 'if I can do this' has become 'when I do this'


      It's always a bit frustrating when you're so close. I understand that feeling of "I know I can do it, I was almost there" that makes you want to retry right away sometimes. I've had many examples (I guess I tend to like games with time attack modes of all kinds), but one of the recent ones was Mirror's Edge chapter speedrun earlier this year. One of the chapters had a target time of 9 minutes. I finished it in 9:00:32. 😁. You should've seen my face.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Nice! I’ll be lucky if I ever do it. The others I’m sure I can do with some practice.

    4. gamer_darkly



      You should've seen my face.

      Probably the same face I made 😂

  10. Are you doing your part?
  11. Solid top 5 games played this year.


    Was surprised Yakuza 0 came in with such a high play time but then I remembered I learnt hiragana and katakana and spent ages reading signs and shop names all over the cities. Still need to plat.



  12. Ok, you've all twisted my arm. I'm quite liking this card:
  13. When my brother and I were younger our Dad would often set us challenges. I can't for the life of me remember the nature of these challenges but one day he set one and we responded "If we do it will you buy us a SEGA?" and he said "Ok". I can't remember what we had to do but I do remember it being relatively easy. So we jump in the car and he drives us to the supermarket and buys us this: We didn't talk for a while.
  14. Update No. 7 BINGO!!! Finished my first Hyper Light Drifter playthrough to tick off the final box! This event has been great for helping break the option paralysis I was suffering every time I finished a game. Actually got some games off my backlog! Will probably see you all next year 👍