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  1. Update No.3 Damn, I’ve played some great games for this event. 5 more boxes scratched off and a BINGO! Featuring a Romance or Romance Options – Persona 4 Golden Ultra-Rare Platinum – Furi Side-Scrolling or Bullet Hell – Godstrike Play as an Anti-Hero or Bad Guy – Carrion Anthropomorphised Animals – Clid the Snail
  2. #76 - Furi


    One of the greatest games I've ever played.


    Everything about it is wonderfully executed. The combat, the characters, the story, the pacing, the soundtrack, the voice acting, the sound design, the art style, all completely on point. Pure game.


    Only issue I could find is that if you manually do the walking sections it can feel a bit awkward when the camera angle changes and the character starts veering off in a strange direction. At this point though, it's like moaning about a sub-menu font choice or something.


    Can't recommend this game highly enough. Enjoyable from start to finish. Not easy but very rewarding. After playing through the game multiple times and looking at the plat requirements they could have made it a lot harder if they had wanted. I think they got the balance just right here.



  3. Trophy No.4000 :silver: - Furier than Ever - Complete the game in Furier difficulty


    The game was Furi, by the way.


    Really enjoying this game. Love everything about it. I will elaborate when I have achieved the platinum.




    Still got the hardest trophy to get but I'm feeling pretty fired up about this one.









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    2. gamer_darkly


      @Raveniteh 😂 You're right! I just found it in my library! Thanks again!

    3. Raveniteh


      @gamer_darkly Glad you found it! Good luck and have fun ^^ do let me know how you do (or don't) enjoy it! 

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  4. Update No.2 After the epic that is Elden Ring, I decided to start Furi and play a few shorter games at the same time. So I've ticked off the 'Has no platinum trophy' box with Extreme Exorcism. I really like the concept of this game but once you figure it out it's pretty simple. Some of the challenges where decent though. The 1000 deaths trophy makes a serious play for 'most mind-numbing grind trophy' I've done. I also fired up the PSVR for some spatial escapism and ticked off a couple more boxes: Platform Exclusive - You Are Being Followed. Interesting game that really got me to thinking what it must be like to navigate the world without vision. Though you can still 'see' as you play the game, I like the way sound is given a visual representation and I found it very effective at communicating how disorientating the world can be particularly it noisy situations. With Mystery or Detective Themes - Batman Arkham VR. Literally the world's greatest detective. Saw the game on sale and couldn't resist. Short but great fun. Shame you don't get to sit in any vehicles though. So yeah, Furi on the go and nearing the end of my first Persona 4 playthrough, so will hopefully complete a line soon.
  5. #75 - Elden Ring


    Excellent game though I think I need a rest after 119 hours. Will definitely be back as I have a few quest lines to finish up and a couple of endings to see. I'm sure there will be an expansion or two at some point as well.


    Favourite Weapons - Sword of St Trina, Serpent Bone Blade, and Morgott's Cursed Sword - Yes, I like status effects.


    Favourite NPC - The Dung Eater - Just for being one of the darkest characters in the game. I found his whole shtick really unnerving. 


    Least Favourite Area - The Shaded Castle - Fucking poison.

    Favourite Area - Subterranean Shunning-Grounds - Dark, cramped, grim. Awesome music.


    Least Favourite Boss - Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

    Favourite Boss - The one at the bottom of the Haligtree with the fake arm and a sword, that turns into a rotten dive-bombing butterfly lady... can't remember her name.


    Favourite Thing About Elden Ring – It’s a fucking souls game.


    Least Favourite Thing About Elden Ring – These guys:



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    3. enaysoft


      Oh yes, I beat Elden Beast on my first try late last night after it got stuck in the middle of the arena. Did not realise it was supposed to mostly stay still. Then went straight to bed without seeing the ending as I was pretty tired. Was just gonna have a quick go at it before bedtime to see what it was like.

    4. Maxximum


      Well done! 💯

  6. It definitely ticks the box. I just wasn't sure it would count as I started it last year. Though it was quite late last year, so, assuming I do finish it this year, I could put it to the panel 😀
  7. Just sat at work thinking about what I have to do tonight. Must pop down to Roundtable Hold and show Sean Bean this Great Rune I've acquired, but first, I'm gonna beat up that portly fire thief I stumbled upon.



  8. Stunning game. Praise the Ring!



  9. Interesting. I'll make a mental note to judge their relationship when I get round to playing it. Thanks!
  10. First update post: I've penciled in some games in red which I think should fit. Not sure what to do for a game featuring a romance or romance options.
  11. #73 Batman: Arkham Asylum & #74 Donut County.


    Arkham Asylum is the first Batman game I've played, and I really enjoyed it. In particular the Predator/Combat Challenges though I will admit some of them caused me to utter a few expletives. Yes, I'm looking at you 'Shock and Awe Extreme'.


    Donut County was also fun. Amusing characters, quirky gameplay, raccoons, what’s not to love? This game was on my radar for a while, and it seemed like a good time to play it as I have a milestone 75th Plat coming up and Elden Ring is days away.


    It’s funny what this site makes you do.

  12. Thanks. I have it in my library already so that's good. Tempted to play the VR version. Solid recommendation. I bought Hyper Light Drifter in a sale a while ago but I've never played it so now is maybe the time. I'll check out Return of the Obra Dinn. Thanks for the responses.
  13. A bit late to the party but here's my card: Would anybody like to recommend a game to me for when I come to tackle that square?
  14. #72 Shadow Man Remastered.


    Battled man-flu during a second slog through Deadside. Feels good to conquer both.




    Milton Pike - serial killer who sounds like Hank Hill. Seriously? 😂

    Cadeaux hunting

    Janky controls (they were a problem in the original and they are still here.)





    Soundtrack - Check out the Milton Pike boss fight music. Sounds like The Doors performing their own version of 'Funeral March'.

    Metroidvania style progression


    Janky controls (hey, they were in the original and they are still here!)





  15. 100% this. Awesome guy. Loved his music as a kid. Bought Bat Out of Hell 2 a few months ago for the nostalgia. Still the only CD I have in the car. RIP Meat.