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  1. Omfg, thats awesome, you're awesome
  2. It's my birthday :o

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TigressLion


      Happy Birthday!

    3. twaanie


      Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it :D

    4. ToxicRedBull_


      Happy birthday!

  3. Isn't the point of games to enjoy them regardless of trophies? I know trophies can make a game more interesting or fun but don't start complaining about a game because it doesn't has enough trophies imo.
  4. M: Noctis N: Vincent It was a hard one for me especially the first. The first one I decide because personally I like the style more. The second one I felt like "Cloud" could've done more with the signature. Please note that these are my own opinions and I'm in no way a professional
  5. I'm sorry, reading is hard -_-'
  6. Go back and play Guacamelee, its an amazing game and a fun to get plat imo
  7. I: Tidus J: Tifa K: Cloud L: Vincent All really well done, for me personally block L was the hardest to decide.
  8. Hereby I claim one for when I get the post requirement. Damn you FDG and your rediculous rules. give it away if someone else wants ofc
  9. Hell divers from the PS+, and I'm enjoying it so far
  10. Soo apparently I've been on this damned site for 3 years today, and I enjoyed every second of it :). Up to 5 years next.

    1. Sigma999


      I also enjoyed myself very much on this wonderful community . Glad to hear the same ;)

  11. Nope, I ain't into the same sex
  12. OMG, I had no idea this was coming out. My hype is officialy real. Finally a proper anime game, (not a musou, arcadefighter or text based game which I personally don't really like). Note. I'm not saying those other type of games are not proper anime games but for me personally they just arent since I don't really enjoy them
  13. Soo I saw both Disgae 3 and 4 being on sale until 3-2 and I was wondering which one I should buy. I would like to try one of those games but I don't know if I miss vital story parts or if one is better then the other. So please tell me which one you guys suggest.
  14. Does anyone know if it is possible to use multiplayer across platforms? Like play helldivers on PS3 together with someone on a PS Vita?

    1. ShadowStar83x


      Depends on the game. Some allow it, some don't.

    2. twaanie


      Aha, guess I will find out. Thanks