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  1. It seems quite easy. I hope there will be no missable trophies.
  2. I love this song.
  3. I played every Telltale game but this...I don't hate Minecraft but a story-driven game like TWD or GoT about its universe is meaningless, I think it's stupid. Really stupid.
  4. I've never been really interested in Vita but I decided to buy it because of Special Offers at Gamestop: I paid the console only 30€ bringing them three old PS3 games. Since then I played a lot of games from PS+ and I rarely bought any retail one.
  5. Well, here we are. Hello everyone, I'm -BlackStar (at least, I often use this name on the web) and my PSN ID is probably the worst one that you've ever seen. I used PSN Profiles for a looong time but I've never joined the forums until now. I love videogames, obviously, (Dark Souls, Mass Effect and action/platform like Ratchet & Clank or Sly Cooper are my favourite games) and music (I listen to metal and...Beatles). This is probably the most boring, grammatically wrong and banal introduction ever but I've never been good at this. See ya!