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  1. Thanks will check it out. So far my ultra rare game is rez the infinite and soon red dead redemption
  2. Does this game digital only? Because I can't find it anywhere
  3. You should platz almost every dragon Ball because of your PP games like: Dragon Ball: Raging blast 1 Dragon Ball: Raging blast 2 Dragon Ball: ultimate Tenkaichi Dragon ball battle of z Dragon ball xenoverse ps3 and ps4 Dragon ball xenoverse 2 DLC
  4. that's why we made a topic about this because some of us were afraid to report because our reports were not taken seriously and finally some members asked me to report this.
  5. It's not rdr, it's other game I'm fine with rdr because it has option to kicked someone. Also we have a proof that this guys making a demand but we won't reveal it due to no naming and shaming rules
  6. that's why we want this guy to unfollow us but he always ignores everything and always makes statements that will always disturb in the future. We have also reported to Sony PlayStation but so far there has been no response or sanctions have been applied to the suspect, we have not even started progress because he is always waiting and we don't know when he will appear plus the game we are playing there is no option to kick someone, even new members who want to boost this game can't play because of that person's actions
  7. My friends and boosting partner are always being bullied for months by people who don't like us, we try to avoid this guy but he always creates fake accounts to find out when we will have a boosting session, he also refuses to reconcile even though he started first. is there any solution? we just want to finish this game but he's still annoying and threatens to always bother us in the future. Thanks 🙏