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  1. After roughly a year since starting both, ground out Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight (which was a trip trying to avoid what may be spoilery, since I stopped partway in FES over a decade ago) and Kingdom Hearts III (just in time for Re Mind), within six days of each other.
  2. Necro-bump, but do these consecutives need to be done in the same (drum) session, or can they be done across multiple boot-ups of the game? (That is, can we save-scum?)
  3. WOW, there goes a couple hours of my life. Glad I checked before carrying on in a late-night stupor. What kinda beasts could even platinum this game...
  4. Keep trying to access the frontpage on iOS12, but it just keeps redirecting to an entirely different ad URL. Can’t even get into the site once those ads load.
  5. Think I'm glad we haven't got the new trophy list Japan has, as my last trophy is to clear the Future Sound songs, and "Negaposi*Continues" and "The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku" have seen me failing around the 20% mark so far...on NORMAL! Really not sure of my patience to grind this out after soldiering through all those others. Maybe some of the Colorful Tone songs I've skipped're tougher (think the DLC songs counted toward that set's trophy completion), but I well hope not. Any lurkers here with advice or anecdotes? EDIT: Tried "Disappearance" the second time, just after posting this, and managed a 63.72%. One fear down, a nightmare to go... EDIT2: Uh, third, prolly fourth try on "Negaposi", eeked out a 53.09%. Good thing the feature zones or whate'er they're called don't count against your health, though it certainly taxed mine IRL. Trophies done. Now to chill.
  6. The app is available on iOS, but is 32-bit, so it's not available for iOS 11. I still run iOS 10 and found it in the App Store by a simple search.
  7. Basically, these errors indicate corrupted trophy data on your system, maybe even just that particular profile. I tried all the troubleshooting I could find that wouldn't delete my profile — opening each game, accessing the Trophy List from the Quick Menu while in-game, earning a trophy and then doing that, even deleting from my Trophy List cia another PS4 — but nothing stuck (though, you can get that game's trophies to sync via Quick Menu access). Then I did a Backup & Restore. Since trophy data's not backed up, this circumvents the corruption, and after all was done and I resynced, the Screenshots When Earned reassociated to my Trophy List as well!
  8. Bought Earthlock in anticipation of its rerelease, but wanted to boot up this version and get it into my trophy list. However, attempting to sync trophies after booting this game up ends up with me getting signed out or just flat-out told I can't sync. Further, the Overview section for the game on my system dashboard only has "Check back soon!" rather than any information. What's going on, and how could I fix this? I've even tried rebuilding the system's database, and all I've got from that is reorganizing games from my external drive.
  9. Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX for NIntendo 3DS has gotta be up there for me. I've certainly meshed with it better than any attempt at the Project Diva games (though their MVs' inclusions in Colorful Tone certainly entice, despite lack of Gumi).
  10. By release date, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Risky Beats Edition By purchase, between Severed and Draw Slasher (huh, go figure these two). In the same purchase, got Muramasa Rebirth's Complete Edition, and so "own" it independent of PS+ now.
  11. There's been a number of games I have on PC, but get again (or play first on, if acquisition was reversed) on PlayStation simply for the trophy count.
  12. Got Alive a few days ago, and got a trophy. Okay, synced to the Network, then updated here...and nothing. Check SOny's website, and they don't show there, either. Odd. So, went back just tonight to get more. Synced, yet still nothing here! Last ditch effort of mine'll be to earn a trophy in some other game, then sync, but c'mon now, what's going on? EDIT: I'm an idiot. Apparently, this game was on the PS Now Beta, so I had my privacy settings not showing trophies. Okay, then, how might I go about deleting this thread?
  13. So, what, the Japanese PSN uses English names for the trophy titles? Or is this some case of EU superseding NA Englishes? You'd think PSNProfiles might alternate the regional titles according to the main region of the profile holder, eh?
  14. This honestly bothers me. Bothered me when it hit Steam, too. The game's PC re-release site used "Aerith", their guides for subsequent games use "Aerith", KH uses "Aerith" (side note: Not taking the chance to correct the Gummi Ship blueprint to "Diabolos", though they are switching it back to its initial misspelling with FF Explorers...for some reason), and Crisis Core outright SAYS "Aerith", which I can only suppose will be the name, spelled and spoken, in FFVII Remake. So why, WHY, SQEX, are you perpetuating this disconnect? Why bother keeping this schism going? Why not take the two seconds to change the default so that all newcomers are on the same page? Anyone with nostalgia for their initial exposure can keep it, but maintain a full synchronization outwards. But, no, "Aeris" again. Because SQEX dun give a fuh.