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  1. Some of the descriptions in the OP are exhaustingly biased, and I’ve also gotta say, that Disgaea 4 Complete+ edit is legit funny. Dunno how many new players will catch it, but that fourth-wall cracking is just so cheeky.
  2. Forgot Dracula X was in this, so I started laughing, thinking “Yeah, HoD be like that.”
  3. This entire mess has hard-disllusioned me from wanting to prioritize playing on a PlayStation. I have a decent, gaming-capable laptop (and boyfriend has a desktop), I have Switch, and Microsoft's backwards compatibility and Game Pass are now something I'd be willing to engage. I have five digits' worth of content on my Download List. I have many games I still want to get to, but now? I'll play where I can, and I'll play where my friends are if I dabble in multiplayer. What hurts is everything delisted already, and everything that will be delisted, and everything that'll have no chance of going forward to new systems. I'm frustrated for all the people who will only have physical copies or PS Now to fall back on in the future, with the restrictions both have of no access to add-on content (Asura's Wrath without "Part IV: Nirvana"?), outside of piracy and emulation, which is the only way to honor decades of these developers' works, because Jim Ryan seems to only care for trends in aim of profits. There are many exclusives for PlayStation platforms that were only released digitally. With no obligations on the companies in charge of their distribution to honor their existence, it really is up to the pirates to maintain the legacy of gaming. This is entirely fine. Makes it that much easier to maintain access for people who don't have the original hardware or a machine capable of running it emulated.
  4. Grief, I'd binged shuffling my PS3 installs just last night. Still gotta install and backup my Vita games, all the more difficult now that I can't use PSDLE to sort my five-digit Download List. Goddamn, fuck Jim Ryan and anyone at PlayStation just shitting on decades' worth of legacy.
  5. Already'd dipped in a bit when the web Store got "revised", finally picking up Puzzle Dimension and the final Asura's Wrath add-ons, but just now splurged on Black Knight Sword; shame I'd missed out on its last sale before the nerfing began. This entire situation is a shame, and an indictment of profit over principle.
  6. Meanwhile, I'm sitting over here with the Vita cartridge...
  7. Here at the end of 2020, and I'm plucking through my Download List for delisted games, and a good half were online-focused titles. However, at least one trophy for this game has still seen addition even this past year, and I wonder, how many could be achieved without the servers, using the AI bots to fill out the players?
  8. Over a year later, and Sony keeps rolling out the hits: Revamping the web Store, removing publishers' ability to temporarily discount games, and soon complying with EU cybersecurity laws by disabling card/PayPal payment in the on-board Stores rather than provide a modicum of usability for support beyond updating Bluray certs. Still, normal price is ten bucks, but the bargain hunter in me cries.
  9. I'd been shooting around the idea of importing NieR RepliCant after plat'ing NIER (without DLC!) and 100%ing Drakengard 3, but i'll be content to wait until the PS4(?) remake. Maybe I'll finally get past the demo's endpoint in Automata before then...
  10. Thinking of going for it just for the clout of a long-delisted trophy pop.
  11. Well poot, and I just got both the Cybertron games. Is there any means to spoof the connectivity?
  12. After roughly a year since starting both, ground out Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight (which was a trip trying to avoid what may be spoilery, since I stopped partway in FES over a decade ago) and Kingdom Hearts III (just in time for Re Mind), within six days of each other.
  13. Necro-bump, but do these consecutives need to be done in the same (drum) session, or can they be done across multiple boot-ups of the game? (That is, can we save-scum?)
  14. WOW, there goes a couple hours of my life. Glad I checked before carrying on in a late-night stupor. What kinda beasts could even platinum this game...
  15. Keep trying to access the frontpage on iOS12, but it just keeps redirecting to an entirely different ad URL. Can’t even get into the site once those ads load.