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  1. These mindless, silly, stupid games like Saints Row will always have a place for me. I'd put it in the Just Cause category where it's just chaos and where you blow everything up except with a lot more silly humor. It's fun when you don't think too much about it and overanalyze every aspect of the game just looking for any fault like people tend to do nowadays. Not the greatest games in the world with an Oscar worthy story and state-of-the-art graphics or whatever nor are they meant to be but they're just fun games when you submit to its ridiculousness and don't take it so seriously which is the intention with a game like this to begin with.
  2. Shame you can't just leave it falling and forget about it for a day, the stupid game pauses about every 100k points so you have to keep checking back every 15-20 minutes or so to make sure it's still going. Shitty trophy to cap off a shitty DLC.
  3. I remember some of the gaps being difficult enough to get and register properly. It drove me nuts just doing those. And then as part of the get there's you have to nail these gaps as part of a combo. Fuck that. I love the game as it was a huge part of my childhood but the gaps and get there's in the remake are pure bullshit. I'd put it up there with the Arkham Knight community challenge trophies, not worth the aggravation and constant retries just to get those 2-3 trophies.
  4. Smarter to actually play through the DLC first as you'll get 100 or so miles naturally just playing it and that'll save you probably like 3-4 hours of grinding. I'll do the glitch to get the Millionaire trophy as that'll pop in a more reasonable time. I'm not leaving the game on for 2 days to get the Explorer trophy, that's stupid. I'll just grind that out naturally as it's pretty significantly faster I'd imagine albeit, mind-numbingly boring driving back and forth over the bridge for 15 hours. Oh joy. This is one of those trophies that makes me question why I do this to myself and are these meaningless trophies even worth it.
  5. The negative impact is the negative reaction of the people that refuse to accept it and downright hate on it and come up with outrageous reasons to justify why these games shouldn't even be allowed to exist. That's literally the only negative impact these games have. If it weren't for all the trophy hunters whining because their inflated egos are bruised yet again over such a non-issue then these games could harmlessly exist with no controversy whatsoever as it should be I think.
  6. Or how about you ignore the games that bear no effect on you and move on with your life then we won't have these toxic, garbage, unproductive threads to begin with? Nip the problem right in the bud. It's not complacency, it's that most rational people don't concern themselves so much over such trivial things as this. Not everything warrants a boycott and protest just because you don't happen to like it especially something that is as harmless as this, all the harm the critics of these games claim they cause is all superficial derived from their own self-righteous idea of how the leaderboards and trophies in games should be. It's a niche market of games that a niche market of people play that you totally have the freewill to not play if you don't want to. Problem solved.
  7. Are we going to do this every single time one of these kinds of games come out? It's like Groundhog Day whenever one of these games comes out. People bringing up the same points and the same arguments they've already stated 10 times before on previous threads regarding similar games like it's going to change other peoples minds and Sony is going to stop putting these games that sell on the store as long as you keep repeating yourself over and over again at every opportunity. Yes, let's remove these games that are clearly selling because a small minority of people don't like them and think they need to be banned from existence for some self-righteous reason to protect the integrity of some superficial trophy leaderboard that they're utterly obsessed with and consumes far too much time in their lives clearly, I'm sure the people at Sony are really contemplating such a tough decision. Like we get it; some people don't like these kinds of games, others don't mind them and some people just want to bitch and moan for the sake of bitching and moaning. These games existing are not an exploitation, it's a manifestation of the trophy hunter obsession.
  8. The whole game just felt half-baked to me. Too short and too easy of a game to really get engaged in it but I like the premise and vibe just I feel like there's a lot of untapped potential. Nice, easy going game to get done on a weekend though. Just wish the gameplay was more engaging and had some more depth to it, not just running and jumping on things and solving trivial puzzles for 3 hours. The gameplay is too shallow and boring to carry the deep narrative story this game is trying to tell. As short as the game is, I still felt bored of it by Chapter 10. 5/10 game all day long for me but "LOOK AT THE CUTE CAT!! 10/10!!!! GOTY!!" lol
  9. Literally did this on my 2nd attempt on the PS5. I was pretty shocked when I got it 2nd try considering how much it seems people are struggling with this It's not as much luck as it is anticipating where they're going to jump and when. When they zig, you zag. It's more like a QTE without the prompts and where you actually control the character. And don't just run flat out the whole time, there's a couple moments where a bunch try to swarm you at once and then it's best to almost stop and turn sharply left or right and then they all just jump over you leaving you a clear path forward. Zig, zag, and juke is the name of the game here like you're trying to break free of a defender in basketball. Easy peasy.
  10. I have to say, I'm actually quite shocked how much I actually enjoyed this DLC. The rogue-lite aspect is well-balanced and it actually works really well at keeping you engaged and playing without getting too boring. I think Ubisoft actually did a good here y'all. If only all the DLC for this game was like this then there probably wouldn't be so much bitching about the game having 'too much content'. Too much content is a good problem to have if the content is good and this DLC was good. The rest of the DLC? Not so much.
  11. That's not entirely accurate. It's more like around 130-150 hours to 100% complete the game and get all trophies including DLC. My 100% playtime prior to starting the Forgotten Saga was 145 hours and that was with messing around quite a bit and not being totally efficient. Plus quite a few replays of some of the mastery challenges really inflated my playtime. More skilled players can probably get the 100% in under 130 hours or so especially if you skip all the dialogue sequences and just read the subtitles instead, that'll cut your playtime by quite a bit just by doing that.
  12. No, the gripes are pretty toxic and many of us are starting to get sick of all the whining and moaning.
  13. Splatterhouse Was far easier than I thought it was going to be honestly. The 4th and 5th survival arenas were the only real annoying part just because you don't know what's coming in those final waves so if you aren't prepared and have your special meter filled going in it's easy to get bombarded by mini-boss enemies and die in the final wave especially in the 5th arena where they really throw a lot at you in that final wave. Then you have to replay another 20 minutes of gameplay just to get another stab at it. The 4th one I just ran out of time for an S-rank but I still managed to beat both on my 2nd try. All the other ones are stupid easy. The weaponized grab skill and Splatter Smash make most of this game a complete pushover, even on brutal difficulty as you can basically keep your special meter filled all the time and then just abuse Splatter Smash when you have a lot of enemies near you and on mini-bosses to take them out in 1-2 hits. Pretty good game overall just has a lot of fundamental flaws (ie. poor hit boxes at times, wonky camera, cheap deaths, too many quick time events, poor load times, etc.). Glad I decided to revisit this game and play it again after so many years.
  14. Far Cry 3 Far Cry Primal The only exceptionally good FC games Far Cry Blood Dragon Far Cry 5 Far Cry 4 Basically all rehashes of FC3 just with a different, more forgettable villain/story and different setting, not bad but not good Far Cry New Dawn Too formulaic, too much of the same. It's gotten old Far Cry 6 Far Cry 2 Awful, dated games that I hated every second of, never bothered to even finish Far Cry Classic
  15. The AI in this game is programmed horribly. They drive worse than many online players do in racing games. They block the hell out of you, push you off the track, ram you into the corners, it makes arcade mode unnecessarily frustrating. It markets itself as more of a simulator but yet the AI drives like it's an arcade racer. But I got through intermediate difficulty pretty easily so I suppose I have the 'easy version'. What a stupid thing to have certain versions of the game that are more difficult for no reason. Eutechnyx made this game so I guess it shouldn't be surprising that they'd find a way to mess it up. I've been scratching and clawing on getting the platinum for this game for a month now, doing the same races over and over again at the same tracks, I finally got through the never ending trophy races which take up the majority of your time now I just have arcade mode to finish up. I just want to be done with this game already.