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  1. Tomb Raider: Legend Enjoyment: 3/5 - Never was a big fan of the OG Tomb Raider's and I'm still not to this day. Now that parkour mechanics and controls have been so refined and down to a science, it's really quite tough to go back and play such a tedious game as this and not get frustrated with it. You can see the charm as it is a captivating game to play with great level design and certainly an impressive game for its time but not when you're getting screwed over by outdated controls and mechanics. Then it quickly becomes a very frustrating experience especially during the Time Trials and you're up against the clock and Lara will just not grab that damn rope until you try it for the 5th time and waste 2-3 minutes. Difficulty: 2/5 - As I've already alluded to, the difficulty mostly stems from the controls. The final boss fight is completely broken and can be extremely difficult on hard if you don't use the cheats too as the sword shots ricochet off walls back to you and take enormous chunks of your health if you're not careful which is not supposed to happen. Quite difficult when you add that extra crinkle into it that's not supposed to be there. So, beat the final boss on easy then go back to Level 6 England in Time Trial and beat that to get the bulletproof cheat, replay the final boss on hard with the cheat activated and boom; broken, frustrating fight gets completely avoided and you get the hard playthrough trophy. If you don't do this and attempt that final boss legit on hard with no cheats, I'd say the difficulty would increase to like a 3-4/5 just based on that fight alone. It's a real pain in the ass, I don't recommend it.
  2. Just like before they enacted this supposed ban, I haven't really noticed any more or less shovelware out there. I don't look for the stuff so I don't find it whether on the store or anywhere else. Even before when I did play these games for a short bit, most of them I had to search for to find and even then I couldn't find certain versions, they just weren't on there. People act like these games are everywhere and they clog up the store and they slap you in the face every time you go to the store or something, I've never found that to be true at all from my own personal experience. They're there if you want them, they're easily ignored if you don't, are we ever going to be able to move on from this topic?
  3. You People An objectively terrible movie. That is all.
  4. You have to complete the Time Trials in order to use the cheats first. So if you want the bulletproof and one-shot kill cheats, you must complete Level 6 and Level 8 in Time Trial mode respectively THEN the cheat codes are unlocked and you can use them for the remaining Time Trials. You can't just input the code without having beaten the Time Trial for that cheat first, it won't work. The times required for Legend are extremely lenient so you don't really even need the cheats. You can easily beat all of them with 3+ minutes to spare with mistakes. I think I beat England with 7 minutes to spare or something crazy like that. I majorly messed up Level 4 and Level 7 Time Trials and still got under the time easily. There's really absolutely no need to use the glitches or the cheats for that matter. As long as you're familiar with the levels (as you should be by the time you start the Time Trials), you'll have no issues. I messed up the rope jump in the water wheel room in Level 4 like 4 times and wasted at least 2-3 minutes having to re-do the parkour multiple times and still got under the time and Level 4 is the supposedly the 'hardest one'.
  5. Now that the servers are down, these trophies are now unobtainable by exploiting OP user-generated rosters as you can't download them anymore. But you can still get it easily with little effort anyway. Use all the same settings here (except play on All-Madden difficulty as that will give you max legacy points possible) and then just go to your team schedule and force all your wins. If you're playing away, select 'force away win', if you're playing a home game, select 'force home win' and then simulate the season. You'll go undefeated. Do the same for the playoff games and win the Super Bowl. Do this for about 3-4 seasons and you'll easily surpass 20,000 legacy points for all these trophies and 3 easy ultra rare's too.
  6. I'm fine with deviations when they're just as good, if not, better than the original way. Like how they dipped more into Sarah's backstory in the first episode, the extended development of Tess's character, the hive mind of the infected too, adds so much potential dynamic there that wasn't present in the games. Those are good deviations as it expands upon and enhances the plot and story from the original despite deviating from it. This Bill and Frank deviation was not that well done and I feel it was better in the original way with Ellie being able to meet Bill which was a big turning point in moving Ellie and Joel's relationship along and now that simply doesn't exist in this deviation anymore. Some of the best lines and portion of the game just removed entirely or be written in later without Bill in it which will very well likely not be as good. To be replaced by a typical love story that has almost no impact on the overall plot that's also been played out on screen a million times before is pretty disappointing. It wasn't really all that captivating or exceptional writing or anything at all in my opinion. It feels like they just put this Bill and Frank episode as a fan service but if you never played the games, why should you care about these two random auxiliary characters backstory? "Here's these two new characters that don't have much to do with the core plot, here's their backstory, oh, and now they're dead." That was basically the episode if you've never played the game. I've played the games and even I was kind of disinterested as the episode dragged on. If it were my way, I would've summed up the Bill and Frank backstory in like 15-20 minutes tops, not an hour and 90% of an episode and keep Bill alive so that backstory actually means something for a character that remains on screen for longer than one episode. And Bill meets Ellie and becomes the bitter, but lovable nut that he was in the games and maybe even keep him around longer and have him be more of a steady character since Nick Offerman was so great as Bill, that's a bit of a wasted opportunity to have a great character being played by a great actor to only appear in one episode before immediately killing him off. Keep him around, further build his character as he battles the sadness of his past and his relationship with Ellie and Joel and then have him off himself. That would have been so much more impactful and so much better than how they actually did it. But that's just me.
  7. Well, that's just like... your opinion. One I don't happen to agree with like, at all.
  8. The boss objective trophies sound like they're annoying and according to a quick read through from PowerPyx's guide, they are. Also 2 playthroughs required for collectible purposes that only spawn on your 2nd playthrough. Looks easy enough though, I'll play it eventually.
  9. The Episode 3 preview had 2 out of focus people in the background during one of the shots with Joel and Bill in the foreground. I think many people just assumed one of the blurry characters in the background had to be Ellie (myself included) when it ended up being Tess with Frank. Looking back now, the fact the preview didn't have any clear shots of Bill, Joel and Ellie together should've been the clue they were going to deviate from the games plot and not have Ellie meet Bill as if they didn't deviate, those shots would've been paramount to include in a preview I'd imagine.
  10. I never liked when shows throw these filler episodes in to give you a backstory on some auxiliary character that you only mildly care about but is not really all that important to the overall plot. Especially right in the middle of when Joel and Ellie's relationship is just starting to bud and become interesting, they completely deviate from it. And their interactions with Bill was an important part of their relationship building and the show just completely removed that from the equation and all those classic lines and scenes we got in the game are just gone now. Ellie never meets Bill. I realize they want to change things to keep things fresh for those that played the games and have these expectations but this was a bad alteration to the plot. First 2 episodes were amazing, this was a dud all around to be honest.
  11. Ended up getting it with the first one I killed with a shotgun in NG+ so it appears it was bugged on the 1st playthrough but getting one kill in NG+ rectified it.
  12. I don't think you even need other players for the online trophies, you can do them all solo as long as the servers are still up (which I guess they still are). The game is pretty unremarkable honestly. The only thing I can really remember about it is having to grind a stupid amount of distance on the hoverboots/hoverboard and just going around in circles on the map over and over again for that one trophy. I actually bought a physical copy of it but I don't see any reason it would be a problem streaming it.
  13. Nah, 2007-09 I was a high school junior/senior and I had too many other things going on to be spending much time gaming. Same with my early college years, it wasn't until my later college years did I really get into the PS3 and by that time, I was too old to be nostalgic for it. I do love the system and the games though for it especially these days as I find myself going back to the PS3 era more than ever since most modern games kinda suck now. Definitely more nostalgic for the PS2 as that was more the era of my childhood. The N64 as well. Those were the 2 I mainly played as a kid and almost all of my childhood gaming memories are on one of those 2 consoles. A lot of Midnight Club II and other PS2 racing games and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 and Underground.
  14. Squishy Vanquisher, I've got 8. Only missing All 4 One and Deadlocked.
  15. I'll definitely pick up Mafia, I've been waiting to play the first one for awhile. I'll claim Evil Dead and OlliOlli World but knowing me, I'll never end up playing them judging by all the other free monthly games I've claimed and never played.