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  1. I played it about a month ago on the PS5 and the only issue I had was the main menu was really laggy, almost like it's about to crash, but once you loaded your save and got into the main game it was fine. I had an old PS4 save already uploaded to my PS5 though, I know people are saying the crashing mostly happens when you start a new game/new save so keep that in mind. It looks noticeably bad on PS5 too, very grainy resolution so I'd recommend playing it on the PS4 anyway for that reason.
  2. Well, that's why people have a problem with it. It punishes those that try to race well while rewarding those that don't. It should be the opposite. It's also cheap. You can be flawless the whole race but make one tiny mistake at the end and the AI will immediately pass you and you lose, do it over again and be even more flawless. The better you are the more it punishes you. I'd rather just have normal difficulty selection like most other games. You want a more aggressive/faster AI? Pick hard difficulty. Want an easy time and win everything easily then pick easy. This rubberbanding mechanic in racing games is just a cheap, lazy way to artificially make racing games more unnecessarily difficult. DiRT 5 originally didn't have rubber-banding and they added it in for the last DLC patch. The game was much better prior to the rubber-banding patch. Don't know why they felt the need to change it.
  3. Because the older DiRT games featured Rally events before they split it off and made the separate Rally game series. With that said, the older DiRT games were much more enjoyable. DiRT 5 isn't bad but it's also the weakest in the series of games where each passing sequel gets less and less enjoyable and more and more repetitive and boring. DiRT 2 was the best one IMO.
  4. Basically any PS2-era arcade racer. Mainly Midnight Club II, Burnout, Flatout, Nascar Thunder/Dirt To Daytona/Heat, Twisted Metal Black (if that counts) and the Need For Speed's from this era hold a special place in my heart. They don't make them like that no more. The PS3 era had some gems as well like Test Drive Unlimited, Motorstorm, Blur and Split/Second but the PS2 was the heyday for arcade racers. The modern ones are terrible besides Wreckfest as the racing genre leans more towards simulation nowadays IMO.
  5. They patched the game when they released the last DLC that added rubber-banding AI. Before the patch, the game was really easy even on the hardest difficulty and you could literally lap the field on the shorter tracks if you were good. So Codemasters, in a lazy way to make it more difficult, instead of making the AI naturally faster and more competitive, they added cheap rubber-banding AI like every other arcade racer (i.e. The Crew, NFS, etc.). I don't like it either, rubber-banding AI is cheap and the better you are the more it punishes you when I think it should be the opposite but whatever. It's the status quo and I'm surprised it didn't have it originally, I wish they kept it that way. Dirt 5 is so easy still where as long as you don't make a catastrophic mistake near the end, you should be able to hold the lead even with the AI shadowing you. The tracks repeat so much in the career that you can memorize them pretty easily. If you're decent at racing games, it's still quite easy even after the patch. The Gymkhana events are harder than the actual races IMO.
  6. Generally, if a game has a lot of online trophies, I just don't do the online trophies. I hate playing online and I hate boosting unless it's a racing game or back in the day, Rock Band/Guitar Hero, I did those a lot. I'm not very good at all other types of games and I just get annihilated. Not much fun but all the ones I did do, I've always done it legit except a few. All the Nascar games I've done without boosting and the newest one Ignition was probably the most frustrating because online in that game was pretty much DOA from day one and it was a lot of waiting in peak hours hoping somebody joins in the Bump N Run lobby since practically everybody only enters the Shake N Bake lobbies. And then many would back out if they see there's only one other racer. It was excruciating getting to 50 races in each but I eventually got it done.
  7. Definitely complete the DLC first. Get readjusted to the game before jumping into ultra-hard and spend the time to stock up on resources before starting the ultra-hard playthrough since the merchant prices are very expensive on ultra-hard. You need A LOT of resources since the enemies take absurd amounts of damage and you need to constantly be maxed out with health potions as well. Also the weapons you get from the DLC are more powerful and will definitely make ultra-hard mode easier. Ultra-hard mode isn't that bad if you have the shield weaver armor, it would be truly ultra-hard without that armor. It allows you to take an extra 2-3 hits and the shield recharges automatically. Without it, you die in like 3 hits which can happen in one shot by the more powerful enemies. Tearblast, fire and precision arrows are a must but my main weapon of choice was the blast shot. Very helpful when you get overwhelmed by enemies, just start lobbing them everywhere, very effective. And just keep running and dodging and you'll get through 95% of the game easily, many fights you can just skip right past. The last mission is the only real hard part as you have a time limit to take down the last deathbringer but there's a checkpoint halfway through the fight so you don't have to re-do all 12 minutes of the fight if you die or fail. That was the only time I struggled and failed 3 times before I finally brought it down with like 10 seconds to spare.
  8. It's very easy if you're max level, have the shield weaver armor, and take the time to stock up on resources BEFORE you start your new game+ run. You'll need a lot of ammo since the enemies are damage sponges in ultra hard and merchants are expensive. I died/failed only 5 times and 4 of those 5 was on the final boss because I kept running out of time on my first few tries and my other time I got stuck in a corner and bombarded by a Deathbringer before I could get out and heal on one of the earlier missions. Tearblast and fire arrows are a must, light them up with fire arrows to expose enemies weak spots faster and shoot precision arrows at them but the main weapon I used was the blast shot. Very effective, just keep lobbing them all over the place and you'll do some serious damage. Higher fire damage and regular damage mods are the best to equip on all your weapons. Aside from that, it's a lot of running and dodging. Many fights you can just skip right past if it's not an objective to clear all enemies and the checkpoints are very generous especially on the last mission. There's a checkpoint halfway through each of the last 3 main fights which lessens the difficulty immensely. I'm terrible at games and am usually dissuaded going for hardest difficulty related trophies but this one was easy in my opinion.
  9. With that last DLC they literally patched it to make it harder (more aggressive AI and rubber-banding AI) compared to the other DLC's prior to the patch. It's still not very hard at all if you're decent at racing games just with the rubberbanding AI, you can't make so many mistakes because they stay in your shadow the whole race which can be nerve-wracking I guess. Before on easy difficulty, you could practically lap the field but I think that increased difficulty is what scared some people off from getting those trophies on the last DLC. But trust me, it's not that bad.
  10. Racing games are all the same, what separates the good from the bad ultimately are the handling controls and Payback has atrocious controls. Your input is just so delayed, it makes everything in this game unnecessarily more difficult like navigating around the insane amounts of traffic that get in your way constantly. There's no way to do last minute avoidance, you have to make your move way in advance to avoid that one car that's in your way because your car reacts so slowly to your inputs. A game like this requires really tight handling controls and it just doesn't have it, it's the complete opposite, and it's very frustrating even for a veteran racing game player. It's just a bad racing game even for NFS's already subpar standards.
  11. Because your wording is terrible and still I don't agree. Yeah, there will probably be a lot of people impressed but equally, there will definitely be a huge chunk of people not impressed and highly critical of it as is with anything happening today. We are completely divided on everything, there is nothing that can occur or be released where almost everybody agrees with it. There was a time where that was true, that time is long gone. Everybody playing the critic rather than realizing and appreciating the great things we have and the time we're living in. All these great things wasted on the worst generation of people to ever walk this earth where nothing can ever be good enough. That's all I'm saying. You're allowed to have your opinion otherwise, never said nor implied that you weren't, but there's a big difference between being critical of true shortcomings and nitpicking and from my perspective, most people who are 'critical' tend to be the biggest nitpickers and they consider these nitpickings as valid and significant criticism to the point where they feel they need to make a post about it online whereas I don't.
  12. I don't believe that for a second. If the PS2 came out in the 80's instead of the 00's, those people would have their minds blown by the technology and you're crazy if you believe otherwise. People 20 years ago were much more open and accepting than they are today. Now, people take new tech for granted and most of the great things we have today aren't even appreciated.
  13. Maybe because we live in a world now where people crave constant and instant gratification and expectations are unrealistically high. If this console was released 20 years ago, people would be losing their minds about how good it is. Only in this day and age can such a powerful console such as the PS5 can be perceived as 'disappointing'. What exactly were you expecting? For it to reveal the secrets of the universe? Dump a nugget of gold on your floor every time you turn it on? You don't like the UI and the themes so therefore it's bad? Give me a break...
  14. The gameplay is fine and that's all that really matters. Graphics are secondary and unless there are some just awful graphical glitches and errors then it shouldn't even factor in to your opinion on a game IMO. A video game is about the gameplay, the interactivity and overall how fun the game is. I play a game to play it, not obsess over its graphics. Graphics don't make the gameplay better and if you believe it does then you're playing games for the wrong reasons.
  15. Well then don't play it then, problem solved. I don't understand when people are so obsessed with getting platinum trophies that they play games they don't even like to get them and then even complain about it. What is the point of trophy hunting if you're not having fun with it? I think it's time you ask yourself that.