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  1. So you can utilize cheats from the very start of the game unlike the other glitch where you have to get to Seattle/Day 1 legit before you can start using the cheat glitch. The beginning of the game is easy enough to get through legit so I don't think this glitch is totally necessary but anything to make it easier helps I guess. The only somewhat difficult part is the supermarket section.
  2. It's an easy platinum, not a very fun one as the trophy list is basically just play the game and get all the collectibles. There are a ton of collectibles and the game is quite long so it's a slog to get through especially when you have to take constant detours to get collectibles. And you have to do at least a partial NG+ run to get all the upgrades too. The story in this game doesn't warrant playing it again, you experience it once and that's enough for a lifetime, it's not like the first game that had much higher replay-ability. The first game I probably played 10 times all the way through, completed on grounded multiple times just for fun on the PS3, this game I played once and had no desire to ever play it again until I go for the grounded and permadeath trophies which is what I'm currently working on and it sucks. Not only is grounded mode significantly harder in Part II, but its reminding me why I never had the desire to come back to this game to begin with and why I put it off so long. It's hard to explain until you play it yourself to see why Part I and Part II are so different and while Part II has incredible game design and gameplay, even better than Part I in most aspects, but there's a reason why most people largely prefer Part I over Part II regardless. With all that said, Part II is definitely worth experiencing at least once. It's a brilliant game with a lot of thought and care put into it, much more than 99% of other games that get released. Even though I didn't personally enjoy the experience all that much, I'm still glad I did experience it if that makes any sense. If you have any respect for the art of video games, then this game is an absolute must-play whether you end up liking it or not.
  3. 4am - 7am - 0 8am - 15 9am - 100 Not at all surprising to me, I never liked playing video games at night before bed let alone at 4 in the morning. I'd much rather get a good nights sleep and make sure I'm fresh for work at 5 am. Have quite a few trophies earned from 10pm-3am but those were most definitely back in my college days when I absolutely had nothing else to do and could stay up all hours of the night because I could just sleep all the next day, the bum that I was back then. These days, I'm in bed by 9pm where most of my gaming is done late afternoon and evening when I get home from work.
  4. Try and headshot the paint bombers. If you hit them with body shots, you tend to also hit the bombs on him and make them explode before you can pick them up. Had to do that one far too many more times than I care to admit until I finally figured it out.
  5. There's a good chance Cosmic Marveller will not pop if you don't get all the comics in one-sitting. In that case, go back through chapter select and recollect all the comics again. Make sure after collecting you reach a checkpoint so the game saves. Then go to the next chapter and rinse and repeat until it pops. It seems to pop anywhere from Chapters 1-5. Some people have it pop in Chapter 1, some all the way at Chapter 5 and some in between. For me it popped after recollecting the comic in Chapter 2.
  6. Had no issues on PS5. Did it on 1st attempt. I died like 2-3 times, quit out of the game twice and still got the secret ending trophy. My deaths were near the beginning of a checkpoint though and I only shut off the game after I knew I reached a checkpoint just to be on the safe side. When you get a signal, just try not to die before reaching the next checkpoint and you should be good. The only small problem I had was the game would unequip the telekinesis bullets every time you overheat your chip thingy. The only way to fix it was to unequip everything and reequip it.... or just be sure not to overheat your chip while grinding it out.
  7. I agree. This game lacks all the charm that made previous Saints Row's enjoyable. This game is just stale and the writers for it are clearly either terrible and don't get humor or they were trying really hard not to offend anybody. I tend to think it's a mixture of both and it in turn ruined one of the most redeeming qualities of Saints Row. Clearly a mistake to make the game more grounded and rely almost entirely on gunplay. I miss the powers you had in IV. At least you had options to change up your approach. This game is just mindless monotony. It is what it is, I didn't hate the game itself though, I hated all the bugs and glitches forcing you to constantly restart the game and reload saves. Never played a game that crashed as much as this one. At least once every hour of gameplay and I'm not even exaggerating.
  8. It's a little vague in a couple spots and where the guide says the achievements should pop is not always accurate but overall, it is indeed 100%. If you follow it word-for-word, you'll get all the trophies regardless in the end.
  9. Back when I was hardcore into Rock Band, I remember splurging and dropping like $250 one time and bought practically every DLC pack they released for it up to that point. Just to move up on the leaderboard on rockbandscores. Ah those were the days; 18 years old, no bills to pay, all my income was expendable.
  10. Had the same problem, probably on the same mission as you. As long as you keep shooting in the general direction of the enemies, they'll eventually move close to the edge of the bridge allowing you to headshot them. Had to restart the checkpoint a couple times but eventually they all move to the edge allowing you to kill them. Just another flaw on top of seemingly endless flaws this game has. Every time I turn on the game, I run into a new one. It is what it is.
  11. You have to go to the PS3 menu to sync streamed PS3 trophies on the PS5. I had the same 'issue' recently except it wasn't an issue, I just didn't realize how to do it correctly as it's not exactly obvious. This video shows exactly how to do it, better than I could explain it:
  12. Charging full $70 MSRP for a re-re-release most people have already played multiple times already with only minimal upgrades probably has most to do with it. If it had a price tag of say $40, it would have been a lot more enticing to many players and would have sold much more. And judging by the poor numbers, I'd imagine it will get a significant price cut sooner than later. Pure greed and arrogance to release a game like this for $70, there's no justifying it.
  13. It's not a fallacy, it's being rational. How common and often do people really go back and play 10 year old games? The answer is it's not very common or often enough to warrant continuing supporting online servers for games that are a decade past their prime and peak player base. Even among the trophy hunting community itself, it's really a minority that still have a PS3 and bother going back that far in time to get trophies for these older games. There is no way to play every single game that comes out and get 100% for it, that's a given constant. Nobody is implying people have infinite time, nobody has infinite time, that is indeed a flawed argument but nobody is actually saying that as their argument. What also is a constant is that game servers have an expiration date and if getting 100% trophies for every game you play is something that you like to do, then that is your responsibility to be on top of that and understand that older games have that risk, if you want to call it that. Trophy hunters tend to be the ones that are blinded, not the other way around.
  14. You can't expect game servers to stay up indefinitely just to appease a very small, niche group of people that truly still care about these older games and the online capabilities for them because of trophies. No PS3 game server shutdowns should be a 'surprise' to anyone. It's an old system that (relatively speaking) nobody is really playing anymore hence, many servers for those games have already been shutdown and have been shutdown for awhile now already. The vast majority of people that had the intention of getting the 100% for a game like this already got it and had it for awhile now. The only surprising thing here is that the Rayman Legends servers for PS3 are still up in the year 2022. That's the surprising thing. I would've figured a game like this would've had its servers closed long ago.
  15. Because he was talking about the PS3, not the PS2 or PS1. It's apples and oranges and not a valid comparison. The PS3 was an expensive console to make and sold at a pretty significant loss and was also a notoriously difficult console to develop on due to its complex architecture. This in turn has also made emulation very difficult and only rather recently has PS3 emulation gotten good enough to be acceptable and played through via emulation. If it was easy and was a 'miniscule cost', they would do it. They would put the capabilities of backwards compatibility of PS3 games on the PS4 and PS5. But it's not quite that easy nor is it cost effective. Market demands matter as well. People say they want backwards compatibility and it's really important and I would tend to agree with respect to preserving the older games through time BUT at the same time, there's not many people still playing PS1, PS2 and PS3 games these days. People make a big stink about backwards compatibility when they don't have it but when they do, they don't use it anyway. It's a small market, miniscule you can say in comparison to the amount of players playing PS4 and PS5 games naturally. It's not that 'nobody is using it', it's that there's not enough people using it in order to justify spending the money to upkeep and support something that only a few amount of people still care about. There is never going to be a threat of running out of PS1, PS2 and PS3 consoles at least for the foreseeable future. Go to a flea market, they're everywhere with most still in working order and most non-functioning ones are capable of being fixed rather easily. There's more than enough out there in the wild to meet the current demand for them which isn't that high and demand that will only continue to dwindle over time. Same with even older consoles like the NES and Atari. They're just sitting in dusty old boxes in peoples attics long forgotten and just waiting to be bought by some person on a retro video game nostalgia trip. They can preserve the games through emulation, but native backwards compatibility is something people need to forget about, I personally don't think it's that important in the grand scheme of things. You want to play PS2 games? Get a PS2. The problem with official emulation would be getting and maintaining licensure but that's always going to be the problem with digital content. Physical is not forever either, eventually discs will rot out, blu-rays will burn out, be subject to other kinds of damage through time deeming them unusable and then what the hell is the point of having native backwards compatibility at that point if there are no discs to use it with? You want to reproduce all those discs that would need to be replaced? That costs money. Say the discs last 100 years, that's still a finite lifespan on physical media if the damaged products aren't being replaced or repaired which they wouldn't and couldn't be. It would work for now though but for long-term future preservation, emulation is the name of the game and I think Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are all well aware of that and are moving themselves in that direction.
  16. For NFS standards, Heat is one of the better ones that has been released. Best PS4-era NFS in my opinion. For free it's certainly worth a download if arcade racers is something you're into. Trophy-wise, it's not too terrible albeit a bit grindy with all the activities and collectibles you need to do. No glitched trophies that I know of. 3-starring all activities is the toughest trophy in the game but it's more forgiving than Payback was. Still, there's a few that are tough and will take you quite a few attempts. Best advice is to focus on drifting and get gud at it as soon as possible as those are the most challenging and frustrating activities to 3-star. If you aren't good at drifting, you stand no chance of getting 3-stars.
  17. Meh, I loved the game but not enough to warrant playing a 3rd version of it that doesn't really change much of anything significant from the previous 2 versions. Stupid easy trophy list though as they removed the difficulty trophies and no factions but that's par for course with most modern AAA games like this so it's not surprising. Idk, I'll probably pick it up down the road when it's on sale for like 20 bucks or so. Highway robbery they're charging the full $70 retail price for this but eh, that's a hot take for another day.
  18. I tend to agree with the sentiment that people do tend to blindly follow reviews and first impressions too much and that's how they formulate their own opinion on the game. "These people said it's bad therefore I think it's bad too even though I haven't played it". That's very much the case it seems with this game. The reviews of this game are mostly mediocre and it looks like many people seem to think mediocrity means terrible which I disagree with entirely. From my own experience, games that get bad receptions are almost never as bad as what people say and there have been more games I've played that have gotten rave reviews that I didn't like at all. It's made me more skeptical of positive reviews more than anything because the current status quo of what people believe constitutes a good game or not is so off base from what I personally believe makes a good game. Gamers these days seem to care more about graphics and performance more than anything when I couldn't care less about those things. As long as both those things are good enough and it doesn't affect gameplay too much, it's fine by me. I just want to play fun games that have fun gameplay, this is where I fundamentally disagree with the modern gamer consensus and likely why I don't like most modern games because they cater to that crowd and not my style. Video games are interactive experiences, you have to play them first hand to get the true experience and one persons experience won't necessarily be the same as somebody else's. People say the trailer was terrible. When I watched it, it just looked like another typical Saints Row game to me. Right in line with the silliness of where IV and Gat Out of Hell left off. Nothing special, just a fun, silly game to play and pass the time. I haven't played it yet but I have bought it, not going to arrive until Thursday, so I'll see for myself soon enough. I can tell already it won't be a game I hate at the very least. Worst case scenario, I'll find it just okay but that's what my expectations were already to begin with for a game like Saints Row. Reviews and general first impressions do hold value though, I just don't believe it should be the entire reason people choose to play or not play certain games. Dying Light 2 also got pretty mediocre reviews and some bad reception. To me, that game is my current Game of the Year quite easily over the rest of the drivel that has come out this year so far. Dying Light 2 is a great game that I had a lot of fun with but if I blindly followed the reviews and general consensus of it, I probably would have never played it.
  19. It's the same with debating music genres. Many people will have totally different definitions of what constitutes as rock or metal or any of its bajillion subgenres where many are just derivatives of each other and don't need to exist at all. Made-up genres essentially that unnecessarily convolutes the whole thing and people will argue with you all day which subgenre a certain band falls under like it's a matter of life and death that they prove you wrong. It is pointless because everybody holds a different definition and genres mean different things to different people. As a debate among other people it is pointless but as an individual, it's not so pointless as how you personally categorize things can help you discover similar things that fall under the same category that you may also enjoy and that's all that really matters.
  20. Depends on player style and how you played the games I suppose. When I played Metro, it felt like an FPS so I played it like one and for the most part, it doesn't punish you for brute forcing your way through it (at least on normal difficulty) which is kind of the MO for FPS's. As I stated before, I didn't enjoy the games at all so hence my brute forcing them. Whereas a game like Deus Ex, it doesn't really give you an option, if you don't play it stealthily the game will punish you for it so for a game like that, I'd feel more inclined to not label it an FPS and say it's more a stealth action RPG. Same with Fallout, I'd say that's an RPG predominately over its FPS elements, Bioshock? Yeah, that's an FPS all day long in my book with loose RPG elements.
  21. I'm not a big fan of the Metro games either, I forced myself to play them because of all the acclaim and they'd seem like games I'd like but after slogging through them all, I feel no inclination to ever touch these games again. With that said, Exodus was easily the one I enjoyed the most. You play in the first person and the vast majority of the gameplay involves you shooting guns in the first person, how does it NOT qualify as a first-person shooter? Albeit, a different style of FPS but that doesn't change the fact it's still a FPS.
  22. Instead of having two visual experiences going at the same time like a video game and TV which is pretty hectic to keep up with, even for someone with ADD I'd imagine, maybe instead have a video game and then some kind of audio sensory input going as a background like music or podcasts or an audiobook or something like that to keep you engaged in both things. I tend to do that myself for racing games or other sports games where you don't really need to listen to the audio of the game to play and having some kind of external audio helps me maintain interest in the game that may otherwise be losing my interest. Or even open-world games with a lot of trivial side content to complete (think Ubisoft titles), I'll mute the game, put on some good music or a podcast and just go to work on completing all that boring ass side content. I find that greatly helps keeping me engaged in the game while also enjoying some good tunes or laughing at a podcast at the same time.
  23. A little more than 'a few'. It took me about 8-9 hours of looping back and forth across the Grand Upper Bridge with a fully upgraded fast car to get 1000 miles. This is the fastest way to grind it out as the bridge is just a straight line and you can get well above 140MPH by the end and then just turn around and go back the other way and do that over and over. There's also a gas station and repair shop nearby when you need it which is convenient. I just put on a good podcast to listen to and went for about an hour at a time in which I'd clock in about 100 miles per session. Took me a week to get it because I also have a life to attend to. Definitely beats 25+ hours it'd take using the falling glitch and overheating/damaging your PS3 in the process.
  24. Like most modern games, it's just a'ight. The writing and voice acting was good, that was about the only memorable thing about it. Then again, I'm also completely burnt out on anything to do with Marvel that I'm just completely uninterested in anything superhero related these days. Is this superhero craze ever going to end already?
  25. Shame you can't just leave it falling and forget about it for a day, the stupid game pauses about every 100k points so you have to keep checking back every 15-20 minutes or so to make sure it's still going. Shitty trophy to cap off a shitty DLC.