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  1. Randomly decided to play along with this and I got "I ran naked with my lover because I'm sexy like that"
  2. Bring me the Horizon - Shadow Moses Bring me the Horizon - Sleepwalking
  3. I'm not sure what kind of definition you're looking for but a gamer is someone who plays video games in his/her spare time for fun. I don't think think there's a better explanation that
  4. I think I forgot my blow dryer on again
  5. Banned for having such a cute avatar ^.^
  6. Keep both accounts, I created a spare account just to replay some of the games I really liked and to get a better completion rate, but I still use my original account (even though I hate the name) because I really don't want all my hard work on that account to go to waste. Also what would happen if you make the same mistake on your new account? Will you start over again? I'm sure if the demand is large enough Sony might actually allow users to changer their IDs in the future.
  7. Has the Disgaea 3 platinum trophy, which I totally respect
  8. Time for the real men to come out and play Is that Piers and Chris Redfield?
  9. Aexuz of the Nexus
  10. Banned for unreasonable banning