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  1. I have many problems with the "30 chloroform use on enemy agents" trophy. Every time i try to grind uses, when I reach the 11th reload the game crash with CE-34878-0 error. My PS4 firmware is the latest available, the game has the latest patch (1.01). I tried to: - save the game, do both the available kills and reload the save made previously; - save the game, do both the available kills and restart mission; - do the same above changing every time the mission; - do both the available kills, reload some times (3 o 5 times), then exit to main game menu an continue the game. I don't know how I can unlock this damn trophy, so I need help from who has unlocked it. Thank you. EDIT: I also tried to uninstall and then reinstall the game 2nd EDIT: trying to be sooooo fast with the kills let me unlock the trophy...
  2. For the 100% completation you need: Complete All Story Missions 10 Stranger Missions Strands 5 Bounties 25 Chance Encounters 1 Bushwhacked 6 Gang Hideouts 1 Points of Interest 9 Graves 144 Cigarette Cards 30 Dinosaur Bones 13 Legendary Fish All Exotics Tasks for Algernon Wasp 10 Rock Carvings All Hunting Requests from Train Stations 1 Treasure Hunter Chain 20 Dreamcatchers 50 Animals Discovered 10 Pieces of Equipment Obtained 10 Species of Fish Caught 6 Gangs Discovered (Automatic from Story) 10 Breeds of Horses Discovered 20 Types of Plants Collected 48 Different Types of Weapons Used Reach Maximum Health, Stamina and Dead Eye Reach Horse Bonding Level 4 9 Challenges Completed 5 Shacks Found 5 Legendary Animals Killed 4 Table Games Played 5 Ranters, Ravers, and Campaigners interacted with 1 Bath Taken (at Hotel) 1 Show watched 1 Theater visited 6 Recipes crafted: Craft 1 cooking recipe, 1 tonic, 1 type of ammunition, 1 hunting item, 1 horse care item, and 1 weapon 4 Robberies: Coach Robbery, Home Robbery, Shop Robbery, Train Robbery
  3. Same for me, I opened over 800 motherboxes and found only 7/8 abilities. I have 141 abilities unlocked, and Cat Call not.
  4. You're wrong, the social club stats save without problems
  5. You need 2 people (you and another person) to boost online trophies
  6. No problem for me, I boosted 90% of multi trophies without any type of problem
  7. Be sure to do ALL Tonya's missions, if you don't have her mission active try to call her.
  8. I can confirm that I've already received the money 2 or 3 days ago
  9. I'll buy the game when I'll find a good price cut, but I won't platinum it...
  10. If you redeem the pass before it was delisted you can find it in your library, and you can download it. I used the pass included in Dirt3 free with PS+
  11. Headlander Dynamite with a laser Beam Defeat the Kill Queen
  12. Please sign me for Fortune Hunter rank, I've got the platinum trophy for U1, U2, U3 on PS3, Golden Abyss and U4 and 100% on Fight For Fortune. Thanks
  13. Someone who played the game can tell me if the fan trick is ok?
  14. I confirm, it's better start directly with Hard