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  1. The grabbing has become quite extreme recently. I didn’t mind it at first as it’s a legitimate part of the game but it’s not very good natured so the fact that it’s more common now is a pain. I had a great final on jump showdown where four of us were all left on the last platform and jumping over the bar. It went on for a good while and I actually thought how fair played the other three players were as nobody did any grabbing. It was quite refreshing!
  2. I think the collectibles in the game are one of its best parts. I really enjoy driving round finding them. Haven’t managed to find a derelict cars yet but the billboards and casino tokens are fun.
  3. Managed to get my off-road over 275 tonight with some speed cards and started playing online! I didn’t have any trouble finishing matches - Saturday evening is probably a fairly busy time and it’s a popular game right now too.
  4. Perfect thank you - I went for the deluxe upgrade as only a little bit more for some extra goodies. might also buy the Aston Martin DB5 just for James Bond coolness 😎
  5. I can’t seem to get online in this game. It says I need a level 275 car, I have a level 320 car yet it still won’t let me access the multiplayer??
  6. Is it worth buying the deluxe edition upgrade? I think it includes the DLC pack with the extra trophies - does anyone know?
  7. I’ve played it for about a couple of hours now and it’s growing on me actually. I don’t think it’s that bad. I’ve been doing the off roading section which was pretty fun and getting the hang of upgrading the car with those speed cards which is a bit weird of doing upgrades but I’m getting used to it. I last played NFS 2015 which I quite enjoyed too so I’m starting to think maybe NFS has a bit of an unnecessarily bad name. Ok they aren’t classics but they aren’t exactly bad either.
  8. Yes I had a go on Gauntlet mode thinking it would be right up my street as I wasn’t too keen on the team games but actually I didn’t think it was as good as the main mode. It missed the variety.
  9. Shame there’s no new trophies. I’ve played three of the four levels so far - I really enjoyed the race level and the one with the hoops but I really disliked the one with the boxes you need to stack. I just kept getting knocked over it was very frustrating 😂
  10. Glad with this pick. Just recently played Need for Speed 2015 which I really enjoyed. I remember when this came out I thought it looked ok being quite heavily story based but the reviews put me off actually getting it but happy to play it now! Done the first few missions and it’s ok. Not my favourite NFS but will need to give it more time.
  11. Shame that but never mind. Thanks for letting me know I’m not just being a nonce and can’t work it out 😂
  12. Yeah I did 25 of the months challenges - didn’t do that great in any of them but ended up with over 500 points
  13. Is there outside vehicle view in this game? I’ve pressed every button and can’t work out if there is. The cockpit view is cool as well but I would love to see the outside of the ship sometimes during missions too.
  14. There’s some interesting points here that make me agree this is a wasted opportunity. I’ve only played the opening mission so far and quite enjoyed it, most likely fuelled by my love of the SW flight games on N64. But it is a shame there doesn’t appear to be more to this single player than that.