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  1. Just finished this on PS5. I thought it looked pretty good for a game that isn’t AAA. The atmosphere is spot on though even if visuals are not.
  2. Fantastic that worked thank you. I think I was waiting for them to quit and then rehiring them, but firing then rehiring worked a treat
  3. Just finished the campaign and was utterly disappointed. I haven’t played BF for years but with this being free in ps plus thought I’d give it a go. I remember loving BF3 and 4 campaigns. This can hardly be called one. It’s more like multiplayer with AI. I did quite enjoy the skiing around, and the Tirailleur section was most enjoyable, but on the whole it was not great gaming. The checkpoints were awful having to replay large sections of gameplay if you died. But now that I’ve done it I’m going to jump on to the multiplayer. Hopefully that’s as good as I remember! I will probably be very rusty though!!
  4. I just went for the multiplayer trophy this week and experienced this lag - it was like online gaming from last gen! Not had it that bad for a very long time. The plus side was that the lag kinda made the game funny. It might send you off on a crazy crash or cause a multi car pileup so it didn’t bother me too much.
  5. I’ve just downloaded this but not got around to playing. Out of interest can anyone answer my questions: 1. Does the starter pack give out trophies? 2. I own hitman 1 (free through PS Plus and Hitman 2 (I bought on PSN store). Can I play these levels on the Hitman 3 Starter Pack? I don’t own Hitman 3 but probably will at some point (although on disc) will game saves transfer between starter pack and disc version? I’ve googled these but can’t seem to find any info so if anyone knows and can share my thanks in advance!
  6. Just started playing it this afternoon and quite enjoyed the opening few hours. I’m glad it was free I never would have bought it but it makes a nice change of pace from the usual shooting/racing/action games I play.
  7. Guide from the start! Lol. I’m about halfway through and quite enjoying it but it’s so abstract I don’t know how you can work it out! I’ve used a guide from the first puzzle to help me then just kept using it. it’s still fun to experience and play though so I don’t mind.
  8. I’ve been having trouble unlocking this. Playing in career I’ve had two occasions where an employee has quit and I’ve then rehired them but the trophy hasn’t unlocked. Do I have to do it in a specific game mode or way to unlock? thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Finally managed to get a PS5 today and this was the first thing I did on the new console. It’s absolutely brilliant. I love it. I’ve got other full priced titles to play but this is the game I’ve chosen to play over those!
  10. I picked up the season pass in a sale for £15 (iirc?). I’m sure it will be in another sale again soon. That said I’m not sure how to actually access the dlc in game - maybe I haven’t progressed enough in the full game yet.
  11. I’ve been playing the game on base PS4. It’s not unplayable but it has been pretty bad. I’ve not had 15FPS bad myself but so many glitches, bugs, crashes etc. I tried it again this afternoon after the new patch but it was still pretty samey. it’s a good game when it’s going along ok and I want to play it but I think I’ll shelve it now because I do want to try to play it when it’s on its best form - so after patch or when I get PS5.
  12. I really want to play this as I was enjoying the game despite technical issues , and with Christmas coming up I had the time to sink into it over the break, but with them saying they will be doing further patches I feel like I want to wait to at least play it at the best quality I can. So for me gonna shelve it a for a few months. Not the worst I still have lots of other things to play but this is what I was most looking forward too.
  13. That’s good news shame about the wait though. I’d love to play it now but think I might wait until more patches are out for PS4 or I upgrade to PS5 (hopefully soon if they ever become easily available!) storyline wise/mission wise it’s been great so it’s rubbish the technical limitations are hampering it!
  14. Played this on Thursday on base PS4 and had many graphical issues - low res, constant freezing for a few seconds, bugs. Etc. Played for three hours played some more today (about 2 hours) and found it wasn’t as bad as my first play session, a lot smoother and none of the freezing. I just wonder if that patch from Friday really did do some good?
  15. I quite enjoy the worms games and having played about an hour of this have also quite enjoyed it. I don’t play many online multiplayer shooter and expected it to be like Call of Duty where when I play I just get cream crackered every 10secs. I actually do it alright here! Trophy wise I got a stack over the first few games but having looked at the list the rest seem quite grindy. It’s a fun game but doesn’t really have the longevity those trophies seem to expect. Maybe there will be plenty of free updates like Fall Guys which might keep me poking my head in though.