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  1. It was terrifying for me.... Hours and hours spent on the same two-three stages 😔 if you already got all other trophies, I suggest you Sweden SSS... It's not too short but very fast.
  2. I got the plat for GT Sport with an old account... But I suppose the on line is quite empty
  3. Thanks 🙂 I love racing games... Did you play the entire game with a DS5? I would like to start GT sport and AC with my ds4...
  4. Great job mate. Did yuou use the joypad?
  5. # 28 F1 Manager 2022
  6. # 27 - WRC 10
  7. Same here. I win the first two events in the Annyversary Mode. Then i won other two events in the career but no trophy popped. The trophy description says "complete" 12 events (i suppose and hope in the career) and not "win"... i hope the trophy will pop after i complete 12 events....
  8. # 26 - Slipstream
  9. Get the plat for the hardest racing games on PS4...
  10. I won every race. I deleted the game and the save, then I played again the tournament and it popped... Thanks 😊
  11. I just won the Ruby cup and won every race of the Championship. No trophy popped but in the game trophy section I can have the two trophies (Ruby Cup and Invincible) Any advices?
  12. # 25 F1 2022
  13. Did you get it? I have same problem... What a stupid trophy...
  14. F1 2022 + 100% Grid Legends
  15. 🏍️ 22 - 23 - 24 Ride Ride 2 Ride 3 + 100%
  16. Sorry but i don't remember. I deleted the game and start again the carrer. If i remember well, skip a single race or qual and the type of contract don't affect the trophies.
  17. I'm just finished my first season in the European Championship. But i can't start a new season: no more races, no more contracts... What i have to do now? Thanks!!!
  18. I had to start a new career...
  19. Until last years this little gem was available via PS Now but it was removed as Now ended. Now, how can i play the game on PS4?
  20. # 21 - Gran Turismo 7 This is a special platinum for me... it takes me back to my teenage days: as a pc gamer at that time, Grant Turismo made me fall in love with the Playstation. Despite everything, still today, the best racing game on Playstation!!!
  21. It still works. Thanks mate, it saves a lot a time
  22. I completed 51 races but no trophy... Why? 🫤 EDIT I got it after completed 52 races!!!
  23. 70 in Sport mode? Private lobbies don't count for the trophy...
  24. I don't know why but you have to complete 52 races...
  25. I only miss this one for the plat.... 😊