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  1. Thank you, I did try but clearly not hard enough.😑 I must have done this without realizing before I left my ps4 a few weeks ago and it's been bugging me ever since. Will be home to fix in another few days. Now I feel silly. Appreciate the help.
  2. I've noticed on this and truetrophies this game is not showing up on my list, and it's throwing my OCD for a loop. Anyone else notice this or have any ideas?
  3. Thanks, nice seeing you here as well as over there. Can't count how many of your text guides I've used!
  4. I'd probably give the better game nod to Arkham as well, just better atmosphere, story, and graphics. But the Batmobile got a bit tiring in that, and 100 hours into Mad Max I still love chasing a convoy around and just exploring the gorgeous world. That said, watch out for the infamous 190/191 scavenging bug. I realized i had it with only about 10 locations to go and about halfway done with the story, but I enjoy this game enough I reverted back to a much earlier save with minimal grumbling. Still, I wish I had kept an eye on this from the beginning. I got this for 8$ on psn and its probably in my top five dollar-to-entertainment value ratio. Whatever that means. Lol🤔
  5. Yeah, I had all but given up on this platinum a few weeks ago due to an inability to stay logged into Breach mode for more than 3 minutes at a time. I had tried going down to about 80 friends but it changed nothing. After this patch, I was just logged in for more than an hour with no issues. Other than the fact that this mode sucks and doesn't even feel like a Deus Ex game. Oh, well. At least they fixed it. Thanks for the heads up, guys!
  6. Don't know what else to say buddy! The guides here are great, use them, just keep playing and it'll click eventually. Again, more than half of your time will be sort of mindless, so mix it up with other games and chip away at the levels.
  7. I'm sitting here watching the credits waiting for the plat to pop after my final playthrough, and I can say it honestly wasn't that terrible a grind, and actually became sort of challenging and fun to beat the proud playthroughs at a lower level. However, i also enjoy a mindless grind sometimes when binge watching a netflix show haha. At first I really didn't get the card system or like it all that much, and it really took me til about halfway thru the second run to get the hang of it. Get the easy runs out of the way early, and start chasing enemy cards (really not that awful at all as some people say), use the excellent guides here for tips. I mixed it up also, switching between grinding levels, playthroughs, and sora/riku every 2 hours or so of playtime. Actually the fake it til you make it kinda is the best advice lol, just keep chugging away and the card mechanics will just click, and it then becomes actually a pretty intense and strategic quick paced battles. Abuse sonic blade for most bosses! Riku is faster to get thru and kind of cool in that you don't have to worry about finding/setting a good deck. Great guides are here and at, as well! Good luck, my plat just popped so it's onto KH2 FINALLY lol. BTW total playtime is about 80 hours for everything. Good luck and happy hunting!
  8. PSN ID - troutdog PS Systems - ps3 Accepts Blank Friend Requests - sure, but why not mention psnprofiles, a game we have both played, or even just say hey?
  9. Hello from another new user! I hope to stick around, seems like a good site and I love the trophy card customization options!
  10. #10: Batman: Arkham Asylum Took me forever to get that damn Shock and Awe: Extreme!