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  1. How does this trophy work? Does it require a full squad?

    I have shared more than 25 kills with a squad of two players in a single game, but it hasn't popped yet.


  2. A lot of the trophies will unlock with the bots. But some require a squad, I encounter human players once in a while - so it's definitely still being played. I'd like to boost some of the squad based trophies.


  3. Is it possible to start playing the PS5 version of Crossout, and once I have earned all trophies - launch the PS4 version to autopop the trophies?


    Some games (GTA:V) only let you migrate in one direction, and others (Genshin Impact) let you switch back and forth between PS4 and PS5, and trophies will autopop either way.

    Would love to get confirmation on this, thanks!


  4. Is it actually possible to switch from PS4 version to PS5, and back to PS4? 

    I'd rather continue getting the trophies on PS5.. but not if it prevents me from 'downgrading' back to the PS4 version and popping the trophies I earned on PS5.


    As a reference, the Grand Theft Auto PS5 update doesn't let you play your online character in the PS4 version, it is a one time migration.

    However Genshin Impact lets you switch between PS4 and PS5 build, in both directions - and trophies will autopop.