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  1. With those stats, it's not looking good for that save file. You haven't been using the other autosave slots? I've been checking stats and changing slots every 2-3 hours. I hope that backup works out for you!
  2. Great guide for anybody thinking about starting the game still, but about this: What maths did you use here? I was under the impression you got 1 scrap from each crew every 10 minutes (6 scrap/crew/hour). I checked this myself once and got 9 scrap after ~90 minutes. This would put it at around 3.5 days for 4 crews to get 2000 scrap.
  3. I'm all for adding an option to sort like this, but it's not "true alphabetical", it's more like sorting by series alphabetically, then sorting within the series by release (or chronological) order. So "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" would appear first not because it's called "Uncharted 1" (it isn't), but because it is the first game in the Uncharted series. For sorting purposes only, I don't see anything wrong with using modified titles when appropriate (like ignoring "The", using "5" instead of "V", etc.) I hope the game titles aren't changed as suggested. For example, why should "The Last of Us Remastered" be renamed "The Last of Us"? The case, disc, game tile, trophy set, etc. all make it pretty clear what the game is called. How are you going to say you know better than the developers what the game should be called?
  4. There are links to the other regions at the top of this page. I do agree that some sort of PS Plus tag would be a great addition... if it isn't too much work
  5. I also had pretty high expectations going in, but ended up hating most of my time with it. I especially hated the switch to the RPG inventory management bullshit. Definitely one of the most overrated games around as far as I'm concerned. What's B&S?
  6. I know you already have the answer but just in case anyone else wants to know this - yes you only need a single free diamond to do the glitch. You can place the first 17 diamonds, just not the 18th diamond which is unlocked at rank 19 I think. And yeah this means you can't have all classes unlocked at the same time before doing the Warlord glitch, because that would require placing all 18 diamonds. So you either finish that last class after reaching rank 20, or you finish a class early on, then reset your diamonds, and then complete the other 5 classes (requiring you to place only 15 diamonds at once).
  7. Just a guess here, but could these be cars that you have to unlock in-game through progression? I seem to remember some DLC cars that you had the choice of unlocking or buying in the store. Which cars are you missing?
  8. You also need to earn a new trophy in order for your profile to update on PSNProfiles.
  9. I tried really hard to hate what you were saying but honestly it was entirely reasonable and you had some solid points.
  10. Quitting a match counts as a day. Quitting out of the game entirely (using PS button) does not.
  11. I just came across something similar today with The Banner Saga Trilogy. The game disc icon contains three "download" icons which just install the games from the disc (adding three more icons) and triggers the downloads for the updates. While annoying, this is so much better than if part of the game is locked behind a single use code, as it seems to be for LiS2.
  12. Thanks for the help. I thought I wanted this platinum but now I can rest easy knowing that I actually didn't want it at all.
  13. "The next time you start Minecraft, the new update will install automatically and free of charge." It doesn't sound like that's what they are saying. We'll find out soon enough though.
  14. It's a different game that has apparently just shutdown. The announcement said that "both console versions will be operational up until 09/06/2020" with limited functionality. This limited functionality includes that "matchmaking on consoles with other platforms will no longer be supported" from December 9th.
  15. No problem. Glad it helped. Feel free to ask if you're not sure about anything else. I added a summary to my post btw, just to make it easier to find the important info.