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  1. I've seen it suggested elsewhere that the DRM for the PC version of Liberation requires an online connection, so the game will become unplayable once that is shut off. If that's the case, there's no reason it would be delisted on the PS store too. It is included on the disc.
  2. This happens when you get notifications on the upcoming shutdowns & delistings thread but then the posts you were notified about get moved to their own thread.
  3. Alphabetical definitely makes more sense than going by date created, and you could even number your lists to create a custom order, so I'm all for it.
  4. Ha, this is not the first thing I've wanted to ask about before realising it would make more sense for Sly to fix, and then giving up on the idea entirely. So I'm guessing you can't just add "?secret=hide" or "?secret=show" to the address of any game pages you visit depending on a PSNP+ setting? This will be really helpful if I ever get around to adding my digital collection to a game list. I did miss having this button when I was doing my physical collection and had to click on every game. So thanks!
  5. Is it possible to get an option to always hide secret trophies by default? As it is now, if you click "show secret trophies" in one game, it changes that setting for all games, which is about the dumbest way for that to work. So many times now I've been accidentally spoiled because of it.
  6. What does rarity actually mean? For the base game, it is the ratio of those who completed a trophy to the those who attempted the trophy. This gives the rarity a strong association with the effort required to get the trophy (time, difficulty, enjoyment, etc), and for many, this ends up being the main takeaway from the value, and a litmus test for whether it's working in other cases where we cannot work out the true rarity. So what does it mean to attempt a trophy? For the base game, it's easy, if you started the game, you have the list on your profile, so you are counted as having attempted all the trophies. For the DLC, it's tricky, as there are multiple ways to define it, and we don't have all the information we need. Some people think if you played a game, and it has DLC trophies, then you should be considered to have attempted those trophies, regardless of whether you own the DLC, or if the DLC was even release when you played the game. Why? Because Sony decided DLC trophies are linked to the base game list. Wait a second... When did we ever listen to Sony about this stuff? If we cared what Sony thought, would this website even exist? Isn't the whole point of this site to take Sony's data and process it how we want? We don't follow Sony. Rarities existed on here before they ever did on PSN. Sony follows us. So why don't we define it how it makes the most sense? Well, what is rarity? The ratio of those who completed a trophy to the those who attempted the trophy. Ok, and how many people attempted the DLC trophies? How many people started up the DLC? Well... shit. Sony doesn't tell us that. So what do we do? We try our best to create a method that gives us some value to call the rarity. Method 1: Use the base game owners. Basically redefine the rarity so it doesn't matter if the trophies were attempted or not. Why? Because Sony says so (who cares what Sony says?), because they are "real numbers" (but still the wrong numbers), because we like ultra-rares (well then earn some trophies that are actually ultra-rare). Method 2: Use the "DLC owners" as defined on PSNP, which is those who have earned a trophy in the DLC. Why? Because they are "confirmed numbers" (but still the wrong numbers), because they fix the ultra-rare problem (but create new problems on the opposite side of the spectrum), because they are sometimes very reasonable looking values (and sometimes very not). And then we have Method 3, which is currently used. Some crazy person decided to average the above two methods and see what happens. And guess what? It just kinda worked. Yes, they were made up values, but they were closer to the true value than either of the two older methods. How do we know this? Because it was tested in cases where we can know, for example by comparing the PS3 version of some DLC trophies (using the geometric mean) to the PS4 edition where those trophies are included on the disc (using the base game owners). And so, this mysterious method which apparently gave numbers that are closer to the true value was accepted as a compromise. Because when everyone got together and saw how well it worked, they all voted and the overwhelming majorit... no wait. Because Sly decided he liked it lol. Good enough for me! It's not all fact vs emotion. Yes, there is plenty of emotion involved. But the "fact" of what rarity actually means is also clearly disputed.
  7. The only problem with DLC rarity is that the site calls it "rarity", to keep it consistent with the base game where that is what it actually is. If it was instead just some hidden value that was used to rate the "value" of trophies, then I doubt anyone would complain. And let's be honest, that's what most people take from the number now anyway. This kind of thing isn't necessarily wrong if you think about what the rarity means. Base game rarity tells us what percentage of those who started the base game earned a particular trophy on that list. If we were to extend that idea to DLC trophies (which we can't, because we don't have the required information), then it's entirely possible for DLC trophies that "follow on" from base game trophies to be less rare. For example, with a NG+ DLC list, a higher rarity is telling us that people who started NG+ were more likely to finish NG+ (compared to those who stared and finished NG). And that kind of makes sense, right? Not only are we looking at a more selective group who already finished NG, but NG+ is probably easier and quicker to finish on top. Yeah, that's pretty much how it went. Do you have a better suggestion on how to estimate the rarity with the limited information available for DLC? Because the two old systems (using base game owners, and using number of people who have earned a trophy in the DLC) are not it. Effort = Rarity. This includes things like difficulty, time investment, how enjoyable it is... All things that only come into play when you sit down and boot up the game. How much money is in your wallet should not come into it. That's not a good reason to use that number. We also know the number of squares on a chess board, but we aren't going to use that number for the calculation. Also not a good reason. Every game on PSN is (or was) available for everyone and people chose not to pay/start them. Does this mean every player should be counted in the rarity calculation for every game? Clearly we only count people who actually do pay and start the base game, and the only reason that isn't true for DLC is because that information isn't available.
  8. Suggestion to rename Evoland to "Evoland: Legendary Edition", which is the title of the two game bundle that the trophy list represents (Evoland is the title of the first game in the bundle only).
  9. Yes, the final step for the glitch requires you to earn over 1500xp in a single match. This might be tricky to manage with just one alt if you haven't learned the game yet (best spawns etc). If you are rank 3 now, you have unlocked some diamonds. If you follow the guide, it tells you how to lower your rank by placing these diamonds and then resetting them. You can lose one rank per match, and you can end the match quickly by capturing the points and killing the enemy captain. Each team has one captain (randomly selected). If you are only using one alt, then that is the captain by default. There are a few different paths to do the glitch from where you are. I would suggest first making sure you can earn 1500xp in one match, or arrange someone else to help if you can't. Then drop down to rank 1 by resetting your diamonds. And finally do the glitch (by doing all of this in one session: earn 1500xp+, derank again to rank 1, then reboot the game).
  10. You can make progress on Driveclub trophies while playing Driveclub Bikes, but then from what I can tell, you need to go and play Driveclub in order to trigger the trophy pop. But then the trophies you mentioned, show that you can even pop trophies from one game (or trophy list) while playing another.
  11. Driveclub and Driveclub Bikes share stats across multiple trophy lists.
  12. I like the idea, but something that would need to be figured out is what to do with games that have a wide range of answers depending on how you play the game. For example a puzzle game that is 8/10 difficulty, but only 1/10 with a guide. Or a game like Jak II which is 20 hours legit, but 1 hour with an exploit. Taking a weighted average of these just gives you a meaningless number. At least if the guide writer chooses the values, they can make sure it's appropriate for the method used in their guide.
  13. I thought I read somewhere that the US Lords of Shadow Collection came with the updates already installed on the disc. I can't find where I read that now, but at the very least, the US collection doesn't use same disc as the original release. US original - BLUS-30339 US collection - BLUS-31382 EU original and collection - BLES-01047 See here and here.
  14. Check your emails to see if you purchased them at the time. Otherwise you could try checking your transaction history on PS3 or the webstore, but in typical fashion it seems like that is barely working so it may not be reliable. If you are sure you purchased them, then you might be able to contact support to get it fixed. If you have the emails, then it will be a lot easier to do this.
  15. I had no issues updating to 1.03 yesterday using the AU Lords of Shadow Collection disc (which should be the same as the regular EU disc).