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  1. Great, thanks for the info.
  2. If you can't even start the game, how can you get the other two trophies?
  3. On this site you can easily see which platform/s a trophy list is for. This game says PS4 | PS Vita so you would know it is a shared list.
  4. Is it faster with more people even though every booster will need points instead of just yourself?
  5. Yes and no. The full game and season pass will give you access to all trophies in the main game list, but there are also DLCs that aren't included in the season pass that give you trophies in the Driveclub Bikes list. See here for some more info.
  6. And back to my original question... How are timestamps impossible if the game can glitch and give them to you in that order? Those timestamps would be possible, by its very definition. And your stance was that it doesn't matter if the trophies glitched or if a save file was used. That is not at all how the rules are enforced here. I will leave it at that though as this is not contributing anything useful to this dispute.
  7. I didn't say anything about whether these trophies glitched or not. I think that will probably be pretty straightforward once the flagging team gets involved. My issue is with your stance that people should be flagged regardless of whether or not they cheated.
  8. If the trophies can glitch then the timestamps aren't impossible, are they?
  9. I think this whole situation is a mess. People were led to believe that they wouldn't be flagged for these trophies and then suddenly it was decided that was only going to apply to those who came across a modder accidentally. I know I've seen conversations in group messages from people who never would have done this if they hadn't been told it wasn't flaggable. If it's all about intention then surely it should matter whether they believed it was against the rules or not? That isn't true, otherwise 1) everyone who got these trophies would be flagged for it and 2) it wouldn't have been posted in their dispute like it was.
  10. How exactly does a fight stick help? I imagine it's because you can kind of use both controllers at once? Or something else?
  11. Pretty sure this stopped happening years ago.
  12. Happy to hear it worked out for you, but that is worrying news for all those people who might try to use these discs in the future.
  13. I wouldn't be so sure about that. First, because people are still being flagged for these trophies - just look at the disputes from a few weeks ago. And second, being whitelisted doesn't necessarily mean safe to obtain. Who knows how that will be implemented in the future. At a minimum it will probably mean that the entire game won't count on your profile because of that one trophy. Not exactly consequence free.
  14. I'm guessing you must have the latest patch installed, right? Also, is region 2 the correct region for a UK account?
  15. I grabbed a bunch of Telltale games on disc today without actually realising that today was the big shutdown day for this game. So I've been going through each game downloading episodes but when I got to Minecraft Season 2 there was no download option for any episode. When I came here to check if they've been taken down already I see people are talking about it as if it's all happening right now. As if the 30 minutes or so that I wasted before could have made the difference between downloading these episodes or not... But then I went back to the game and the download option had appeared. So I can confirm that as of 10 minutes ago the Minecraft Season 2 episodes are still available to be purchased and downloaded using the disc (AU region at least).