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  1. They can sure try to change the rules on you with a patch, but of course you don't have to install it. That is within the rules set by the operating system, as it still allows you to start up the game without the patch installed. Honestly, you guys are trying to make this out to be some convoluted principle when really it's quite simple. I wouldn't judge you for doing it (well maybe a little), but regardless of that it doesn't make the trophies you earned legitimate. Just like if you randomly enter a lobby with a modder and have your trophies autopopped, the trophies should be flagged as illegitimate. Did you have to mod your game to change the rules for these workarounds? Or did someone else mod their games and help you with them? If not, then I don't see how it relates to the topic at hand. So the developers might be disappointed in you a little for using a workaround/exploit, but their approval isn't a requirement for the trophies. Only that you met the conditions in game without changing the rules of the game. Again, pretty basic. Is that your personal guarantee? Maybe what you say is true, but I don't think it's your place to say it.
  2. When I say the developer's intentions, I don't actually mean what the people working on the game say and think about the methods you choose to use, I mean the intentions that are implied by the product they released. When you put in the game disc and start it up, you are put in an environment defined by the game developers, with the challenge being to have these stupid little trophies pop from within the rules of that environment. You could also look further out and say that the overall environment also includes the operating system and allows methods that are possible within the OS like backing up save files or using share play. So if someone has their trophies popped by modifying the game's code and changing the rules of the game, or taking advantage of someone else doing it for them, then I think they should be flagged. Otherwise, what even is the point of having a flagging system with arbitrary decisions on which types of modding are and aren't allowed? As much as I think that people using the Jak & Daxter debug mode are wasting their time collecting trophies that don't actually represent any sort of actual achievement, I would never suggest that anyone should be flagged for doing it. It doesn't matter who discovered it, how they did it or whether the developers wanted it to be found, the debug mode is part of the game environment as it was provided to us, so it's fair game to use it.
  3. Yeah, it's still pretty straightforward. The developers created the rules of the game, such as being able to earn multiplier trophies in community levels and being able to create and play 1 second levels. The modders change the rules of the game and put their modded levels up on the server. Anyone who earns trophies using the modder's rules instead of the developer's rules is cheating. Collecting the prize bubbles in 110 community levels or collecting them in 1 community level are two completely different things. One is allowed by the developers and one isn't (according to what you said earlier at least). Trying to justify using a modded level to collect all the prize bubbles in one go isn't much different to someone justifying loading a save file with the 150 community levels already played to instantly pop that trophy. Like you said, it's just the same as playing them all yourself but faster. And in both cases, taking that faster shortcut is just cheating.
  4. So clearly the developers never intended for players to be able to have all the prize bubbles awarded during a single community level, and anyone who bypasses that restriction with the help of a modder has cheated the trophies. It's pretty straightforward, isn't it?
  5. I'm not an expert or anything but just from what I've heard, you might need to repeat the kills you did when you weren't hosting. Just keep going and deal with that if it happens. If your trophies don't pop you would probably just have to go through each missile/vehicle/map/mode again which could get messy. So take note of which kills you know for sure you were hosting from now on, and what they counted for so you won't have to repeat all the kills at least.
  6. You'll probably be fine. I took turns hosting with my boosting partner and we both got every trophy exactly when we expected. I think the most important thing is to make sure the person working on kills is hosting.
  7. So if I go into a multiplayer lobby (for another game) and my trophies are autopopped by a modder without my permission, I get flagged. But if I actively seek out this little gift that a modder left on the server then it's all above board. What a joke. @MMDE Is there actually any explanation as to why this shouldn't be flagged?
  8. If the level was created using hacks then this should definitely be flaggable.
  9. Searching for Final Fantasy XV returns the correct lists as the 11th-15th results. Something is definitely a little screwed up with the search.
  10. How about basing it on game completion/ranks? For example, letting only those with A or S ranks vote. Like you said, setting a fixed percentage isn't ideal, as that percentage means something different for each game. I'd trust the opinion of someone who has put in the time/effort to achieve a percentage well above average, even if that's only 30% on a really tough game.
  11. No, it can't. You have no idea what went into the number that a particular guide writer chose, so no way to know how to scale it. With user voted ratings, you get consistency across games. You know that if racing game A is 2 points higher than racing game B, it's because game A is harder, not because the guide writer is bad at racing games. What I don't understand here is why people would even argue against this. Even if you can't see the benefits, what do you gain by trying to stop it from being implemented? Especially if you end up with both the guide writer and the user voted ratings? Sometime it seems people want to argue just for the sake of it.
  12. Then take the number you see and scale it to your own abilities. Good at racing games? Take some points off the difficulty. It's not that hard. Nobody is claiming that a user voted difficulty rating should be framed and celebrated as some objective truth that applies to everyone. Well maybe you and the other people against it are, but that's clearly not what it's supposed to be. It's a starting point for you to use to judge for yourself, and it's a better starting point than the opinion of a single gamer with who knows what kind of biases.
  13. It could be possible if you earn enough excess xp to delevel multiple levels. Probably easiest to explain if I just share this: These numbers aren't at all optimised, they were just the first ones I tried to see if it would be possible. It should be fairly easy to test if it works by trying the final step with an alt account at level 3. I'd be happy to volunteer my two accounts, but I'd need a third.
  14. I was thinking of doing the same thing - playing the main game and standalone Comrades on the latest updates before going back to grind out the DLC Comrades offline. Except I'm wondering about save files. The main game save file wouldn't be compatible with the 1.26 version with DLC Comrades - does that matter at all? Or any other potential issues?
  15. That menu is always slow for me too. Last time it wouldn't load I switched to ethernet and it fixed it, so yeah it's probably internet related.