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  1. I didn't know there were hackers in this game, but it does seem like that's what happened. I'm guessing you would need to earn that 400,000xp back and then another 250,000xp to get up to level 20.
  2. Did you play the game on multiple PS3 systems?
  3. @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y Wow you've powered through this. I don't know which is the best guide for Warlord, they probably will all work for you, but I did find them all to be overly complicated, saying you need to do things that aren't important. Here is what I have posted about it before if it helps: Starting at level 20, reset your diamonds once per match to get down to level 1. Can be done in several sessions with different partners. You could work on Battle Hardened or Safari Tour as you delevel. No glitch here - just regular game rules for resetting diamonds. So basically, you reset your diamonds in the lobby before the match (and put some diamonds back so you can reset again next time), then finish the match as quickly as possible by capturing the points and killing the captain, then change the map if you need to (there is an option to do it without leaving the lobby) and reset your diamonds again as before. Repeat until you're level 1 (and then finish a match after to save progress). First restart the game to make sure you have a fresh connection to the servers. From this point on (during steps 2-3), you cannot disconnect from the game servers or you have to repeat from this step. Start the glitch by earning over 1,500xp in a single match to get an xp "debt" with the server (eg. earn 1,530xp). The debt (eg. 30xp) will be deducted from your total later on when you next reconnect to the server. Delevel back down to level 1 (0xp) just as before by resetting diamonds. Again, make sure to finish the game after you delevel to save the progress. If you are at 0xp and have an xp debt, you are all set. Restart the game, join any lobby (not as host) and the trophy will pop. Apparently if you let you alt account do the hosting, it makes it less likely your main will get an error and have to restart the game. I didn't test it out, but it can't hurt to do that. Especially during steps 2-3 when restarting the game on your main account means you'd need to restart the glitch. Good luck with it!
  4. You should definitely get the trophy as soon as you connect to Autolog (with enough friends). I think it was my first trophy. Are you getting any errors or anything? Or everything appears to work but no one is showing up? Feel free to add me if you want to test if I show up.
  5. That weapon was so bad. Worst of the worst. The jamming. The misfiring. The reloading. The breaking. The insane amount of kills. The just not killing both people for no apparent reason. Good luck. Tips for multi-kills: Make sure both kill messages appear on screen at the same instant, otherwise it doesn't count. This also means bleeding out doesn't count. If the weapon starts a fire, burn everything at the start with a few molotovs, so it doesn't ruin your spawns later. There are a few ways to chip away at their health so they both reliably die in one hit. Find what works for you, you can see the effect on your dummy's health on their screen. I ended up doing two pistol shots in a specific area (like the arm I think) and then I had like an 80% success rate. Before that I remember I finished one match with only 2 multi-kills.
  6. The map packs should be free in all regions.
  7. Yes, as long as you have all the manuals for that class you can remove the diamonds. You won't lose the manuals. This is how I did it as well. You will drop down a level, so you will lose one level worth of xp plus any xp you had towards the next level. So it's best to do it right after you reach a new level. You said you're only doing headshots and executions, but you will have also done kills and multikills for this class before resetting, right? When you earn over 1500xp actually at first you get to keep it all but when you next log into the game, it will subtract all that excess XP (and only that excess XP) from your total. This is actually the reason that the Warlord glitch works. Think of the excess XP over 1500xp as a debt that you will need to pay back later on when you next log in. All other statistics are unaffected by this. So yes, you could earn 200+ kills in a round if you don't need the XP for it. Another way to earn the kills fast (but not as fast), is to finish the match early when you reach 1500xp. So if you are using the revive method and you want both kills and XP, each match would take around 6-7 minutes to complete (~50 kills, 1,500xp).
  8. I hope so. I just got the DLC recently so I'm planning to go back for the 100% soon. People are still earning the online trophies as of this month, so that's a good sign.
  9. The store description doesn't even answer the question. That quote is not particularly helpful without knowing what the Year of Paradise is. No it's not. The purpose of a remaster is to make money. If they think they can make more money selling it without the DLC, then that's what they'll do. Calling it a Remaster doesn't say anything at all about whether or not the DLC is included. If you're all going to try to call OP out for being too lazy to find this out on their own, at least use something that backs up what you're saying.
  10. In general if there is new content on the disc then it would require the discs to be freshed printed so they would usually say something about it on the disc. I think I've come across just one game where the disc wasn't changed. Also, being the platinum version you would expect that to be on the disc as well. When I did these DLCs, I just found a copy at my local EB games, asked them to check that the disc matched (because both versions are the same game in their system), and then returned the game within 2 weeks for the full refund. Easy as that.
  11. That looks like the disc for the regular game. I'm guessing you bought it preowned and the discs were swapped out at some point.
  12. I'm guessing you deranked by resetting your diamonds? This thread is for people who have placed all of their diamonds, making that method impossible.
  13. In theory you shouldn't have to worry about trophies popping like this if you haven't done anything that the system didn't allow you to do, but assuming the site allows it, the whole basis for their flagging system kind of gets thrown out the window. Unless they can link you to a record of your old trophies. It's an interesting situation, that's for sure.
  14. What were you doing when the trophies popped again?
  15. You want to manipulate the spawns so that the alt swaps between just two spots and then you can kill the alt quickly every time. As long as you always kill it within 10 seconds of spawning you should be able to get over 1,500xp. It's even possible to kill it within 5 seconds and end up with 2,400xp+. Basically, you should know exactly where the alt will spawn each time so while waiting for it get your aim ready, then as soon as it spawns, fire the alt's gun to remove the spawn protection and then switch to your main controller for a headshot. If you're having trouble manipulating the spawns, a general tip is to block certain annoying spawns by standing close enough to them, then once you have the arrangement you like, just make sure you don't accidentally get too close to one of the spawns (at the instant the alt tries to spawn) or you'll mess it up.