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  1. You want to talk about fate? How about you starting the multiplayer 6 months and 2 weeks before the (unannounced) sever closure? I do agree with everything you said though. If it isn't meant to be well at least you did everything you could. But hopefully it doesn't come to that.
  2. At least your tweets here sound like they were written by an adult, unlike that other petition going around. Not that any of it will make a difference unfortunately. I would say your best hope is to play on and after October 1st. If it's true that the servers check for eligibility on the 1st, that would be the earliest it would trigger. Another way to think of it is 6 whole months (April - September) since you first played. Anyway, all the best with it.
  3. I understand making the formatting consistent or fixing up annoying choices in the naming of the trophy set (like removing "trophy set" from the name), but aren't you just changing the title of the game here to something that it's not? I mean it doesn't match the cover art or the trophy set picture now, and makes it harder to distinguish the different lists. Why are you doing this?
  4. Did you use the same installation/game data?
  5. Is it possible that the discs aren't identical but have some kind of unique ID that the servers can use to identify players? It's happened before, eg. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, where you could claim one free copy of the Vita version per disc. I think it's pretty unlikely this is what's happening though. If anything, I would guess it's more likely to be fixed by using a different console with a fresh install.
  6. Perhaps you could elaborate on this a little?
  7. Just going to add that it would be even better if it utilised the trophies earned feature and filtered out sessions which are solely for trophies you already have.
  8. I went out of my way to finish off Pacific Rift so I could move on to this game before the server shutdown. It only took a single race though to realise it wasn't worth the rush. What a downgrade this game is compared to Pacific Rift. What are you even saying? It sounds like you're saying that people shouldn't get the platinum for this game if they don't have the platinum for a different game. But that makes no sense. so it can't be that, right?
  9. Did you get lost? This is a website for trophy hunters/enthusiasts.
  10. Just to expand on this question, does installing the DLC cause more problems with the game? And is that reason enough to finish the main game first?
  11. Just focus on story missions and use taxis when you can. You don't need to skip cutscenes. There is plenty of time to enjoy the game.
  12. Yeah, you just need at least one free slot. If you fill in every slot then you won't be able to de-level as the option to reset your diamonds goes away.
  13. You not experiencing a glitch is not proof that it doesn't exist.
  14. This is my favourite layout so far. Everything is logically placed and it's aesthetically pleasing (to me at least). The only issue I notice now is that when scrolling through a profile, the console tag dominates too much. I think because they are all lined up and such bold colour. It actually takes effort to look past those and see the game titles, which should be the focus. So I think either moving the console tags (maybe next to the title) or changing them to something like the old version above would be better. Or how about having the console tag display only when you hover over the title?
  15. I'm not a fan of the new layout. I think it's too cluttered and it doesn't really make sense how things are placed. The platform is fine being with the game title and icon as they are all elements of the game itself (not your progress in the game). The date related stuff should be together though, with the date layout being customisable. I also think the "X of Y Trophies" is too much information and clutters that space and it really isn't even needed as that information is basically already in the percentage bar. Anyway, this is how I would set it out: