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  1. The same thing happened to me. It turned out there were two Firefly logos you could interact with at the University and only one of them counted. I went back and found the other one for the trophy. So maybe that's worth a shot.
  2. I think they clearly have the option to make the standalone game unlock trophies on a new list or the old, as other games have demonstrated (another example being Driveclub/Driveclub Bikes unlocking trophies on each other's lists). Is there a benefit to giving Comrades a separate list? Like would this mode be worthy of getting its own platinum? Or are they planning to update it regularly with new trophies?
  3. Where are you looking? It had the new date up there yesterday.
  4. I had the same issue with but using just worked fine.
  5. How is the boosting not meeting the requirements of the trophies? The trophy description says "Kill 200 players", not "Kill 200 players who are actively trying to avoid being killed." If the requirements aren't being met, then why do the trophies pop?
  6. Good thing you were paying attention. I didn't learn about this until half way through the game and for the rest of the game I was pretty worried as I had a vague recollection that one of the targets had got away at one point. Thankfully that wasn't the case though.
  7. Oh, so you're saying that in this specific case where the DLC comes pre-installed and everyone who plays the game should be considered to have attempted the DLC, then the DLC rarity should be lower than the base game? I agree with that, in principle at least. Actually implementing it on the site is more complicated, as all the other more ambiguous situations would need to be dealt with properly too. The first part of my post was talking more generally about games like for example Mirror's Edge where the 50 stars trophy is rarer than the 75 stars trophy. That isn't a statistical impossibility as far as I'm concerned, for the reasons I said in my last post.
  8. Why is it a statistical impossibility for the DLC trophy to be more common than prerequisite base game trophies? The only thing you can say for sure is that the DLC trophy should have fewer achievers. If you are looking at the rarity, which represents the ratio of achievers to those who attempted to achieve it (by playing the relevant content or more accurately launching the content), and if the base game and DLC have different numbers of people who attempted each, then the rarities don't necessarily have to follow the trend that you suggested. As uncomfortable as that seems to make people feel. Yes I would say you are still playing the DLC if you avoid it, just like you are still considered in the rarity calculation for hard mode if you avoid that. You had all the difficulty options in front of you and you chose a lesser difficulty. That decision is the very first step of playing that DLC.
  9. I haven't played Skyrim so I may be wrong here, but I would assume the conversations you hear are actually a part of the DLC. As in, you install the DLC and then begin to experience that DLC as you walk around this town. That isn't what's happening in your example where everything you described was just a part of the original game. It is an interesting thing to consider though. I think we would all agree that starting a DLC quest would be considered playing the DLC. What about reading a noticeboard for quests including a DLC quest before making a judgement call about which quest to take? I would argue that the DLC quest is influencing your game and so at that point you are playing the DLC. What about interacting with a new title screen with new artwork and music that was added as part of the DLC? Who can say what is and isn't considered "playing the game"? Basically I come back to what I said before. If you start up the game with the DLC installed, you should be considered an owner of that DLC. Of course, that's just in the ideal situation. In reality, there's no way to track it for all games, and doing it for only games where the DLC comes pre-installed would require a lot of effort for little return. Not to mention it would lead to uncertainty about how the rarity for a particular DLC is calculated.
  10. Launching the game is just interacting with the OS. Going on to begin playing the game (press start etc.) or selecting the DLC in the menu shouldn't be required to be counted as an owner for either base game or DLC. Even if you want to interpret it the way you say, if booting up the game from the home screen qualifies you as an owner, then doing the same with the DLC installed should too.
  11. You don't need to actually play anything to be counted as an owner for the base game though, you just need to launch the game. So someone who does the same with the DLC installed should probably be considered a DLC owner too.
  12. I feel bad for past generations, who thought that they were actually achieving anything by auto-popping the trophies.
  14. No it wasn't. And it doesn't matter how long the game has been around. It shouldn't be that much of an ask for them to actually stick to the time they announced.
  15. So you've already gone from 250,000xp (lvl 20) back down to 99,999xp (lvl 15), right? Why not just continue down to 0xp and then do the glitch to go from level 1 to level 30? You are already over half way there. Also it's not 400 hours self-boosting to level 30. You can get 1,500xp every 6-7 minutes so you'd be looking at more like 100 hours.