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  1. I also had pretty high expectations going in, but ended up hating most of my time with it. I especially hated the switch to the RPG inventory management bullshit. Definitely one of the most overrated games around as far as I'm concerned. What's B&S?
  2. I know you already have the answer but just in case anyone else wants to know this - yes you only need a single free diamond to do the glitch. You can place the first 17 diamonds, just not the 18th diamond which is unlocked at rank 19 I think. And yeah this means you can't have all classes unlocked at the same time before doing the Warlord glitch, because that would require placing all 18 diamonds. So you either finish that last class after reaching rank 20, or you finish a class early on, then reset your diamonds, and then complete the other 5 classes (requiring you to place only 15 diamonds at once).
  3. Just a guess here, but could these be cars that you have to unlock in-game through progression? I seem to remember some DLC cars that you had the choice of unlocking or buying in the store. Which cars are you missing?
  4. You also need to earn a new trophy in order for your profile to update on PSNProfiles.
  5. I tried really hard to hate what you were saying but honestly it was entirely reasonable and you had some solid points.
  6. Quitting a match counts as a day. Quitting out of the game entirely (using PS button) does not.
  7. I just came across something similar today with The Banner Saga Trilogy. The game disc icon contains three "download" icons which just install the games from the disc (adding three more icons) and triggers the downloads for the updates. While annoying, this is so much better than if part of the game is locked behind a single use code, as it seems to be for LiS2.
  8. Thanks for the help. I thought I wanted this platinum but now I can rest easy knowing that I actually didn't want it at all.
  9. "The next time you start Minecraft, the new update will install automatically and free of charge." It doesn't sound like that's what they are saying. We'll find out soon enough though.
  10. It's a different game that has apparently just shutdown. The announcement said that "both console versions will be operational up until 09/06/2020" with limited functionality. This limited functionality includes that "matchmaking on consoles with other platforms will no longer be supported" from December 9th.
  11. No problem. Glad it helped. Feel free to ask if you're not sure about anything else. I added a summary to my post btw, just to make it easier to find the important info.
  12. I wrote this up a while ago but never got around to posting it anywhere, so on the off chance it helps you or someone else, here goes: --- IMPORTANT INFORMATION --- DO NOT ASSIGN ALL YOUR DIAMONDS IN THE LOADOUT SCREEN AT ANY POINT. DOING THIS WILL REMOVE THE OPTION TO RESET YOUR DIAMONDS AND MAKE THIS GLITCH IMPOSSIBLE TO PERFORM. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO PAY ATTENTION TO ONCE YOU GET YOUR FINAL DIAMOND (LEVEL 19). BE EXTRA CAREFUL NOT TO ACCIDENTALLY ASSIGN THIS LAST DIAMOND ON THE RESPAWN SCREEN. --- Overview --- There are two basic parts to this method. The first part (preparation) is to get to level 1 (0XP) by resetting your diamonds to lose all your levels. This isn't the glitch - it's just the standard rules of the game. The second part is to trick the game into subtracting XP from your total while you're at 0XP, which is the glitch itself. This is done by earning and "storing" negative XP, then reducing your XP total to 0XP, before "banking" the negative XP you stored to take your total into the negative, which the game interprets as being level 30. --- Preparation --- Step 1: From level 20, you can lose one level per match. Do this by resetting your diamonds in the lobby before each match, or during the match itself. Either way, you must complete the following match for the reset to be saved. To end the match quickly without gaining XP, let the other player capture all points and then kill you. It should take about 2 minutes per level/match. (Note that you can do this step over several play sessions, while helping others to boost or even while working on other trophies like Safari Tour if you haven't got that already - the glitch has not actually started yet.) Step 2: Assuming you are de-leveling from level 20, the best time to start the glitch is when you reach level 6. Finish the game at level 6 without earning any XP (so you are on 3,300XP). Now the glitch can begin. (If you aren't on level 6, that's fine too. If you are at a higher level, then you will need to stay connected to the servers while doing the glitch for longer (extra risk of messing up). If you are at a lower level, then the XP you earn in the next step will level you up several times, so you will end up having to lose those levels again. Not a big deal.) --- The Glitch --- Step 3: Reconnect to the servers (or even better restart the game) on both accounts to minimise your chance of running into problems. From this point on, until you reach level 1 (0XP), the main account cannot disconnect from the game servers. If you disconnect, you will need to restart at this step. Step 4: Now, the second account should host (ranked -> uprising). Do not reset any diamonds in this match. The goal here is to earn 1,530XP (51 kills). That's it. It should take most of the 15 minutes so don't worry about capturing. Thanks to a game update designed to limit boosting, that 30XP amount above the cap of 1500XP will later on be subtracted from your total, opening up the shortcut to level 30. Step 5: You should be at 4,830XP (level 6). Now reset diamonds once per game, as before. Have the second account re-host after 3 games (after you end the game at level 4). After 3 more games you end the game at level 1 (0XP). Here is where the glitch comes in. That 30XP excess that you earned earlier, it still has to be deducted from your account, and this only happens whenever you reconnect to the servers. So now you can disconnect, turn the game off, whatever. The next time you start up the game (or just reconnect to the game servers) the 30XP is removed and you will be at -30XP (level 30). Step 6: Reconnect to the servers at any point to find you are at level 30 now. Join any lobby (not as host) and the trophy will pop. Congratulations! You have just bypassed at least 100 hours of XP grinding to level 30! --- Summary --- 1. Starting at level 20, reset your diamonds to de-level (once per match) until you reach level 6 (3,300XP). 2. Restart the game to ensure your connection is fresh. Do not disconnect from the servers from this point on. 3. Earn 1,530XP in a single match. 4. Again reset your diamonds (once per match) until you are level 1 (0XP). 5. Reconnect to the servers and you'll find 30XP has been deducted, leaving you at level 30 (-30XP). Join a lobby to pop the trophy.
  13. Pretty sure it would still work. Not sure how to explain it any simpler than the many guides out there though. What don't you understand about it?
  14. Thankfully, I'm already #1 on the only leaderboard that really matters, so I don't need to worry about stuff like this.
  15. Could it be done with one check of and a bit of user-side magic each time you load the backlog? @HusKy How about a "Backlog Games" filter that displays only your backlog games on the above page?