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  1. Thanks for the info once again. I added your corrections to the JSON file. I think sorting the backlog by base game completion percentage is useful because it lets you get a sense of the effort required to finish those games, and maybe some inspiration for which game to start next. The 100% completion stat though is more just an indication of how many people were willing to buy all the DLC. Why would you even want to sort by that? That's not to say I'm against people getting the option. I'm just curious what you get from it. I think it would be good to be able to sort non-plat games by their base game completion, as an equivalent to using the plat percentage for games with a plat. It looks like that stat doesn't even exist on PSNP though?
  2. What is this external HDD trick?
  3. Thanks for that! You have an eagle eye apparently I'm sure there will be plenty more mistakes with 600+ chances to mess up. If you do find anything else, let me know and I'll update the JSON file.
  4. I went ahead and added all the EU PS+ games, at least as best as I could find. I figure since there's a lot of overlap with people having these games I might as well share it here in case anyone wants to get a head start on their backlog. I think it's a lot easier to remove any games you don't have rather than searching and adding the games you do have. I used tags to indicate when games were only available in certain countries. And I changed the date added to the date they hit PS+, because why not. Here's the JSON file that can be imported into PSNP+ (click on download). Just a heads up not to do this without backing up any existing backlog you have or it will be lost. If anyone actually wants to give it a go or try to combine this with their existing backlog feel free to ask how to go about it.
  5. It's less "rarity equals difficulty" and more "rarity equals effort". Why are you only considering difficulty here?
  6. Very cool, as always. Especially the part where you didn't leave any games behind
  7. You don't need to rant about the whole series concept just because there are a few mistakes or inconsistencies. Just point them out. Do you realise that someone (I'm guessing @BlindMango?) has to go through all of these games to categorise them? I agree with most of what you say but this whole thread comes across as so entitled.
  8. Do you think at some point there might be an option to import all PS+ games into the backlog so lazy people like me don't have to add them manually? Also, any plans to implement some sort of trophy advisor type functionality for the backlog?
  9. Put the region in the title.
  10. Is "more likely" really the standard you should use to justify a flag? Cheaters will always have more opportunities to screw up and get removed later. People who are wrongly flagged are just stuck with that forever. Isn't it better to let a possible cheater off (for now) if it means innocent people aren't so easily caught up in it all? Not to mention the fact that removing a clean profile could easily cause more damage to the site's stats than leaving a cheated profile would cause.
  11. You mean the 80 seconds between the platinum timestamp and its screenshot? That would just be the system taking longer to process all 22 screenshots, right? I know for example my latest PS4 plat timestamp is +0s but the screenshot is +4s.
  12. I haven't even started the game on my account, so I've definitely never bought any DLCs in game, yet I don't have any locks over any of them and I can earn trophies these two free sets. The only explanation I can think is that back in the day they were available through the regular store, but even then I can't see them in my download list. Do they show up in your (or anyone else's) download list? Edit: I just purchased the two free DLCs (Ignition and Photo-Finish) on a US account and it added Driveclub Tour Packs 1 & 2 to my download list. I have these on my main account too, which I guess explains why the DLCs weren't locked for me.
  13. After backup and restore, your system would have all the trophy screenshots but no trophy data. So if you then start the game up and earn the trophies again, I assume it would create new screenshots in addition to the old ones, right? As for whether this happened here, no idea. I didn't really follow this dispute too closely. I just wanted to point this out in response to that specific point in case it was relevant.
  14. Pretty sure you could double up on trophy screenshots by using backup and restore, which copies over images but not trophy data. I don't think that's what happened here though, especially given the timestamps on the pictures.
  15. I'd understand removing someone with one flag where you know 100% they deliberately cheated, but not for other cases like online modders and accidents like using multiple systems but forgetting to sync one. If you want one flag to be the limit, first there would need to be a whitelist in place and maybe even different level of flags for each circumstance. As for hiding games, I'm not convinced that should disqualify someone from the leaderboard. That is an option that Sony allows for a reason. If cheaters are exploiting it, that sucks but that's not a reason to ban it here. It's the classic "Ban knives because people get stabbed" argument. But anyway, let's say this was implemented, then looking at your exceptions, why shouldn't someone be able to have their entire hidden games list verified as legitimate in order to stay on the leaderboards? Why should there be any limit on this at all? You seriously want to remove someone from the leaderboards because they hid the 3 trophies that their little brother earned on their account? Also you say that " tracked =/= being ranked" but if someone is removed from the leaderboards (whether for a single flag or a hidden game), aren't they effectively removed from the stats from all of their games? If someone hides Hannah Montana or has their Call of Duty trophies popped against their will, then won't every other trophy they've earned legitimately drop down one achiever? How does this lead to a more true and accurate record on the site? Or am I misunderstanding either how this currently works or how you propose the new implementation to work?