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  1. I like the idea, but something that would need to be figured out is what to do with games that have a wide range of answers depending on how you play the game. For example a puzzle game that is 8/10 difficulty, but only 1/10 with a guide. Or a game like Jak II which is 20 hours legit, but 1 hour with an exploit. Taking a weighted average of these just gives you a meaningless number. At least if the guide writer chooses the values, they can make sure it's appropriate for the method used in their guide.
  2. I thought I read somewhere that the US Lords of Shadow Collection came with the updates already installed on the disc. I can't find where I read that now, but at the very least, the US collection doesn't use same disc as the original release. US original - BLUS-30339 US collection - BLUS-31382 EU original and collection - BLES-01047 See here and here.
  3. Check your emails to see if you purchased them at the time. Otherwise you could try checking your transaction history on PS3 or the webstore, but in typical fashion it seems like that is barely working so it may not be reliable. If you are sure you purchased them, then you might be able to contact support to get it fixed. If you have the emails, then it will be a lot easier to do this.
  4. I had no issues updating to 1.03 yesterday using the AU Lords of Shadow Collection disc (which should be the same as the regular EU disc).
  5. When you resubscribe to PS+, the purchase date of your PS+ games is set to the date you resubscribed. Who knows what's going on in their system to make it appear like that, and if closing the store will affect it... I was hoping the language in their notice would be clearer about it, and honestly it's pointless even trying to ask support for clarification on things like this, so unless there's some more official info about it, I guess we will have to wait and see.
  6. Any thoughts on whether letting your PS+ subscription run out and then later resubscribing would still add your PS+ games back into your download list? I can't tell with the language they used here: "as long as you remain", not "as long as you are an active subscriber of". Remain is a strong word... I want to think that this whole change is specifically about removing the functionality of purchasing games through the store, and that any other processes that add games to your download list (like redeeming codes, purchasing cross-buy on PS4, resubsribing to PS+) will continue to do so after they have closed the store. But am I just being too optimistic about this? It would be terrible if even the slightest lapse in your subscription just permanently removed your years long collection of PS+ games.
  7. Pretty sure when they say to "download" the other version, they just mean you need to make sure it's added to your download list. This is the kind of language they've always used for this kind of thing, like telling you to download PS+ games before a certain date. So just watch out for cross-buy games that don't actually add both versions to your download list but instead make the second version free on the store. Because after the stores close, there will be no way to "purchase" the free version to add it to your download list.
  8. I've tried several times to go back and do a clean up for this game on the highest difficulty using chapter select. But I have no idea how to play it any more, and with chapter select, the game has absolutely no instructions or tutorials. Like the first level, there's essentially a quick time event to pick up a log, but it doesn't even prompt you to do it, let alone tell you which button you need to press. And then there is trying to relearn the combat... What a pain this game is.
  9. That's a shame. If you want to catch these shutdowns earlier in the future, you might want to go to the thread below and hit the follow button to be notified whenever a new shutdown is announced.
  10. Not sure if this will make you feel better about it or not, but the by the time the Shadow of Mordor shutdown was announced, it was already far too late to start working on Mad Max anyway.
  11. With those stats, it's not looking good for that save file. You haven't been using the other autosave slots? I've been checking stats and changing slots every 2-3 hours. I hope that backup works out for you!
  12. Great guide for anybody thinking about starting the game still, but about this: What maths did you use here? I was under the impression you got 1 scrap from each crew every 10 minutes (6 scrap/crew/hour). I checked this myself once and got 9 scrap after ~90 minutes. This would put it at around 3.5 days for 4 crews to get 2000 scrap.
  13. I'm all for adding an option to sort like this, but it's not "true alphabetical", it's more like sorting by series alphabetically, then sorting within the series by release (or chronological) order. So "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" would appear first not because it's called "Uncharted 1" (it isn't), but because it is the first game in the Uncharted series. For sorting purposes only, I don't see anything wrong with using modified titles when appropriate (like ignoring "The", using "5" instead of "V", etc.) I hope the game titles aren't changed as suggested. For example, why should "The Last of Us Remastered" be renamed "The Last of Us"? The case, disc, game tile, trophy set, etc. all make it pretty clear what the game is called. How are you going to say you know better than the developers what the game should be called?
  14. There are links to the other regions at the top of this page. I do agree that some sort of PS Plus tag would be a great addition... if it isn't too much work
  15. I also had pretty high expectations going in, but ended up hating most of my time with it. I especially hated the switch to the RPG inventory management bullshit. Definitely one of the most overrated games around as far as I'm concerned. What's B&S?