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  1. While playing Jak 3 a couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about how unfortunate it was that the orb glitch existed and wondered how rare the platinum would have been without it (especially for Jak II). Now... well yeah this kind of devalues these trophies but at the end of the day yours were earned and theirs weren't. Yeah it's allowed on this site because it's an in game exploit, but at the end of the day trophies earned like this are just as worthless as trophies popped using CFW, save files etc.
  2. Go back to Options > Game > Difficulty. If you can change the difficulty then you are on NG. If you can't change it you are on NG+. Edit: Just noticed you used the glitch to get to Survivor+. No idea if this changes what I said.
  3. Do you know why they're not required to activate debug mode during the run? How is what they do in Jak 2 any different to beating a game and then starting your speedrun from chapter select?
  4. I'm guessing that you're thinking of the topic that is linked in the first post. @ZombieLover84, you say you deleted your own save in-game. How much had you played on that save? Did you earn these trophies before (eg. on another PS4)?
  5. The comment above is what I was getting at. You can't just copy a PS3 save to PS4 like that. That's why I was asking the disputer to clarify if that's what they meant.
  6. What does this even mean? How can you put your PS3 save on a USB stick and then use that to sync your trophies on PS4?
  7. Yeah, there will always be some players that you can't control who will go for high scores. But forget about them. What if the cutoff was shifted to the top 50? That would require adding 3,000 alts which would take around 750 man-hours. There are 40 people in the gaming session for this method. That's around 20 hours each to bring the cutoff score below 10,000. Is this possible? Honestly I don't even know. But if people just flat out reject the idea then it doesn't stand a chance.
  8. I appreciate your thought out response here. Looking at these two completely different ways to get this trophy... Your way, sure it does involve collaboration in a small group, but still you are competing with others trying to get into those top positions. It requires a lot of effort and at the end of the day that effort only helps one player. The other way is to increase the number of spots in the top 1%. This also requires a lot of effort but the difference is that the effort you put in helps everyone. Let's say 100 people want this trophy. Well, doing it your way isn't even possible as there won't be that many open spots before the server shuts down. Doing it your way would just lead to a lot of pain and not even everyone getting the trophy. Even doing it the other way (creating alts) it would be almost impossible to open up that many spots. But you don't need to open up 100 spots. You only need to create enough spots to move the cutoff away from those ridiculous scores (from those players who are out of your control) and also reduce it enough to allow people to feel comfortable limiting their scores. People are going to be happier to sit on a score if they didn't have to invest as much time to get it. It's like the analogy with money above. If you were at an auction for a house you would have no choice but to throw money at it until you come out on top. But here we have an auction where we can collude with each other without any consequence and not only that, but there is (likely) a loophole that allows us all to get our own house as long as we agree to bid the same amount. Knowing this, why on earth would you choose to get into a bidding war?
  9. I doubt the 12k strategy is going to work, but only because of the people who just shit on the idea without any thought. 10 people adding alts full time would reduce the cutoff enough that 1000 people could get the trophy with minimal effort (assuming the trophy is awarded to people tied above the cutoff and there's no reason to believe it wouldn't be). I'd like to see 10 people make that kind of impact while going for their 1,000,000 scores. And just imagine how much easier it would be if more people joined in and worked together on this. Trying to shut down the idea just comes from pure selfishness. You want to see what can happen when the community actually works with each other instead of against each other? This trophy should have been unobtainable but thanks to volunteers who gave hours of their time for no gain and some selfless people who offered others a chance to share the trophy, it wasn't. After working together following very specific instructions, 16 people were able to get this otherwise unobtainable trophy.
  10. I don't agree with that. For me, a milestone is not something that changes later on. Just because you don't celebrate them as often later on that doesn't make the earlier ones become worth less. Anyway, aren't you against milestones changing oustide your control and having random trophies show up? That's exactly what happened when my 10th, 20th etc disappeared and my 25th showed up. And yeah, choice is good. (Hijacking for a second) While we're at it, fix the rarest trophies box too. It's pointless when the entire box is filled with just one rare game.
  11. Oh yeah if your milestones changed because of a site update that's unfortunate. I thought the complaint was about milestones changing when you personally reach a certain milestone (which I'm not a fan of). Like when I hit 50 plats and it replaced 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th with the 25th. That's no good. Just because I have 50 platinums, that doesn't suddenly make the 25th platinum significant and all the others not. So how did it work before? Did it used to show your 60th, 70th plats etc. on your profile? As for why 10th should be a milestone but not the 60th well that's just how it works isn't it? Going from 0 to 10 platinums is a greater achievement than going from 50 to 60. A baby's first step is a bigger achievement than his 17,822nd step. Someone not celebrating their 38th birthday doesn't mean that their 8th birthday stops being a significant milestone for them. Anyway, I do agree that giving us the choice would be great. I was just adding my own thoughts on the thinking behind milestones.
  12. On the one hand I like the idea of giving us more choice when it comes to how our profile looks, but on the other hand, milestones are milestones. They don't stop being milestones when you hit a certain trophy count and they don't care about whether the trophy was random or planned ahead of time. If you think a milestone trophy has to earn its place somehow then I think you're putting too much meaning on the milestones. Your 225th platinum is just that and nothing more. Is your issue with the new way that the milestones are too often or that it keeps showing the old milestones like 10th platinum, 500th trophy etc. I definitely prefer the way it laves the earlier milestones as they were. Just because your 110th platinum isn't significant, it doesn't mean your 10th platinum isn't any more.
  13. Yeah it would be helpful if it was automatically added to the dispute. In this case, the trophies for the riddler challenges are out of order. @SocomRipper, can you explain how this happened?
  14. I can only imagine how different the world would be if the guy who had the idea for gmail had to run it past you first.
  15. If you want to save some money, Portal 2 goes on sale for $2 or so fairly regularly on Steam.