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  1. Yakuza Like a Dragon Time: About 65 hours Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 My first experience with Yakuza and conquered the True Final Millennium Tower. Overall I had a good amount of fun and the time flew by. For a turn based JRPG this was pretty good. Had all the classic mechanics but with a lot of humor and charm especially the Essence moves and their version of summons in the Poundmates. Story was good to with a lot of heart but fell into a usual cliche in the power of friendship, which I didn't mind. Trophies list is pretty straightforward and not to demanding. The Trophies that consumes your time is the Dragon kart races and part time hero stuff but not to bad, a tad annoying but acceptable. The true final Millennium tower is your main hurdle to overcome. Overall with proper preparation and setup it's not bad at all. If you are familiar with JRPGs you know the grind is part of the genre. It's unavoidable. FYI I beat the tower in my first try and the grinding i did wasn't egregious. My team was Ichiban level 99 hero, Zhao level 99 gangster, Han level 99 hitman and saeko level 99 idol. For the boys got them to also level 30 for host, fortune teller, and foreman to get the elemental spells for fire, ice and lightning. Also got to level 30 for enforcer to boost their stats further. For saeko also got level 30 for hostess and night queen too. The extra grinding I did with the proper ex booster accessories maybe totaled 3 or 4 hours in the Kamaroucho dungeon. Honestly not bad of a time demand. Fun game Overall and final challenge is very doable. I recommend to anyone who is a fan of turn based jrpg
  2. So to confirm you only need 4 people including yourself to work?
  3. Heavy Rain Difficulty: 2/10 Duration: 16 hours So first time playing these QTE interactive games and for the most part it was a fine experience. I had fun and it felt like I was watching some B rated murder mystery TV show. Though without spoiling anything.....there are some glaring plotholes in the story. Plotholes so large dump trucks could drive through. The characters were okay but some felt way undercooked and certain motivations didn't make sense once you thought about it. Honestly felt a lot of content was cut which would explain certain lack of character development and plot points. Difficulty wise this game is easy only 2 trophies may give you some trouble. Kamikaze and I'm not scared. Kamikaze because you have to follow a specific route and I'm not scared as you can't make any mistakes. I got the first one in 2 tries and there are plenty of guides. Second one was annoying only cause you are using the sixaxes controls and it can be janky. Overall, easy plat and short. Satisfied I got it done, maybe I might try Until Dawn next.
  4. I’ve bought a few rare ps3 games lately myself 3D Dot Game Heroes - cute little game and unabashedly a old school Zelda like game. El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron - Unique visual style but personally I found awful. Story and characters is as exciting as watching paint dry. You basically fight the same 3 enemies in a Rock Paper Scissors format with only 3 weapons. The combat is shallow and the plat forming is absolutely terrible. Splatterhouse - A beat em up that is pretty average but fun despite the game being broken. Game had a rough development and it really shows with texture pop ins, screen tearing, frame drops and etc. Combat though is still fun and I found more engaging than El Shaddai. Game is pretty expensive these days.
  5. ALPHA PROTOCOL Difficulty: 4/10 Fun: 7/10 So after taking a few weeks off from gaming due to burnout I decided to go for the Plat on Alpha Protocol. I really got the inspiration after seeing a few YouTube vids on this infamous game. The video essay by “IfinishedaVideogame” is worth checking out if you search for him. Now this game was made by Obsidian, well known for Fallout New Vegas and the The Outer Worlds and their pedigree for writing and story is evident here despite all the negatives. So let’s get the negatives out of the way first. This game is notorious for being buggy, unpolished, and downright broken sometimes. Textures popping in, screen tearing, frame rate drops and Ai with room temperature IQ. Now I never had the game crash and only froze once but overall technically this game is a mess. BUT I actually had fun. Maybe not so much in my Recruit playthrough cause your so weak but once you get leveled up or you play under veteran I had a good time. Shadow operative and chain shot skills turns hard mode into a joke. Completely OP and just adds to the unbalance broken nature of this game but at least it works in your favour. What was also fun was the game dialogue system. How you interact with other characters by speech or action has real weighted consequences later in the game. The level of impact and detail you don’t even see in RPGs recently. Compared to fallout 4 or even Outer Worlds where it often feels your choices have no weight, alpha protocol does it much better to the point after 3 playthroughs all of them felt different. The platinum isn’t to hard to get but I would recommend following a guide. Only trophy found annoying was One with the Shadows but making strategic saves just mitigate the headache. I’m probably gonna take a big step back from trophy hunting. After dipping into my backlog and playing the boring as Sin El Shaddai (I’m sorry that game is crap) I rather play games worth my time. Just not enough time these days and time is no longer a luxury. Anyway Check out Alpha Protocol if you can, it should be cheap but only available as physical as no longer available on psn
  6. So the short list so far is GoW Ascension and El Shaddai to get the 1 online trophy done. After that I guess it's Alpha protocol. Just realized some of the Plats are Ultra Rares....
  7. Thank you! From your memory how bad was it getting the G rank on hard mode? That seems to be the hardest challenge. I will. I'm also excited to try it out
  8. Oh wow congrats! Any advice or walkthroughs you used or can recommend?
  9. Yeah might lean on the easier GoW ones first. It's been a long time since I picked up the Ps3 so I'm sure the framerates and overall feel of the games will be jarring with old game mechanics. At the very least I will beat each game and see which ones are worth the time and effort to Plat.
  10. So finally got around to maintaining my PS3 after who knows how long in storage. Now looking to play and hopefully Plat some of backlog. Currently, the list is: El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron Alpha Protocol Splatterhouse Final Fantasy 13 God of War Ghost of Sparta God of war Chains of Olympus God of war Ascension 3D Dot Game Heroes Asura’s Wrath What you think I should try first? Also if you played any of these any tips? I read El Shaddai is tough.
  11. Bioshock Remastered Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 7/10 Very late to the party on this game. Overall I did enjoy it despite some few technical hiccups even though this is a remaster. Trophy list is pretty straight forward though the collectibles I found a bit annoying, having a guide does help. Only trophy I found was tedious and irritating was the PhD one. From a narrative standpoint stopping to take pictures multiple times over and over again while being pummled, set on fire, and riddled with bullets was kind of silly. The fun aspect really is using the plasmids that suit your style, and the shooting is adequate considering how old the game is. Overall I’m glad I played a classic and it’s a short game that you could complete in a relatively short amount of time.
  12. #53 Dragonball Z: Kakarott (PS4) Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Time: 28 Hours Finally got around to this in my backlog after buying it on Amazon when it had a big discount. Overall, this game heavily relies on you being a fan of Dragonball Z to enjoy and put up with its shortcomings. The good: The main voice actors are all here voicing our favorite characters and the game is quite faithful to the animated series. Gameplay wise you do get enjoyment in lauching your Kamehamehas or Spirit Bombs. You really do get a kick playing as the various characters. Game is really straight forward and easy to Plat. The Not so Good: After playing open world games like Horizon Forbidden West, DBZ Kakarot really shows its issues. For a game that came out in 2020 and playing on a ps5, I could not believe the game stutters or sometimes freeze when the game auto saves! Or when you launch the Ultimate Spirit Bomb the frame rate takes a dump. Other than that side missions are shallow with your typical fetch missions. Game also re used assets fighting the same enemies and bosses again. Overall, is this game terrible? No not really but if you are a fan of DBZ im sure you will enjoy it though don't pay full price. Buy it on discount.
  13. #53: Horizon: Forbidden West Expansive, beautiful, and ambitious was this game. Spent about 50 hours getting the platinum though you could get it in half the time assuming you blazed through the story missions only. Though, that be a shame considering how beautiful this game looks on the PS5. HFW was definitely a sequel I was looking forward to about HZD and it was fun. Though as much as Guerilla did expand on their formula, a few cracks were unavoidable. Swimming was a new mechanic but felt underbaked. Aloy is completely defenseless and underwater activity is sparse. Mainly it's travel to point A to point B. Catching fish for material upgrades were frustrating to say the least. Maybe next time have a fishing mechanic? Story wise I felt it was satisfactory. Didn't reach the same heights at HZD and the new characters were okay. Their character side missions reminded me of Mass Effect 2, minus any real impact to the story though. In addition the final act felt really rushed considering the revelations and additional characters. The story could have been fleshed out more with maybe an additional 3 or 4 more main missions. Despite some flaws the combat is still as fun as ever. Game looks stunning in all its different environments from mountains, deserts, to the jungle and coastlines. Another gem in Sony's lineup. Overall I give it a 8.5 out of 10. I look forward to the 3rd game. Until then I hope we get a New Game Plus and DLC.