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  1. http://i1083.photobucket.com/albums/j382/sokiglancy/AB LN/tenshi.jpg OMG I Love your Kanade Sig, Hands down one...no THE ONE!! Character I love the absolute most!
  2. Watching Another!!!

  3. doctor who
  4. ill mk urs a 10 and the one above me.
  5. Loved this show way better then the new crap they have. I would have to say the green ranger then the white when he became the white ranger.
  6. 24 hours here, stopping to eat and piss of course but it was intense can't do that now though got wife and a kid lol.
  7. I will have to agree the cuter the girls the harder.
  8. Banned for dumb doctors.
  9. Bush-Glycerin
  10. awesome man looks great
  11. Banned for not coming in at the wrong time.
  12. Banned for thinking of semen.
  13. Both it doesn't matter just overall, good series btw