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  1. Can somebody please help me in this dungeon kill the dog? I can help you with your dungeon too, PSN - Boog_89. Im enjoying dark souls 2 until I find help for this, died a little too many times for my enjoyment.
  2. Anyone else had this one not pop? Its for completing 35/70 challenges and I only noticed it after I finished the game and was looking through the list for what I missed, im now on 67/70 and it still has not popped. really disappointed as I love the game and have been collecting all the collectibles along the way and I really can't be bothered to start again and do half the challenges all over again just hoping it might pop. I have the trophy which requires 65/70 just to unlock the cheat but it still wont give the the 35/70 one. Logic.
  3. Was hoping for defeat penance (without zanmato) If you are able to get the trophy using zanmato it should be a bronze - my grandma could beat penance using yojimbo! I will be doing it the proper way as I never actually did manage to beat penance properly. Also thought there would be one for defeating omega, not looking forward to the 200 bolts either. Can't wait for the game though, MGSV comes out a day before too jeez.
  4. Vanquish 91% ... seems like a popular one. Those challenges! I couldn't be bothered to even get past the first one after doing the final boss on hard mode without rockets. Batman arkham asylum - Just the combat challenges, stealth ones were easy ... but the combat ones require some serious dedication and I just couldn't do it... Batman arkham city - Same as above but even worse since theres those campaigns where you have to do 3 challanges in a row ... just ridiculous. Burnout Paradise - Send a smugshot? No thanks. Assassins creed brotherhood - 100% single player, online is the worst multiplayer I have ever played so gave up. GTA4 - 100% single player , couldnt be arsed to reach max rank / boost other trophies.